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  CS GO Patch Notes  

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game with a number of moving parts. As such, the game is in a constant state of flux, with developers Valve needing to push out updates every couple of weeks to keep the game’s weapons and maps balanced.

Valve’s approach to updates is to keep them coming little and often, so you’ll find the CS GO patch notes aren’t as meaty as some of the other games you play. While it might be disappointing to hear that the latest update isn’t full of brand-new content, you’ll usually find the small fixes made here and there keep the game – and its players – in check.

So if you’re looking to grind one of the best competitive FPS games out there and climb the CS: GO ranks, you’re going to want to stay on top of the comings and goings of the game. So, here is the last couple of CS GO patch notes for your perusal.





  Release Notes for 2/15/2023  



– The AWP | Doodle Lore has been replaced by the AWP | Duality in the Revolution Case
– Existing AWP | Doodle Lore inventory items have been converted to the AWP | Duality



– Seasonal celebrations have ended in Ember land.
– Map lighting, theme, textures, and models have returned to their pre-seasonal state.
– Cave rock textures are now using $seamless_scale for improved texture quality and look.
– Various texture improvements.
– Fixed an area portal issue.


  Release Notes for 2/2/2023  


– Clipped boost onto the top of arches (Thanks Lazavelli)
– Fixed gap in the side of stairs
– Lowered floating railings


– Remastered art assets
– Updated lighting
– Updated clipping
– Made the grate bars on A-site less obstructive
– Added place names
– Improved occlusion to be more performant


– Fixed optimization regression





  Release Notes for 1/25/2023  


– Trimmed Ivy at B long.
– Reduced size of trim at B Long.
– Ruins are slightly less ruined.
– Adjusted clipping at Ruins and B long.
– Adjusted shape of Boat in Canal.
– Lowered the water grates at the back of Canal.
– Adjusted grenade clipping around bombsites.
– Minor optimizations.

– A winter storm has hit Ember, expect delays.





  CS GO Update Patch Notes – October 22, 2022  


  • The “Rio 2022 Viewer Pass” and the “Rio 2022 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now open for purchase. 50% of the profits go to the players, teams, and organizations taking part in the IEM Rio Major.
  • With a Viewer Pass, you’ll get:
  • An upgradable Rio 2022 Event Coin.
  • Access to the Rio Pick’Em Challenge.
  • Unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the event.
  • Steam. tv team flair.
  • Access to Rio 2022 Souvenir Packages.
  • Team stickers and Player Autograph stickers are available for purchase. 50% of the profits go to the players, teams, and organizations taking part in the IEM Rio Major.





Introducing the Ember Halloween version

  • Spookified water and night sky
  • Lunar eclipse moon
  • Green lava
  • Pumpkins
  • Graves
  • Seagulls have turned into crows
  • Spooky sounds
  • Loading screen, spawn select and tablet images



General updates

  • Removed small bridge near Helipad
  • Added clearer signage in tunnels
  • Reduced volume and max distance of lava and generator sounds
  • Added new bin to climb over the fence near Industrial
  • Added lamp post models surrounding roads
  • Fixed double doors in Docks Building
  • Turned rocks and bridge stones shiny
  • Added chickens
  • Added a special lily




  • Enhanced collisions on various models (Thanks Numb)
  • Smoothed out the northern Castle entrance (Thanks Jakob)
  • Added more cover around Field
  • Opened window in Winery
  • Removed stuck spots
  • Removed certain visual issues
  • Fired wallhacks
  • Wooden pallets, planters and railings now respect gravity (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
  • Restocked the bar (Thanks IVI4X.exe)




  • Placed additional geometric detail
  • Placed particles and sprites
  • Placed in the community-made fix for transparency issues on smokes (thanks AnnGell)
  • Reverted many visual changes back to the release version
  • OpenGL systems (Mac/Linux/Steamdeck) no longer crash upon loading the map (caused by DirectX to OpenGL render layer)
  • Bombsite model no longer receives decals (bullet holes/blood splatters); was causing other crashes on OpenGL systems
  • Adjusted materials and reflections across the level
  • Reverted CSM settings to original release; soft shadows make a return


  CS GO Update 8 Sept – All Fixes & Camera Exploit  

The new CS: GO update patch notes shows that players should now feel a shorter loading time. It also improves a player camera exploit!

