20 teams in T20 World Cup, Inter Continental Cup Changed

20 teams in T20 World Cup

  20 teams in T20 World Cup  

In an effort to globalize the game of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has moved towards increasing the number of teams in the T20 World Cup to 20.

The 2021 T20 World Cup is being hosted in India in October with 16 teams participating.

According to ESPNcricinfo, the 2024 edition of the tournament has moved from 16 to 20 teams. According to the idea, the 20 teams participating in the competition will be divided into four groups of five teams.

The ICC has been discussing the idea of ​​using the T20 format as a means to make cricket a global sport. The ICC has already announced an increase in the number of teams in women’s competitions.

But recently, the ICC has been positive to increase the number of teams in other formats.

Even in the 50-over World Cup, it looks positive to make 14 teams from ICC 10. The ICC has taken the initiative to re-launch the Intercontinental Cup under a different name to include cricket in the Olympics.

The change in the ICC’s thinking can be clearly seen when looking to increase the number of teams in the 50-over World Cup. In the last few years, the ICC has increased the number of teams in the 50-over World Cup from 16 in 2007 to 14 in 2011 and 10 in the last World Cup 2019. The ICC said the decision to reduce the number of teams was taken after broadcasters complained that there were too many one-sided games when the team was weak.

After the ICC cut the power of the ‘Big Three’ nation in 2017, it has played a role in balancing the development of other countries. It is important to focus on the long-term development of the game rather than a short broadcast agreement.

Such issues were discussed at the last meeting of the ICC’s chief executive committee, but no concrete decisions have been taken.

The long-format 4-day Inter-Continental Cup played in the past between ICC-accredited associate nations, provided non-Test nations with a good level of first-class cricket. It is now certain that the Inter-Continental Cup will be re-launched under a different name. The Intercontinental Cup has not been held since 2015-17.

The long-format ICC tournament plays an important role in achieving the goal of becoming a Test nation for ODI nations like Nepal and those playing in the World Cup League-2. Nepal had only played the Intercontinental Cup once in 2005 after which Nepal failed to qualify.

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