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  Amouranth Personal Information  

Full name

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa




Houston, Texas, United States

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Kaitlyn Siragusa was born on December 2, 1993, in Houston, Texas. She taught herself to design costumes in 2010 and was presented by the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet as a costume designer. She is married to Nick Lee.



Date Joined

January 17, 2011





  Amouranth Personal Twitter  








  Physical Appearance  

She is 5’4″ (163 centimeters) tall. She has brown hair, which she often dyes different colors when cosplaying characters.

Her Twitch account has more than one million followers.

Twitch removed her adverts, and then they re-added them and she bragged on stream about making more from the publicity than the removal of those ads for that time.


On October 8, 2021, she was banned from Twitch for the 5th time, alongside Instagram and TikTok. Her “amouranthtoo” account is still up.




  Amouranth Net Worth 2023  

Amouranth is estimated to earn a net worth of over $20 million. She has various ways of earning. Recently in May 2023, Twitch decided to suspend advertising on Amouranth’s channel as the streamer’s content was considered not “advertiser-friendly.” Amouranth can still earn from Twitch via donations.


  Amouranth Nick lee  

She had allegedly married “Nick Lee” in 2015. Regardless, around the similar time, a screenshot of an alleged chat between her and one of her alleged Twitch moderators started doing the rounds on the internet. She said that the person who posted the screenshot had later revealed it to be fake.

In the screenshot, she can be seen arguing that she “hides the fact that she has a husband” as people can get “turned off by the information”. The streamer declared in a July 2020 podcast with fellow female creators Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta, and Dizzy Kitten that the screenshot was unreal and was not married.

Amouranth said that the person who published the screenshot had later confessed to it being fake. By then, people had already taken the rumor that was married as a fact.

  Banned on Twitch  

This is a pretty controversial figure on Twitch and she describes herself as a cosplayer and ASMR streamer, but there’s no getting around how insanely sexual her content actually is and it’s actually what got her Banned a couple of times the most recent time she was banned for actually.

Well, it was a little strange like many cosplayers Amaranth has a Patreon where people can donate and receive exclusive picture sets.

Well, twitch apparently looked into her Patreon and found that her content was too inappropriate. So they hit her with a seven-day ban on the platform.




This was definitely an interesting case because it’s one of the few instances where a Twitch streamer was banned because of something they did On a different website nevertheless the band was off and she is back to streaming on the regular.



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1. What is Amouranth’s Net worth in 2023?

Amouranth is estimated to earn a net worth of around $2-3 million. She has various ways of earning.

2. How long has Amouranth been married?

Yes, Amouranth was married to a man called Nick Lee in the past. The couple married in 2015, but Amouranth has never publicly exposed her husband’s identity.

3. Why is Amouranth so big?

She rose to prominence with her cosplays and ASMR content on Twitch. However, she also earned popularity in categories relating to animals, aquariums, and zoos. And also for enjoying video games like Just Dance.


Amouranth Net Worth 2023 Amouranth Net Worth 2023 Amouranth Net Worth 2023





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