  • CSGO Source 2 Gameplay Revealed
  • Nigma Galaxy Docu-Series Details Female CSGO Team’s Success Story
  • CSGO Competitive Skill Group Missing Or Changed?
  • Is Shroud Here To Stay? Ex-CSGO Star Likely To Continue Pro Valorant Run

The CS GO patch notes available on 8th September are listed below:

1. Enhanced Steam Input support for mouse and keyboard input on Steam Deck.

2. Improved an incorrect inventory limit warning shown to users with many items in Storage Units.

3. Enhanced game startup I/O to reduce game launch time.

4. Enhanced user interface flow when cycling through weapon case items in Agent View (thanks, @AquaIsMissing and @_ale_cs).

5. Improved an exploit that would allow the player’s camera to become detached from their eye position.


Now, onto the map modifications!

Valve has completed many fixes and modifications to four maps. None of these is from the Active Duty Map Pool, so it doesn’t affect ongoing esports events such as ESL Pro League Season 16.

Review all the map modifications and fixes in the new CS: GO update listed below, as per a blog post by Valve.


  • Placed a hip cover on the plateau close to B main.
  • Shortened the large stone cover on CT mid for fluffier movement.
  • Placed scaffolding on A catwalk to control the boost through the window to T stair at the canal. (Thanks poseidonskiy rofls).
  • Permitted players to silently drop down from A long.
  • Fixed stones crashing with the tarp on A catwalk.
  • Withdrawn a stone at A sewer.
  • Aligned floating pillar on A with the floor.
  • Removed left-over clips on A main. (Thanks Hentie!).
  • Removed clips on the stairs that bounce off grenades (Thanks Guidetti & dr!zzle).
  • Clipping improvements (Thanks dr!zzle!).
  • Cleaned up clipping under the bridge (Thanks Fnugz for your sacrifice).


  • Fixed pixelwalk on window frame (thanks Kerr).
  • Increased C4 explosion radius.
  • Fixed various visual bugs.


  • Added back a few visual details; ToOpenGL fix shouldn’t be affected; FPS sacrifice is minimal.
  • Angled ladder in lower main; gives cover to Ts and worsens it as a camping spot for CTs.
  • Clipping fixes.
  • Removed self-boost in upper main near the bridge.


  • Renamed Crater to Water Tower.
  • A new water tower has been erected at Water Tower.
  • Changed doors used throughout the map.
  • Added sounds when doors are opened and closed.
  • Gave cannons a new particle effect when firing.
  • Fixed situation where cannonball may not damage players.
  • Actually fixed cannons icon this time.
  • Fixed weapon crate ammo spawning in floor near Apartments.
  • Fixed lots of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998).



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  CS: GO PATCH NOTES 5/23/2022  

Here are the latest updated CS GO Patch Notes on 5/23/2022.

  ANTWERP 2022  

– Antwerp 2022 Champions Autograph Capsules are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the participating players and organizations.




√ Various Steam Input improvements.
√ FlickStick tweaks – turning is dampened when the joystick is returning to the deadzone.
√ Fixes for silencer equip/unequip.
√ Added Acceleration and Precision options for Gyro.
√ Gyro Camera is now set up to use 1:1 world rotation to in-game rotation as a foundation, as opposed to arbitrary units. This is calibrated around the assumption that the “Gyro Camera” binding in the Steam Input Configurator is set to maximum sensitivity (600) (New Official bindings have been updated to use this).
√ Removed “Quick Buy” radials from default controller bindings.
√ Fixed Steam Input “Health Shot” command.
√Added short fade-in for Radial Menus. This does not change/delay any underlying behavior.



  CS: GO PATCH NOTES 21/09/2021  

We’ve had a couple of bug-fix patches recently, but this latest CS: GO update has more than made up for the lack of content. A new operation, called Operation Riptide, has been added to the game, along with new maps, missions, and modes. Like before, there’s a free and paid battle pass to get stuck into, so there’s something for everyone.

Away from Operation Riptide, which you can read more about here, several major changes were made to CS: GO – the first being that you can now drop grenades like weapons – perfect if your teammate knows a pop flash or a cloud of smoke you don’t. The second major change is that Valve is trialing short MR16 in competitive matches. Several weapons have also been nerfed and buffed in this update, so you’ll want to read the patch notes below carefully.




