12 Minutes Game  

We’ve been seeing more games recently about time loops. “Death Loop” is a big one, but that’s big 3D, it’s an Arkane game and it’s coming in September.

12 Minutes game is actually a much smaller, much more intimate affair in which a man finds out his wife is pregnant, a police officer comes in, accuses the wife of killing your father and the police officer ends up killing her and the unborn child. Time then resets, you retain all the knowledge, and from that point, you’re supposed to attempt to find the best outcome to beat the game.

12 Minutes game
12 Minutes game

Now, it’s only a 12-minute loop, but the game is apparently going to be somewhere between six and eight hours and plays out like a point-and-click adventure game.

It’s top-down, it is actually a pretty good-looking game considering that it’s literally just in a single apartment from a single camera angle.

And honestly, to me, it seems like a really intriguing concept that could end up playing out very well. I’m interested in it and I will definitely be playing it when it comes out on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox SeriesX and S on August 19.


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