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When shopping for a new gaming desktop, finding the best unit that suits your needs will be challenging. All desktops can be called Best Gaming PC to BUY since all of them are capable of running certain games.

However, demanding games require a powerful desktop. And that is why, in this article, we’re going to look at the Top 5 Best Gaming PCs available on the market today.


  Best Gaming PC to BUY  

We made this list based on our own opinions, research, and customer reviews.

We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. And here are the Top 5 Best Gaming PCs.


Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme  

The fifth product on our list is the CyberpowerPCGamer Xtreme GXiVR8060A8.

The CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme is what we consider a mid-tier gaming setup. Running on a 9th generation intel i5-9400F processor, GTX 1660 graphics card, and 8-GigaByte of DDR4 RAM, this PC can run any demanding games you throw at it. It can even run Crysis 3 on ultra settings at 720p with an average frame rate of 110 frames per second.

On other games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Overwatch, you can expect an average frame rate of 100, 90, and 135 frames per second, respectively, on 1080p max settings. This gaming desktop so far has one of the cheapest and most value-oriented setups on our list.

To make your games more responsive, it comes with 240 gigabytes of SSD – big enough to store 2 to 3 high-end triple-A games. It also comes with a free keyboard and mouse, as well as a Windows 10 operating system.

If you’re into VR gaming, this unit can handle any VR game. It can support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you’re a streamer, the included Wi-Fi card will provide you with the stability you need in your streaming sessions. It supports the latest 802.11AC or Wi-Fi 5with data rates of up to 3.46Gbps for faster data streaming and better network stability.


The pros are:

* It is VR Ready;

* It has a pre-installed Windows 10, so you don’t have to worry about acquiring a separate OS;

* It includes a 240-GigaByte SSD; and * It runs on the latest hardware components on the market. However, the cons are:

* It runs on 9th Gen intel which has already been replaced by 10th gen, and

* Its power supply is questionable. But with the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme, you can have an excellent budget gaming PC right now and step into your game.


HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop  

Fourth on our list is the HP Pavilion gaming desktop.

This particular setup from HP is quite similar to the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme, both running on the 9th gen i5 9400F and GTX 1660.

The main difference between the two is the RAM. HP Pavilion is equipped with a heftier RAM of 16-GigaByte DDR4 with faster clocks.

It also runs at 2666Megahertz compared to the 2400Megahertz of the previous system – giving it faster processing that results in better gaming performance.

Although there aren’t many titles that require to have 16 GigaBytes of RAM on the market, the best use of having such is for streaming your gameplay online with the additional requirement of background app processing.

Best Gaming PC to BUY
Best Gaming PC to BUY


This activity consumes more RAM, and if you don’t have enough space, you will feel the system’s stuttering as you play. Grand Theft Auto V, for example, can easily consume 6 to 10 gigabytes of RAM the longer you play.

The pros are:

* It has a larger and faster RAM capacity;

* It is VR Ready;* It has pre-installed Windows 10; and

* It runs on the latest hardware components. However, it’s cons are:

* It also runs on 9th Gen intel just like the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme; and

* It only has 400Watts of power supply for the whole system.

Priced a bit cheaper than other budget gaming PCs, the HP Pavilion provides you with almost everything that you need from a desktop that doesn’t hurt your pocket.


ROG Strix GL10CS  

The third product on our list is the ROG Strix GL10CS. The ROG Strix pushes gaming PCs to greater heights. This unit offers one of the best computing performances on the market along with a blazing fast PCIe SSD.

Under the hood,

– It runs on top of the line 9th gen intel i7 9700k processor that’s overclockable,- a GTX 1660, – 16-GigaByte DDR4 RAM 2666MegaHertz,- a whopping 512-GigaByte PCIe NVMe SSD, – 1-Terabyte 7200RPM HDD, and- a pre-installed Windows 10 64-bit operating system.

Best Gaming PC to BUY
Best Gaming PC to BUY

All of that is encased in an RGB case designed to appeal to gamers. Its 512-GigaByte PCIe NVMe SSD makes this desktop ultra-fast and responsive.

It can start up from a cold boot in a matter of seconds and can launch your games that usually take minutes with an HDD to mere seconds. The PCIe NVMe SSD is capable of transferring data up to 3Gigabytes per second. That’s right, Gigabyte and not Gigabit.