Here’s what’s changed:


  • Introducing Operation Riptide and Operation Riptide Pass added



  • Players can now generate a code queue and share it with friends to create a private Premier match on Valve servers
  • Players can also join private Premier servers for Steam Groups


  • Competitive matchmaking now has three options: Short (MR 16), Long (MR 30), or No Preference.


  • Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (the first team to 100 kills wins), and Free-for-all Deathmatch are now available


  • Reduced max rounds to 10 and eliminated half-time team swap
  • Reduced round time
  • Adjusted weapon progression


  • Adjusted weapon progression
  •  Players now receive a health shot after three kills


  • Grenades can now be dropped just like weapons.
  •  Vision after death reduced from 3.0s to 2.0s (vision by headshot reduced from 1.0s to 0.5s).
  • Deagle body damage reduced
  • M4A1-S body damage increased
  • Dual Elites price reduced to $300
  • Riot Shield added to buy menu, can be used by CTs in casual hostage maps




  • County has been added to official matchmaking in Danger Zone game mode
  • Basalt and Insertion II have been added to official matchmaking in Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes
  • Ravine and Extraction have been added to official matchmaking in Wingman game mode
  • The following maps are no longer available in official matchmaking: Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, Frostbite.


  • Slight visibility tweak from T spawn through mid to prevent door wall bangs
  • Improved visibility into B back site from upper tunnels


  • Made gate at top of banana solid
  • Revised 1v1 layout
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Increased size of the plantable area in both bombsites
  • Fixed bullet penetration on plywood surfaces
  • Further optimizations
  • Added 1v1 arenas



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   CS GO PATCH NOTES 12/08/2021  

The August 12 CS: GO patch adds the Tacticians Music Kit box.


Tacticians Music Kit Box – this is available in both regular and StatTrak variants, and features six new Music Kits:

  • Mocha Petal by Austin Wintory
  • ~ Yellow Magic ~ by Chipzel
  • Freaky DNA by Vici
  • Astro Bellum by Jesse Harlin
  • Work Hard, Play Hard by Laura Shigihara
  • KDLIBRI by Sarah Schachner


  • A designation of which bombsite is being planted on/has been planted on has been added to the generated game events.



  CS GO PATCH NOTES 22/07/2021  

The July 22 CS: GO patch makes a tweak to griefing reports and deploys fixes for Pitstop and Mocha


  • Added a checkbox for workshop submissions to be entered into the Dreams & Nightmares Contest.


  • Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns.



Patched hole in clipping on the upper balcony.

Improved skybox and fog.

Fixed broken collision model on bombsite tent.

Removed pixel walk on the outside box.

Added dev texture.



Several windows opened in B site to allow for grenade throws.

Wall from CT spawn into Middle raised to remove a boost.

Added a trash bin in front of T spawn to self jump up.

The foliage platform above the A site plant zone is no longer clipped.

The truck near the B site is no longer clipped.

Geometry adjusted to fix an angle from T side into CT side of Middle.

Minor clipping and optimization improvements.

Fixed multiple bomb stuck spots.


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  CS GO PATCH NOTES 06/07/2021  

A very small update making a couple of matchmaking changes and a few fixes and stability improvements.


  • Premier matchmaking can now be selected together with other competitive maps.
  • Added competitive matchmaking presets and the ability to save/load favorite map selections.
  • Added a link to CS: GO Fair Play Guidelines when playing on official game servers.


  • Bullet penetration check will ignore the firing player model entirely.
  • Fixed bot difficulty selector to correctly apply for offline with bots War Games matches.
  • Stability improvements.

  CS GO PATCH NOTES 08/06/2021  

This CS: GO update was tiny in comparison to some of the others in recent weeks. Live match links were fixed, AI behavioral trees were tweaked, ammo counts were added to the Blackboard, and Pitstop was given a graphical update.


  CS GO PATCH NOTES 03/06/2021  

This patch includes by far the biggest change to CS: GO in a long time. Valve has decided Prime status can no longer be earned, forcing players who wish to grind for the CS: GO ranks to pay for the privilege.

Non-Prime players can still play CS: GO through a new unranked mode, but they won’t be able to earn XP, ranks, item drops, and service medals.

