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Best Gaming USB Microphones


There are many different types of microphones in the market but today we got 5 Best Gaming USB Microphones at a low-cost rate. So, here are the top five Best Gaming USB Microphones. The fifth product on our list is,



The Rode NT is a highly general-purpose side-address microphone appropriate for recording any vocals with all typical recording applications. The body features a zero-latency 3.5mm headphone jack to monitor microphone input at all times.

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It conveys quite a topnotch sound, thanks to a quality cardioid capsule placed in a standard studio fashion. In other words, it sounds very natural, distinct, and transparent, and does not suffer from those common effects such as popping and sibilance. The proximity effect is minor. It can be done from many angles, so omit about rain dancing’ with positioning. It is less susceptible to vibration noise, even with the stock tripod. Although a pop filter helps protect against plosives, it has been observed that closely recorded vocals are still quite capable of overwhelming it.

Best Gaming USB Microphones
Best Gaming USB Microphones

Thus, if you are planning to record close to the microphone, we suggest you using a traditional microphone stand, which will allow you to add in your external pop filter. The Rode NT has a unique gain setting: when the gain is at a too high level, the microphone will be too sensitive and can pick up room noise that can even be heard, for example, a hiss. Whenever the gain is set at too low, the microphone will be hardly audible. You, therefore, need to realize the appropriate level to set to suit your aim.

Its pros are:

* It has got a clear and DSP-free microphone signal.

* It has a zero-latency monitoring mode;

* It has got a free pop-shield, decent stand too

* It is very affordable


However, the cons are:

* It lacks a gain knob; and

* It also lacks a mute button.

Overall, the Rode NT-USB is a crisp, clear USB mic microphone. Some of the frills it deficiency —DSP, for instance—may retrial to those seeking a pure signal path.


Up next in fourth place is,

  Samson G-TrackPro  

The Samson G-Track Pro is a USB microphone designed to provide the high audio for professionals through its audio interface. The dual 1-inch condenser capsules catch all the information and shade of your voice, enhancing the quality of your recording, live stream, or broadcast.

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It has got a 1/8 inch stereo headphone output for zero-latency monitoring and unites 24-bit, 96 kHz digital recording resolution. for more, it has got four polar patterns: cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional pickup patterns and a 1/4” audio input for a professional sounding recording, no matter about the application. The cardioid pickup pattern is the most tactful to sound coming directly into  the microphone while neglecting sound coming from behind it. This pattern is outstanding for podcasting,live streaming, or vocal performances. However, the omnidirectional pickup pattern picks up sound equally from all directions.

Best Gaming USB Microphones
Best Gaming USB Microphones

This setting is suitable for recording several people around a single microphone, like a multi-person podcast. While the bidirectional pickup pattern picks up sound directly in front and back of the microphone while rejecting the sound on the left and right sides, this pattern is used for capturing two performers singing a duet or a cross-table interview. It is worth noting that you can be recording a signal from this instrument input without realizing it. For instance, if something’s plugged in, the only way to ensure it will not creep into what is meant to be vocal-only recordings to kill its gain level entirely or unplug it.

Its pros are:

* It has gain knobs for both microphone and instrument input.

* You can use the dedicated input and microphone at the same time; and

* It includes a weighted desktop stand.


However, the cons are:

* It has no adapter for a standard microphone stand; and

* It is heavy and bulky.

Above all, it is relatively easy to use, setup, and does what is expected from a mid-range priced microphone. It is suitable for streamers, songwriters, podcasters, and content creators. Still haven’t found the USB Mic that meets your needs? Well, keep watching because we have more lined up for you.


The third product on our list is,


Quantcast is the all-inclusive microphone for streamers, podcasters, or gamers who want a condenser microphone with impressive quality sound. The Quad Cast includes its anti-vibration shock mount to help reduce the sound of any movements.

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The mic features a stand and shock mount, and they have both being pre-installed, so the microphone is ready to be plugged in and used immediately. The stand is made from metal with a rubber underbelly, and the microphone itself is a mix of soft plastic and metal with a red foam insert. Moreover, QuadCast has red LED lighting, which shows when it is recording sounds. To turn off the LED, tap the mute button on top. However, there does not seem to be a way to turn off the lighting. As a result of this, those who are not fond of such features would find this annoying.

Best Gaming USB Microphones
Best Gaming USB Microphones

This microphone supports four polar directions: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional, thus, allowing you to configure it to your surroundings and application. Aside from the mute button being part of the mic’s top piece, there is a volume rocker beneath the central unit and a polar pattern selector on the rear.

Its pros are:

* It has a substantial and beautiful design.

* It produces good sound quality: and

* It has support for mounts and stands.


However, the cons are:

* The lighting cannot be turned off (unless muted); and

* Its USB interface limits audio to 48 kHz / 16-bit.

If you need quality sound during gaming, streaming, or podcasting, HyperX QuadCast is an excellent microphone at a reasonable price.


The second product on our list is the

  BlueYeti USB   

The Blue Yeti uses a tri-capsule microphone array that can record almost any situation. It has multiple pattern selections and a frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20 kHz. One of the stand-out features of the Yeti is the headphone jack and volume control. The headphone jack allows you to monitor your recording or streaming without delays. On this microphone, the headphone volume knob sits right on the front.

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Besides, you can control how sensitive the microphone is by using the dial on the back. This feature is a plus on this product, unlike most USB microphones that do not include this and require you to adjust gain levels with software, which can difficult to do during a recording. It is important to note that the Yeti is a heavy microphone with a weight of 3.5 pounds. Because of that, it will not work with just any stand.

Best Gaming USB Microphones
Best Gaming USB Microphones

But since you should be speaking from only a few inches away, you can skip the stand and get a boom arm or microphone stand right away. Plug the included cable into a USB port, select it in your audio settings, and start recording.

Its pros are:

* It produces clear, broadcast-quality sound for a variety of use.

* It comes with recording software; and

* It has LED live metering.


However, the cons are:

* It lacks a pop filter or adapter for a standard microphone stand; and

* It has no Digital Signal Processor (DSP) presets.

The Blue Yeti microphone meets various recording needs, produces clear-cut, broadcast-quality sound, and is worth checking out.


Finally, our top USB Microphone is the

Audio-Technica AT 2020 USB+  

The AT 2020 USB+ features a headphone jack with volume control, which allows you to monitor the microphone signal without delay. It has a mix control for blending your microphone signal and has a great quality plug-and-play feature for connecting directly to your computer or laptop through a USB port. Cardioid mode is the only polar pattern that it supports.

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Despite being the most common polar pattern, it is most sensitive to sound sources right in front of it but rejects any sound from behind. The sensitivity coming from the sides is heard but significantly reduced. The ease of use makes it an absolute choice for field recording and home studio.

Furthermore, it brings you superior sound quality, which makes it from other well-known studio units. Aside from being perfectly suitable for podcasting and voiceovers, it also achieves professional performance with vocals and even instruments.

Best Gaming USB Microphones
Best Gaming USB Microphones

You will never get dissatisfied with its sound quality with whatever you want to record. It also has an excellent transient response, which adds to other benefits that the microphone offers. It has a low level of self-noise, which is perfect for digital recording. The low-mass design of the diaphragm is responsible for the excellent transient response.

Its pros are:

* It provides a bold and crisp sound.

* It can handle a wide variety of studio applications; and

* It has on/off Switch and headphone volume control.

However, the cons are:

* It has no shock mount; and

* It records only in the cardioid mode.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ produces crisp and clean sound with a good frequency range at a very reasonable price, thereby making it a great buy.





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