Basketball is an indoor game. It is played between teams of five players each. The aim, of the game, is to shoot the basketball into the ring.

If a basket is scored then one, or three points is scored. Three points are scored if a player scores a basket away from the three-point circle. If the player scores from inside the three-point circle, two points, are scored and one point for the free shot score.

The team to score the most points at the end of the game wins the game. The ball can be played by dribbling it It can be passed or can shoot. A player is no, allowed to walk with the ball or dribble it for the second time once the dribbling has stopped. The ball must be passed to a teammate, shoot or lose the ball possession.

It is a violation to walk with the ball or double dribble it. The height of the ring is 10 feet (3.1 meters) above the ground.



  Basic Rules and Skills of basketball:  

i. Chest Pass

ii. Bounce Pass

iii. Overhead Pass

iv. Baseball Pass



i. Chest Pass:  

– The chest pass is named so because the pass starts from the Chest level.

– It is thrown by gripping the ball on the sides with the thumbs d the ball.

– When the pass is thrown, the fingers are rotated behind the ball and the thumbs are turned down. with the thumbs straight down.

– The Follow-through should end with the back of the hands facing one another with the thumbs straight down.

– The basketball should have a good backspin.

– When throwing a chest pass, the players should aim to throw it to the receiver’s chest level.



ii. Bounce Pass:  

– The bounce pass is effective for smaller players in the game. The smaller player can use a bounce pass to reach the target. It is much easier to throw a pass underneath the big players than to throw over them.

– The starting position for the bounce pass is to hold the ball at chest level with both hands.

– Knees should be slightly bent and feet should be shoulder-width apart.

– The passer should step with the leading foot and pass the ball to a partner with snapping wrist action, finishing with hands out, thumbs pointing in and down.

– The basketball should hit the floor about two-thirds distance of the distance from the passer.

– The ball should arrive at the midsection or waist of the teammate.

– The ball should hit the floor and pop into the receiver’s, hands.



iii. Overhead Pass:  

– Bring the ball directly above your forehead with both hands on the side of the ball and follow through.

– It can be passed with one hand but the throwing hand should come over the shoulder.

– Aim for the teammate’s chin. Some coaches advise not to bring the ball behind your head because it can get stolen and it takes a split-second longer to throw the pass.



  Basic Rules of the Basketball:  


Following are the Basic Rules of the Basketball:

– Each team has a maximum, of 5.

– The game is for 40 minutes.

– It is played for 10 minutes of four quarters. The players have chest numbers from 4 to 15.

– Substitutes are made by the coach to replace players on the court.

– Substitutions can be done at certain times in the game and the referee will let you know when it is allowed.

– Substitutions can take place as often as it is necessary.

– The team that has control of the basketball is the OFFENCE.

– The team without the ball is the DEFENCE. shooting.

– Defending team try to stop the offence from shooting. and/or passing.

– The ball can be moved forward by dribbling and/or passing.

– The player holding the ball must always keep one of the feet on the floor; this is called the “pivot” foot.

– Players can only lift their foot if they wish to dribble, pass or shoot the ball.

– The pivot foot can twist but must remain in contact with the floor and in the same place.

– If players move feet without dribbling, passing or shooting, they are penalized and the ball will be given to the other team, this is called “travelling”.

– The ball must stay within the court of play (inside sidelines and end-lines), otherwise, it goes to the other team.

– No player may contact an opponent team member; this is called a “Foul”.

– If a foul takes place while a player is shooting for a basket, the shooter is given free shots from the free-throw line.

– If the basket (while being fouled) is scored, two points are awarded and one free throw is taken. If the basket misses, two free throws are given.

– If a player receives five fouls during a game they must leave the court and can take no more part in the game.

– Now you know some basic rules of the game. You have to keep on practising. The most important thing is to have fun.


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