Banned Twitch Streamers l Twitch Streamer Ban List



  Banned Twitch Streamers  

Twitch is absolutely been exploding over the last couple of years largely. Thanks to the rise of battle royale games and eSports, but that doesn’t mean that twitch lets anything go on their platform It doesn’t mean that they’ll let you get away with anything.

We’re gonna take a look at ten of the biggest banned twitch streamers of all time. These are those streamers. Well, they push the envelope just a little too far and twitch said, haha.


  Twitch Streamer Ban List  

So sit back and let’s get into it Kicking off our list of banned twitch streamers names are as follows:


  Joey salads  

Now if you’re new to YouTube or twitch you may not know Joey but Joey has a history now if you do know then you probably know him from H3h3 over the years.

But he has since branched out to do his own thing he can’t do his own thing on twitch anymore though because he was hit with a permaban a couple of years ago due to Self-harm.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

when he had his buddy pepper spray him in the park while he was streaming his band was actually somewhat controversial because the h3h3 Podcast which is also streamed on twitch showed the pepper spray clip and its entirety during the well.

They weren’t punished for it at all. So if you know about this situation, what do you think about it? do you think it’s fair that Joey got banned for what he did and then H3 showed the entire clip and he didn’t get anything?


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This is a pretty controversial figure on Twitch and she describes herself as a cosplayer and ASMR streamer, but there’s no getting around how insanely sexual her content actually is and it’s actually what got her Banned a couple of times the most recent time she was banned for actually.

Well, it was a little strange like many cosplayers Amaranth has a Patreon where people can donate and receive exclusive picture sets.

Well, twitch apparently looked into her Patreon and found that her content was too inappropriate. So they hit her with a seven-day ban on the platform.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

This was definitely an interesting case because it’s one of the few instances where a twitch streamer was banned because of something they did On a different website nevertheless the band was off and she is back to streaming on the regular.



Destiny has big not the game has been through quite a bit when it comes to bans now any of you remember the story from a year or two ago.

when PUBG was first on the Rise and there was a prominent streamer who was banned because he encountered a glitch Guess what that was destiny while playing PUBG back when it was in its buggiest state.

He encountered a glitch and then got banned from the game because the dev said he was exploiting on stream Even though it was extremely obvious that he did encounter the glitch on purpose.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

But that was his PUBG ban on his twitch ban in early 2018 Destiny was hit with the twitch ban in according to him. He was never given a concrete reason as to why in a YouTube video.

He stated that he was suspicious that it was either because he called someone the f-word on stream or because he made a remark about Shooting Cubans swimming over to the US which obviously that would probably do it right there buddy.

Despite the bans Destiny it’s still active on YouTube and has since been unbanned on Twitch. It is back to streaming.



CinCinBear has been in the middle of a few drama storms over the last few years and has been banned multiple times, perhaps the biggest controversy.

She’s been part of was back in 2017 when she said on stream. That she thought depression was the stupidest thing in the world and she proceeded to talk down to people with mental health problems.

Now she continued to stream after that and she ended up getting hit with multiple suspensions on Twitch for sexual content and Nip slips however in 2018.

She joked that she would show her boobs If someone donated 1 million dollars and ended up getting a three-day Ban for that joke as well now.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

I don’t agree with the stuff she said in the past and I also think this ban was a little uncalled for I mean, there are plenty of High-profile streamers doing way worse than making boob jokes on Twitch, but I’ll let you guys decide to


  Zoie Burgher  

She was extremely popular in 2017 on YouTube and twitch but quickly fell well out of relevancy in at least that area She’s gone on to do other things though.

She is still around does she’ll pop up every once in a while, but all her plans of creating an amazing eSports Oregon changing the game seem to have fallen through.

Anyway, Zoey has always been known for her very very promiscuous Cullington. I guess you could say and she knows it in fact that’s what got her banned on Twitch and even got her suspended on YouTube a couple of times – which has rules in place.


  Zoie Burgher  


And say streamers can’t wear too little clothing while you’re live and your content can be too focused on sexuality. Well, Zoey didn’t care about that at all either of those things because she would wear next to nothing on stream and then twerk in Celebration of Victories does anybody remember her Call of Duty twerking streams now?

I’m not saying you can’t do that stuff if that’s what you want to do. She owns it That’s what she does you can do whatever you want But if you’re breaking twitch’s rules in TOS, you can’t be surprised when they bring the hammer down on you.