Here are the full patch notes:


  • Non-Prime status accounts will no longer earn XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops, or Prime status through playtime.
  • Non-Prime accounts will not be able to take part in Ranked matches.
  • Non-Prime accounts will not be able to start Bonus Rank XP items and can no longer claim Service Medals.


  • Introducing Unranked matches for Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone game modes.
  • While still utilizing skill-based matchmaking, Unranked matches do not affect Skill Group and have no Skill Group party restrictions.
  • Non-Prime accounts are restricted to Unranked, whereas Prime accounts may choose between Ranked and Unranked.
  • Ranked matches will always be with other Prime players, exclusively, whereas Unranked matches will be created from the mixed pool of Non-Prime players — and Prime players that have chosen to play Unranked.


  • Added “DebugDrawBoxAngles” to draw oriented bounding boxes. Usage: DebugDrawBoxAngles( ent.GetOrigin(), ent.GetBoundingMins(), ent.GetBoundingMaxs(), ent.GetAngles(), r, g, b, a, time);
  • Added “GetBoundingMinsOriented” and “GetBoundingMaxsOriented” functions that return the axis-aligned bounding box of an entity taking its current orientation into account.


  • Scrimmage has been removed from Competitive matchmaking and has been replaced by Unranked matchmaking.
  • Added Import button to Workshop Workbench that takes a .tga file and generates a .vtf file. If the .tga file name contains “_normal” the generated .vtf file will be compiled with the ‘normal’ flag.


  CS GO PATCH NOTES 27/05/2021  

A small patch which fixes a number of bugs. Ancient, Grind, Cache, and Mocha have all received updates in this patch to help visibility and performance optimization.

You can see the full list of map changes below:


  • Art-revision on bombsite B and surrounding area
  • Higher contrast base textures at B for better player reads
  • Fixed random missing micro-polygons in bomb B totem/sculpture
  • Recolored plywood throughout the map for better contrast
  • Straightened out a broken-wall passage to bombsite B
  • Tweaked spawn point placement for both teams


  • Reduced lurk positions in mid for more fluid rotations
  • Lowered cover on A Short to allow boosting over smokes
  • Removed unintended boost locations
  • Fixed multiple bombs stuck spots
  • Minor quality of life and art updates


  • Clipping improvements
  • Navigation mesh improvements
  • Added additional bombsite markers
  • Bug fixes: deathmatch game mode spawns, CT spawn soundscape, minor lighting errors


  • Performance optimizations
  • Reduced bird sounds volume
  • Reduced contrast on some textures
  • Brightened sky slightly
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Restored vivid color to select textures and models
  • Restored select details even on the lowest graphical settings

That’s it for the latest CS GO patch notes. If you’re looking for the full breakdown, make sure you head over to the CS: GO website.


  2022 CSGO Service Medal  

Best Gamemode to Grind XP without Hacks or Scripts

The XP you gain for playing CS: GO may depend on your skills so keep in mind that this is just an approximation so let’s see the TOP game modes for XP/min of gameplay.

Game Mode – XP/Min

  • Arms Race – 10.2
  • Deathmatch – 7
  • Demolition – 6
  • Casual – 7.7
  • Competitive – 7.2
  • Wingman – 7.2

(In some game modes the xp partially relies on the skills of your mates like Wingman 2vs2 or Competitive5vs5).

Tip: They are no easy ways of grinding XP AFK But you could play competitively with 5 acct in the same server but that’s too sketchy and a waste of electricity for a worthless badge. That according to the terms and conditions of steam you cannot sell since the only way to sell it is by selling your account.

XP Boosts

Weekly Bonus

Weekly bonus this changes as you increase your total XP till you get to 11.200xp then it starts to reduce all your XP

  • 3x for the first 3.500 XP
  • 1x for the remaining 1.500 XP

Reduced multiplier

  • 0.175x when you got 11.200 total XP


Operation XP Boost

This is one of the most important points and the one that it’s going to save you all a lot of time but its not free, each operation costs $15 for the first days then it usually goes down for a sale but for me its completely worth it because you get stuff that can usually worth more than what you pay.

You will get these boosters completing missions or challenges and they can instantly boost you 1 level for each boost.

Tip: You can collect them throughout the years and save yourself some time.


How to remove blood from walls CSGO?

The command to clean the blood is r_cleardecals, just type it in the console to remove blood from the map. Bind for blood cleaning.

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