Dak Prescott Wife | Dak Prescott Girlfriend Name, Age, Net Worth, Pics & History

Dak Prescott Wife

In this article, we will discuss Dak Prescott Wife.

Dak Prescott is an American professional football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of NFL. He is one of the best quarterbacks on his team squad and in the NFL.

The youngest of three children, Dak Prescott was born on 29 July 1993. He developed his interest in football from his childhood and played football for school and college teams.

NameAgeHeightNet WorthResidencePosition
Dak Prescott296’2″$70 millionFrisco, TexasQuarterback

  Dak Prescott Wife  

He hasn’t gotten married yet, But he has been dating a number of girls listed below as follows:

NameAgeHeightNet WorthLives
Jadyn Jannasch (athlete)21

(April 2, 2002)

5’5″$ 1 millionFrisco, Texas

Jadyn Jannasch is a swimmer in the Louisiana State University group. She is the child of Jeff Jannasch, the proprietor of Town Square Mortgage.

She came from Frisco, Texas which lies in the Dallas region. It is said that Jadyn Jannasch encountered Dak Prescott through her father, who had trade relations with the Dallas Cowboys.

As per LSU’s official page, she was admired by the university owing to its unique environment, coaches, and extreme willingness to be capable of swimming on the same team as her brother. She is presently majoring in mass communication.

  Dak Prescott Wife  

Jadyn dedicated to the university so she could swim alongside her brother, Jack, who is even a swimmer for the LSU Tigers group. Her college academic paper is very amazing. She was selected to the SEC’s First Year Academic Roll.

She even declared third place in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:04.21 against Tulane and Vanderbilt in the onset swim meet.

Dak Prescott recently broke up with his long-term ex-lover Natalie Buffet. However, it is whispered that he and Jadyn Jannasch began dating soon after his separation.

There has been news that Jadyn Jannasch has been informing her teammates that their relationship is a rebound connection for Dak Prescott.

The couple have been casually dating since she is still learning at LSU and Dak Prescott lives in another region of Texas.

  Dak Prescott Ex-Girlfriend  

Dak Prescott’s Ex-girlfriend is Natalie Buffett. She is a youthful and gorgeous Instagram model. As defined overhead, Prescott is not wedded officially and he never exposed his personal life in media conversation. Though not wedded, he has been with many girls during the last pair of years.

Natalie Buffett is a graduate and also the director of content creation for a home fitness business. She is a youthful corroborating lady who established her loyalty to Dak Prescott during his difficult times and injuries.

Natalie Buffett

The relationship between Natalie and Prescott was known in 2020 when she published an Instagram story. She was the one who helped the quarterback heal from his ankle injury in 2020.

NameAgeHeightNet Worth
Natalie Buffett255’6″$ 1 million

  Dak Prescott Girlfriend 2022  

Dak Prescott was seen with a famous Instagram model, Ireland Borba. His relationship with her is unknown. This was not clear at that point but later information came out of the cage about their relationship that made it transparent.

NameAgeHeightNet Worth
Ireland Borba275’6″$ 200 Thousand
Ireland Borba

   Who is Dak Prescott’s new Girlfriend Ireland Borba?  

Ireland Borba is a famous Instagram model. After the announcement of her relationship with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, she foremost denied the information. When lovers began creating comments on her Instagram profile about her relationship, she created the account’s security strict.

The Instagram model mostly put her photos on her profile, but she never published anything about their relationship.

  Dak Prescott Ex-Girlfriend  

The youthful quarterback has been in different relationships in the past. During 2017-18 he was in a relationship with Yasmine Lee.

Before 2017 Dak Prescott and Dallas Nicole Parks’ relationship was the most famous one. Prescott also dated Kayla Puzas, an Atlantan girl for a few time. But this relationship was split up during 2014-16.

Dak Prescott and Dallas Nicole Parks

This was for the Dak Prescott Wife


a. Who is Dak Prescott’s wife?

He isn’t married yet. But he had made a lot of girlfriends and dated several girls.

b. Does Dak Prescott have a wife?

No, he doesn’t have a wife.

c. Who is Dak Prescott’s wife?

He is currently unmarried.

d. Does Dak Prescott have a girlfriend or wife?

He has a Girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch.

e. How old is Dak Prescott’s wife?

He hasn’t got married yet.


e. How old is Dak Prescott wife?

He hasn’t got married yet.

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