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Ellie Carpenter

In this article, we will discuss Ellie Carpenter Biography.

  Ellie Carpenter  

Ellie Carpenter, at just 23, is more than only a talented defender on the football pitch. She’s a trailblazer, an inspiration, and a passion for good in the globe of women’s football. From her record-breaking teenage times to her recent role as a champion for young girls, her story is one of resilience, passion, and a deep dedication to pushing boundaries.

On the pitch, her defensive prowess is unquestionable. Her speed, agility, and tactical sense make her a formidable opponent, shielding her teams from some of the globe’s best attackers. Whether it’s the tenacious spirit she carries to the Australian Matildas or the technical finesse she showcases for Olympique Lyonnais, her dedication to goodness shines through.

But She’s impact stretches far beyond the final whistle. Her journey is one of defying expectations. At 15, she was the most youthful player in the Australian W-League, and by 18, she’d, many records in the NWSL, etching her name in football records. Yet, for She, these accomplishments are just footing stones.

Through her co-founding of GoalGirls, she is making a legacy of inclusivity and empowerment. This free program delivers young girls with not just soccer skills but even the confidence and support to discover their voice on the pitch and beyond. She comprehends that representation matters, and she’s dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of female footballers has the mechanisms and advice to thrive.

Her story is a testament to the strength of dedication and dreams. From her small-town starts in Cowra, Australia, to the bright lights of international stadiums, she’s etched her own path, encouraging countless young girls to lace up their boots and pursue their own goals.

But her influence is far from over. With her unwavering decision and her infectious passion for the football, there’s no doubt she’ll resume to redefine expectations and pave the path for a brighter future for women’s football. So, the next time you see She step onto the field, remember, that she’s not just playing for herself; she’s playing for a generation of girls desiring of their own place on the pitch and beyond.

  Physical Appearance of Ellie Carpenter  

22 years old (as of December 26, 2023)
173 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Not publicly available
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown

  Ellie Carpenter Career  

Prodigy on the Pitch: She’s love for soccer succeeded at a young age. By 12, she had left her hometown to follow her dream, of playing for Western Sydney Wanderers in the Australian W-League.

Record-Breaking Teenager: At just 15, she debuted for the Australian national team, the Matildas, evolving as the youngest player to wear the green and gold. This wasn’t only a national milestone; it carved her name in the record books as the first international footballer, male or female, born in the 21st century.

Conquering the US: In the year of 2018, She crossed the Pacific to enter the Portland Thorns in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Here, she smashed another record, evolving as the youngest player and scorer in the league’s record.

French Finesse: In 2020, She signed with Olympique Lyonnais, one of the most dominant clubs in women’s soccer. Playing alongside world-class athletes, she honed her skills and allowed Lyon to book two Champions League titles, evolving as the only Australian to get this feat twice.

Matildas Mainstay: Since her debut, She has been a rock in the Matildas’ defense. She played in both the 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Olympics, showcasing her composure and athleticism on the biggest stage.

World Cup Aspirations: With the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand on the horizon, She is gearing up to show the Matildas on home soil. Her experience and leadership will be required for the team’s success.

GoalGirls Initiative: She isn’t just touching about playing soccer; she’s equally devoted to encouraging the next generation. Through her GoalGirls program, she delivers free skills tutorials and community events, assigning young girls to adopt the sport.

  Ellie Carpenter Net Worth  

Source of IncomeDescriptionEstimated Value
Club Salary (Olympique Lyonnais)Top players in the French league can earn upwards of €200,000 per year.€200,000+
National Team (Matildas)Bonuses and match fees, but lower than club salary.Varies
EndorsementsMajor deal with Nike and others like Visa.
Undisclosed, but significant
Total Estimated Net WorthBased on available information, likely in the millions of dollars.
Millions of dollars

  Who is Ellie Carpenter Partner?  

Ellie Carpenter partner is Daniëlle van de Donk, a fellow professional footballer from the Netherlands.

Here’s what we know about their relationship:

Both are soccer stars:

She plays as a defender for both the Australian national team and Olympique Lyonnais.

Daniëlle is a midfielder for Olympique Lyonnais and the Dutch national team.

Teammates at Lyon: They evolved as a teammates when Daniëlle entered Lyon in 2021, a year after Ellie.

Made their relationship public in 2022: Though rumors swirled earlier, they confirmed their relationship through social media posts in February 2022.

A power couple: Both are supposed to be rising stars in women’s soccer with multiple accomplishments under their belts.

They are a private couple, so details about their relationship beyond this are not widely available. However, they do sometimes share glimpses of their life on social media, showcasing their help for each other’s careers and passion for the game.

  Ellie Carpenter Injury  

May 2022: Unfortunately, Her amazing year took a turn when she ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during the UEFA Women’s Champions League final against Barcelona. It was a devastating impact, needing surgery and months of rehabilitation.

Recovery and Return: The following months were difficult for her, both physically and mentally. However, she delivered big determination and strength throughout her rehab. In March 2023, after eight long months, she completed a thriving return to the pitch for Lyon, meeting her one-time team, Chelsea.

“Blessing in Disguise”: Interestingly, She considers her injury as a “blessing in disguise.” Despite the initial setback, she thinks it gave her a much-needed break from the grueling schedule and permitted her to refocus and come back even stronger.

Current Form: Since her return, She has been in stunning form. She’s regained her trademark pace, athleticism, and defensive prowess.

World Cup Aspirations: With the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup coming, She is a key player for the Matildas. Her knowledge, leadership, and now, even more advanced skills, will be necessary for Australia’s success.

  Ellie Carpenter Age  

As of today, She Carpenter is 23 years old.

  Ellie Carpenter Photos  

  Ellie Carpenter Photos  
  Ellie Carpenter Photos  
Ellie Carpenter
  Ellie Carpenter Photos  

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