Elden Ring DLC | Update Details, Window Releases & More Update Details of Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring DLC

In this article, we will discuss Elden Ring DLC.

  Elden Ring DLC  

The Elden Ring DLC situation is compelling, albeit a period unsure at the point.

Officially Announced:

Shadow of the Erdtree: This expansion is guaranteed to be in development by FromSoftware, although no authorized release date has been revealed.

Colosseum update: This free DLC was released in the date of December 2022 and added new PvP modes and six-player multiplayer.

Leaks and rumors:

February 2024 release date: A recent leak, considered to be based on a collaboration between FromSoftware and a gaming controller manufacturer, offers a February 2024 release for Shadow of the Erdtree. While this should come with an alert, it does add some possible fuel to the fire.

Further content in 2025: The same leak even implied at likely additional Elden Ring content in 2025, but this is more hypothetical at this point.

Community speculation:

Mid-2024 release: Based on FromSoftware’s typical development times for DLC, many lovers are hoping for Shadow of the Erdtree to arrive sometime in the middle of 2024.

Possible E3 or Summer Game Fest announcement: Given the lack of official details, many are examining to main gaming events like E3 or Summer Game Fest for a possible reveal.

In conclusion:

While the wait for official news can be frustrating, the Elden Ring DLC is certainly on the horizon. Put an eye out for announcements from FromSoftware or reveals that gain traction, and hopefully, we’ll have a more precise picture soon.

Elden Ring DLC

  Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Release Date  

Shadow of the Erdtree has not been notified. However, there are a few clues and gossips that can assist us assume when it might arrive:

Potential release window:

February 2024: A leak based on a collaboration between FromSoftware and a gaming controller manufacturer proposes this timeframe. This date overlaps with the second anniversary of Elden Ring’s launch, making it a plausible mark.

Mid-2024: Based on FromSoftware’s usual development times for DLC, numerous lovers desire the expansion to land sometime in the middle of 2024.

Later in 2024: It’s even feasible the DLC won’t be released until later in the year, with significant gaming events like E3 or Summer Game Fest potentially acting as platforms for an official announcement.

What we know for sure:

The DLC is guaranteed to be in development, although elements like story, new areas, and features are yet under wraps.

A free Colosseum update was released in December 2022, adding new PvP modes and six-player multiplayer, but it’s different from the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

  Elden Ring Colosseum Update Details  

It will be released on December 7th, 2022, the Elden Ring Colosseum update breathed new life into the Lands Between by opening the formerly unreachable areas in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell for intense player-versus-player (PvP) action.

Here’s a full breakdown of the information as follows:

New PvP Modes:

Duel Mode (Royal Colosseum): Two Tarnished face off in a one-on-one fight to the death, without respawns. Ideal for settling personal scores or testing your spirit against decent competitors.

United Combat and Combat Ordeal (Limgrave Colosseum): Teams clash in timed battles with respawns for a more messy and fast-paced experience. Try your teamwork and coordination against other Tarnished warriors.

All Modes (Caelid Colosseum): Appreciate all the modes above, with the added twist of summoning Spirit Ashes to fight alongside you. Welcome the mess and release the full might of you and your spectral partners.

Other Features:

Solo or Group Play: Enter the arenas Solo or use Group Passwords to match up with or against friends for some personalized PvP games

Cosmetic Options: Five new hairstyles were added as prizes for experiencing the Colosseum, allowing you to change your Tarnished before footing into the arena.

Patch Notes: The update even formed general balance adjustments and bug spots, making Elden Ring PvP more competitive and Fair.

Impact on the Game:

The Colosseum update greatly restored Elden Ring’s PvP scene, delivering reliable spaces for players to sharpen their skills and encounter competitive battles. It added a new layer of depth and replayability, attracting both veteran PvPers and casual players looking for a fresh challenge.

Elden Ring DLC release

  Elden Ring DLC Expected Release Window  

The positively expected Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, stays shrouded in mystery, with its authorized release date yet to be notified by FromSoftware.

However, based on different clues and industry movements, we can imagine on a potential release window as follows:

February 2024:

A leaked product page from a gaming controller manufacturer offers a February 2024 launch, maybe overlapping with the second anniversary of Elden Ring’s release.


FromSoftware’s past DLC release schedules hint at a possible arrival sometime in the middle of 2024.

Later in 2024:

Major gaming events like E3 or Summer Game Fest could serve as the platform for an official announcement, potentially pushing the release date to the latter half of the year.

Beyond 2024:

While less likely, there’s a small chance the DLC might arrive even later, especially if FromSoftware is aiming for a truly expansive and polished experience.

  Is the Elden Ring DLC Leak Real?  

The Elden Ring DLC leak, particularly the one offering a February 2024 release date based on a gaming controller manufacturer’s product page, has submitted questions about its legitimacy.

Here’s what we know:

Supporting points:

Professional presentation: The leaked product page is well-formatted and official, like logos and detailed information.

Internal consistency: The February 2024 release date overlaps with Elden Ring’s second anniversary, a common time for game expansions.

Media coverage: Respected gaming news websites and YouTubers have hidden the leak, putting some weight on its potential validity.

Reasons for skepticism:

Unofficial source: The leak hasn’t come straight from FromSoftware or any official channels, leaving room for doubt.

Early timing: February 2024 appears fairly soon, assuming FromSoftware’s typically lengthy development times.

Past inaccuracies: Leaks and rumors covering game releases usually turn out to be incorrect or false.


While the Elden Ring DLC leak offers compelling points, it’s important to practice it with caution. Until FromSoftware creates an official announcement, we can’t conclusively prove its genuineness. The chance of it being misinformation or placeholder details remains.

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