Vertical Jump   

8 Drills To Increase Vertical Jump To Become More Explosive
These 8 Drills will help you to Increase Vertical Jump, For more, you can check our Program 2021
  • Single Leg Bounds.
  • Squat Jumps.
  • Tuck Jumps.
  • Depth Jumps.
  • Split Squat Jumps.
  • Broad Jumps.
  • 180 Jumps.
8 Drills To Increase Vertical Jump
8 Drills To Increase Vertical Jump

A good vertical jump may be a valuable quality for all of your players to possess. it’ll facilitate your team to get a lot of rebounds, blocks, and steals. it’ll conjointly let a number of (or many) players on your team dunk the basketball, which might cause increasing your group, enthusiasm, and might it build the sport loads a lot of fun!

If you’re questioning if it’s even doable to extend your vertical jump, you’ll be happy to understand that with correct coaching, it’s that may be improved.

  Vertical Jumping Program 2021  

Training Program

 Rules of Vertical Jump  

The rules of the vertical jump are as follows:

  • Stand with your side to a wall
  • With your feet flat on the ground, reach the arm closest to the wall as high as possible.
  • Mark the highest spot you can reach. Either put chalk on your fingertips or have a friend mark it with tape
  • From the same standing position, jump and hit the wall at the highest point of your jump. Mark the spot the same way you did earlier
  • Try three to five jumps and use your highest one.
  • Change your standing reach from your jumping reach to get your vertical jump.


1. Is a 24 inch vertical good?
Ans: A best high school athlete will have a vertical jump of 24 to 28 inches. A excellent jump would be in the 28- to 32-inch range. An athlete with a good vertical jump would icreases 32 to 36 inches. Anything more than 36 inches would put a high school athlete at the top of his class.

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