Best Wicketkeeper In The World: Kumar Sangakkara, MS Dhoni & More


  Best Wicketkeeper In The World  

There are many wicketkeepers in the world but we have the best wicketkeeper in the world based on their performance, speed, etc. Let’s start with Number 1.



  1. Kumar Sangakkara (Srilanka)  

Sri Lankan wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara has the highest number of wickets in 12 World Cups played so far. Sangakkara, who was also the captain of the Sri Lankan team, had 54 wickets while keeping in 36 innings in the World Cup, that is, at least 1.5 batsmen in every innings were forced to return pavilion.

Starting in the 2003 World Cup, he made 17 batsmen wickets, and in 2007 took his team to the final by taking 15 wickets. In India in 2011, he took 14, and in his last World Cup in 2015, he took 8 wickets. Sangakkara had dismissed 4 batsmen in a match 4 times. He did this 3 times in 2003 and 1 time in 2011. Sangakkara also holds the record for most stumpings of 13 batsmen in the World Cup.





  2. Adam Gilchrist (Australia)  

Australia’s Adam Gilchrist is at number two in the list of the all-time best keepers, who took 52 wickets in 31 innings. Gilchrist played a key role in Australia’s 2003 title win and took 21 wickets in just 10 innings. This performance of Gilchrist is the best of any keeper in a World Cup to date. He took 6 catches against Namibia in the 2003 World Cup itself.

This is the record for most wickets in an innings of a World Cup match. Apart from Gilchrist, only Sarfaraz Ahmed of Pakistan has been successfully doing this. Gilchrist showed a performance of 1.677 wickets per innings, which is the best of any wicketkeeper in the top-5 of the World Cup.


Adam Gilchrist (Australia)




  3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India)  

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the ‘Captain Cool’ of Indian cricket, is ranked third in terms of hunting in the World Cup. He took 42 wickets in 29 innings, including 34 catches and 8 stumps. Dhoni is second only to Sangakkara in terms of stumping. The 2015 World Cup was the best for Dhoni, who averaged 1.448 wickets per innings when he took 15 wickets.

Team India had reached the semi-finals in this cup. Dhoni’s best performance of 4 wickets in a match also came in the match against Bangladesh on March 19 in Melbourne during the same World Cup. In this match, Dhoni took the catch of Soumya Sarkar while jumping about 2 meters on the left side, which is counted as one of the best catches in World Cup history.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India)


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  4. Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)  

New Zealand’s brilliant batsman and vigorous wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum’s name is at number four on this list. McCullum took 32 wickets in 25 innings.

Although McCullum has played 34 matches in the World Cup, in 9 matches he was in the team as a batsman instead of a wicketkeeper.

McCullum, with an average of 1.280 per innings, performed his best in the 2007 World Cup, taking 14 wickets in 10 innings.


Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)



  5. Mark Boucher (South Africa)  

South African wicketkeeper Mark Boucher is at number 5 in the list of best wicketkeepers of the World Cup. But Boucher can be considered ‘unlucky’, as he was unlucky enough to quit cricket due to an eye injury, or else he could have been number one on the list. Boucher took 31 wickets in 25 innings at an average of 1.240. The special thing is that there is not a single stump out in them.

His best performance of 11 wickets was in the 1999 World Cup, which he repeated in the 2003 World Cup played on his ground. He did his best performance of 4 wickets in a match in the historic semi-final match played against Australia at Edgbaston ground in 1999. This was the same match that was played as the first tie match in World Cup history.


Mark Boucher (South Africa)



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