This drastically lowers loading times and improves the responsiveness of the computer. In terms of performance, the ROG Strix dominates the previous desktops that we mentioned.

In games like Apex Legends, you can get an average of 100 frames per second on a 1080p ultra setting. That’s 10% better in performance and a higher frame rate.

The pros are:

* Its uses PCIe NVMe SSD;

* It has a bigger and faster RAM than other gaming PCs;

* It has pre-installed Windows 10;* Its case supports Asus Aura Sync RGB; and

* It is equipped with a 7.1 Virtual Surround sound front panel.

However, it has no free peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. If you want a futureproof PC that can handle any game you throw at it and offers a good amount of upgrades in the future, then their Strix GL10CS is one monster unit.


Skytech Legacy  

Second, on our list is the Skytech Legacy. The Skytech Legacy gaming PC is a solid gaming unit on the market. This setup is what we consider mid-tier high-end.

You’ll have a gaming PC that’s equipped with powerful components that can play any game in the world and chew it like it’s nothing. It comes with the latest and top-of-the-line hardware components that put the previous build on our list to shame.

Best Gaming PC to BUY
Best Gaming PC to BUY

Under the hood,-

It runs on 3rd Gen Ryzen 7 3700x which is overclockable for more performance,- RTX 2070 8GigaBytes, – 500GigaBytes of SSD,- 16-GigaByte DDR4 3000Megahertz, – an all-in-one liquid cooling to keep your processor running at optimal performance no matter what, and- all of that inside a solid InWin 905 Gaming case.

In terms of gaming performance, this gaming desktop gives you an average frame rate of 116, 236, and 95 for games Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Modern Warfare, respectively. That’s almost a 40% performance increase compared to our number 5 gaming PC.

Furthermore, this is the first gaming desktop on our list that’s capable of supporting RTX technology. If you’re new to RTX, it is a ray-tracing technology that simulates the physical behavior of light to bring real-time, cinematic-quality, rendering to the most visually intense games.

The pros are:* All of its hardware components are up to date;

* It has blazing-fast storage and RAM;

* It supports RTX Technology;

* It has an all-in-one liquid cooler included; and

* It comes with an 80 Plus Gold 800-Watt Power Supply.

However, this PC is only limited to games that support RTX. If you’re looking for a gaming PC that uses the latest AMD processor, supports RTX technology, and is sprinkled with everything nice, then the theSkytech Legacy is one of the best builds you’ll find on the market.

Before we reveal number one, be sure to check out the below for the newest deals on each of these items.


Skytech Prism  

Finally, the number 1 best gaming PC on our list is the Skytech Prism. Skytech Prism is the best gaming PC setup on the market. There are no words to explain how powerful and monstrous this gaming PC is.

Under the hood, it uses:-

The most powerful processor of AMD is the Ryzen 9 3900X,- a GeForce RTX 2080 which is top of a line NVIDIA Graphics card,- 32GigaBytes of DDR4 RAM running at a whopping 3600Megahertz,- 1-Terabyte of Samsung 970 EVO plus NVMe SSD with speeds of up to 3.5 Gigabytes per second, – a 2-Terabyte hard disc drive for file storage, and – an ASRock x570 Taichi motherboard with 14 power phase design.

Best Gaming PC to BUY
Best Gaming PC to BUY

It also has a solid 80 plus gold 750 watts power supply, an all-in-one 360-millimeter liquid cooler to keep your processor at its best peak performance without heat issues, and a stunning case from Lian Li which is the PC-011. In terms of performance, we’re lost for words.

Apex Legends alone can give you an average frame rate of 136 frames per second on 1080p high settings, a whopping 277 frames per second for Fortnite, and around 112 frames per second average for Modern Warfare.

The pros are:

* It has the best hardware components on the market;

It comes with Thunderbolt 3 with AIC headers;

* It has pre-installed Windows 10 pro 64 bit, as well as

* 1TB of Samsung Branded NVMe SSD, and

* A 14 Power Phase design motherboard for cleaner and more efficient supply distribution;

* It also uses the latest Wi-Fi 6.

However, it is expensive compared to the other gaming PCs listed. But if you want a gaming PC that can empower you, outrun the competition, and wipe the floor clean, the Skytech Prism is the one for you. And that’s it for our top five best gaming PCs.




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