Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC



In this article, we will discuss Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC.



  Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC  

Today we are gonna tell you the best games about dinosaurs for low-end PC.



  Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs  

Join Ice Age’s unlikely herd of prehistoric pals for their wildest, wackiest, most exciting adventure yet. For the first time, play as six beloved IceAge characters as they embark on a rescue mission across melting snow to the mysterious Dinosaur World – an all-new, fur-raising jungle of carnivorous plants, lush foliage, and fierce dinosaurs.

Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC
Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC

Based on the highly anticipated Fox film IceAge: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, it’s a rollicking ride of mammoth proportions.






ParaWorld is a real-time strategy game in which warring tribes team with vicious prehistoric beasts to wage brutal combat for control of a world that is parallel to our own.

Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC
Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC

Armed with devastating weapons, commanding powerful fighting dinosaurs, and controlling up to 50 units, players go into battle in gripping single-player and multiplayer action. Up to eight players can battle each other via LAN or the Internet on one of more than 15 multiplayer maps, with three multiplayer modes to choose from.





  Jurassic Park – Operation Genesis  

The powers of modern science have resurrected the extinct dinosaur and now it’s your job to control their fate! Operation Genesis gives you two gaming styles in one: A theme park simulation and engaging action-adventure gameplay.

Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC
Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC

Build the most magnificent dinosaur theme park the world has ever seen or take on 12 action-packed missions that will truly test your gaming skills. Jurassic Park is yours for the making.




  Jurassic Park  

The GameSecurity systems have failed and the creatures of the park roam free. Now, a rogue corporation will stop at nothing to acquire the dinosaur embryos stolen and lost by Dennis Nedry.

Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC
Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC

Experience a brand new adventure set during the events of the first Jurassic Park movie and see new areas and dinosaurs in this landmark adventure 65 million years in the making.





Turok is back and no dinosaur is safe. When it was first released in 1997, Turok introduced gamers to a world teeming with cunning enemies, traps, puzzles, and deadly weapons all within a vast 3D environment ready to explore.

Now the classic game has been restored and enhanced with a new visual engine and exciting new features to sink your teeth into!

Turok on Steam




  Primal Carnage  

Primal Carnage is an online multiplayer shooter that immerses its players in skilled PVP combat, team-based strategy, and savage class-oriented matches unlike any you’ve previously experienced.

Dispatched to reclaim a remote island from a dinosaur outbreak, a team of battle-hardened mercenaries fights to take control of its abandoned facilities and secure classified objectives.

I'M BACK! New PC, New Dinosaurs, Primal Carnage 2.0! | Primal Carnage Extinction - YouTube

Play either side in the fight for the survival of the fittest, taking on the role of an armed human mercenary or a cunning prehistoric predator.




  Dino D-Day  

The year is 1942. Adolf Hitler has succeeded in resurrecting dinosaurs. The reptilian horde has trampled Europe and the Mediterranean. Can nothing stop the Nazi’s dinosaur army? Dino D-Day is a frantic, action-packed multiplayer game that transports you to a World War II that should have been.

Dino D-Day - Wikipedia

You and your friends can battle online choosing to serve the cause of the Allied nations or the Nazis. The Allied side includes seven playable characters including Trigger, a Protoceratops rescued from the Nazis.





From Single Cell to Galactic God, evolve your creature in a universe of your own creations. Play through Spore’s five evolutionary stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.

Spore (2008 video game) - Wikipedia

Each stage has its own unique style, challenges, and goals. You can play how you choose. start in Cell and nurture one species from a humble tidepool organism to an intergalactic traveler, or jump straight in and build tribes or civilizations on new planets. What you do with your universe is up to you.





  Orion: Dino Horde  

ORION: Prelude’ is an indie Sci-Fi shooter (FPS/TPS) that seamlessly blends incredible visuals and addictive combat.

ORION: Prelude on Steam

It puts you and your friends together into intense, cinematic battles using some of the most incredible weaponry and amazing vehicles in which you must work or compete against one another to accomplish mission objectives, explore giant worlds and survive the devastating Dinosaur Horde.





  ARK: Survival Evolved  

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing, and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements.

Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC
Best Games about Dinosaurs for Low-End PC

Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame and breed the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate and escape.




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