Cracking into the top five you smash players probably know all about Mango, mango is widely considered to be one of the best super smash bros Melee players of all time having been ranked in the top 5 for more than six years.

In a row now mango is known for being a pretty big personality in the last couple of years. He has been growing his twitch channel alongside still dominating in melee But in January of this year.

His progress took a brief halt when he was given a seven-day suspension on twitch because he actually passed out drunk. The night prior he admitted to having some drinks and playing games on Street many streamers do this.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

But he got all the way to the point where he passed out while he was live which violated twitch rules about dangerous alcohol consumption on the Platform thankfully all is back to normal and mango is not only back to streaming but he’s also back to winning majors in Smash So the world is right.



RiceGum has had a very very interesting last few years obviously everyone knows him for his dish track says he was one of the people who initially Popularized them on YouTube but over the last couple of years.

He has been more associated with faze clan with various online scams. However many people don’t know that rice gum has been banned on Twitch multiple times back in 2016 Gum pulled out a fancy BB gun to show on his stream but due to twitches strict rules about fire Arms and weapons on their platform.

He was given a permaban He returned a couple of years later, but in February of 2018. He was banned again this time for a less clear reason.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers


The main reason people point to this is that he had been talking about Another streamer named ice Poseidon who had recently been banned and twitch had a policy regarding talking about banned Streamers.

Now some other theory suggested he had been view botting so twitch gave him the boot regardless of what the reason was at that time.

Rice comes back once again in actively streaming on Twitch I’m not sure what twitch his thoughts are on rice, but given his track record. I don’t really think they like him that much.


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Dellor has been a pretty controversial figure on Twitch And I’m sure everyone recognizes him from his rage montage ISM from being a genuinely really good player in games like Fortnite, Apex legends and he’s even a former pro overwatch player.

He is someone who often lets his temper get the best of them though causing some unfavorable things to be said his Carius career kicked off when he was ranked number one in the world in PUBG and top 250 in overwatch.

But after dropping the n-word multiple times on his stream in a fit of rage. He was dropped from his team, but not from twitch surprisingly. He streamed for quite sometime after that was a solid success, but in April of this year.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

He was hit with a 30 day banned from twitch after making some sexist remarks to a female teammate in Apex legends when the ban Was lifted Diller had lost his switch partnership. It can no longer get subs, but he continues to grind on twitch with really good viewership.



TFUE is one of the biggest four-night players in the world his rise to fame started about a year ago. And it hasn’t stopped.

But if you’ve been following him lately, you know He had a sassy food fair share of bands both from fortnight side and from Twitter site TV. They first got his first start in h1z1 days where he was known for finding exploits in the engine.

Using them to his advantage he brought that discovery skill over to Fortnite where epic banned him multiple times for exploiting onstream.




Then things got really weird during 2018 when it seemed like he was getting banned every other week a couple of times. He lost both his Twitch channel and his YouTube channel due to hackers then his Fortnite account got banned a couple of times and then he got a 30-day Twitch suspension for accidentally using a racial slur on Stream.

Although this was somewhat controversial because according to his statement afterward. He was not using the slur at all Nevertheless T foo has been no What Stranger demands and he’s definitely deserving of the number two spot and that’s not even getting into the drama that he’s into right?


  Doctor Disrespect  

But at number one, there was no doubt. You knew it was coming Wow doctor disrespect it’s one of the most recognizable twitch streamers of all time.

BANNED Twitch Streamers
BANNED Twitch Streamers

The doctor got into some hot water at e3 a couple of weeks ago that ended up getting a banned on twitch the docs career kicked Off in 2015 with h1z1 being his primary game.

His character was a parody of The Awl while all the toxic Self-obsessed streamers and programmers in the scene and his high production value and massive personality led to the rapid growth of his channel.

During the pub gene blackout days doc skyrocketed to be one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, but that all changed at e3 2019 while doing his first-ever in real lifestream of the event doc.

Obviously had to take a bathroom break at one point, However, his cameraman followed him in which was not only a violation of Twitch’s privacy policies for IRL streams.

But it was also a violation of California Penal codes that’s right Doc’s twitch channel was taken down and it’s currently unclear if the ban is temporary or if he is having any legal charges Pressed against him.

I guess only time will tell but I’ll bet you anything that the doc will come back. He always comes back.

He’s the two-time back-to-back champion And when he does he is probably going to explode again in popularity and there you have it, my friends.

You can watch unban and banned streamer in real time on streamerbans.