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Fastest Car in GTA Online


  Fastest Car in GTA Online  

GTA Online offers an incredible amount of fast cars to help you complete heists, win street races, and cruise across Los Santos. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to empty your bank account to obtain some of the most luxurious vehicles in the game.

That being said, price doesn’t always equal speed. There are a surprising amount of fast cars that you can get for less than 100K, and each one on the list is a great first purchase for players that are just starting out.

We’re going to be covering the 10 fastest cheap cars in GTA Online. Before we get started, be sure to subscribe to ArcadeCloud News right here on YouTube for all the best news and lists in gaming.

Now let’s get into it.



The Sultan is a classic GTA performance sedan going all the way back to San Andreas. It’s based on a combination of the Lexus IS, Subaru Impreza, and Mitsubishi Evo, which, if you don’t speak car, means street racers love it.

Its top speed hits roughly around 115 miles per hour, which is crazy fast for a base model car that only costs you $12,000.

Karin Sultan | GTA 5 Cars


There’s also the SultanRS and Sultan classic, which both cost significantly more to obtain than anything else on this list. And with the state of the GTA Online economy makes no sense to buy.


  Zion Cabrio  

The Zion Cabrio is the GTA 5’s version of a BMW 6 Series from a few years ago. It’s a GTA 5 original vehicle that can usually be found in traffic near Del Perro Beach or in the pier’s parking lot. Aside from looking cool with its sick drop-top, it’s fast too.

Übermacht Zion Cabrio from GTA 5 - screenshots, specifications and description car coupe

The Zion Cabrio tops out at around 117 miles per hour and has plenty of agility for a racetrack or speedy getaway. If you can’t find one, you can always purchase it for a measly $65,000 in GTA Online, making it one of the best choices for balling on a budget.



The Schwartzer is based on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG and is definitely one of the most affordable fast cars in the game.

6STR Benefactor Schwartzer 'Aggressor' Custom [Add-On | Tuning] -

This car comes with a great combination of speed and luxury and can hit speeds up to 117 miles per hour. Although you can throw just about any color on this car, it definitely looks best in that classic Mercedes black and white.

The Schwartzer is an excellent car for beginners and it’ll only run you $80,000 or free if you find it puttering around Vespucci Beach.


  Sentinel XS  

The Sentinel XS is clearly based on the BMW M3 E92 and is a modified edition of the standard Sentinel. This car first appeared in GTA 3 back in 2001 as the go-to vehicle for the Leone mafia family. It has been a staple for the series ever since.


Not only is it an iconic GTA car but it comes at a pretty affordable price too. The Sentinel XS will only run you $60,000. It can also hit speeds up to 117.25 miles per hour, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

You can’t go wrong with the BMW-inspired performance car and it definitely comes with one of the best values in the game.



The F620 first appeared in the TheBallad of Gay Tony expansion for GTA 4 and it is clearly inspired by the Jaguar XK and the Maserati GranTurismo.

Despite the expensive look of this sports car, it’s fairly affordable compared to most other vehicles in the game, only running you $80,000. It can hit speeds up to 117.75 miles per hour, making it a perfect getaway car for just about any job. It’s a pretty damn good-looking car too.

Ocelot F620 in GTA Online: Everything players need to know

If you try looking around Del Perro pier or the streets of Rockford Hills, you might be able to snag one for the low too.



If the last three cars on our list still sounded a bit too far out of your price range, then you’re in luck. The Fusilade will only run you $36,000, making it one of the most affordable cars in the game.

This vehicle is based on the Chrysler Crossfire but it doesn’t come with convertible variants like the real-world version.

Fusilade - Grand Theft Wiki, the GTA wiki


Still, the Fusilade is an excellent purchase for those just starting out as it can hit speeds up to 117.75 miles per hour despite only costing 36K.


  Elegy RH8  

The Elegy RH8 is another affordable speedster available in GTA Online. And car fanatics will instantly recognize its inspiration from one of the most popular sports cars in the world, the Nissan GTR R35.


The RH8 is definitely one of the best-looking cars in our list which is why it’ll run you $95,000. If you slap a black paint job and a few modifications on this bad boy though, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth.

Not only that but the RH8 can hit speeds up to 118.5 miles per hour, making it an excellent addition to any GTA player’s collection.



You might think that as we move up the list and cars begin to get faster then they’d probably start getting more expensive as well but that’s definitely not the case. The Ruiner can hit speeds up to 118.75 miles per hour and it’ll only cost you a measly 10K.

Imponte Ruiner | GTA 5 Cars

This car first appeared in GTA 4 and it takes clear inspiration from the Pontiac Trans Am from the 1980s.

It might not be the flashiest car in the game but it’ll certainly get the job done, and you’ll be able to afford one pretty quickly after starting out. Be careful though, I don’t think this thing has airbags.



The Futo is the cheapest car on our list and because of this it’s also the ugliest but if you’re starting out and looking for something fast without caring about looks, the Futo is an excellent choice. This car first appeared in GTA 4 and is based on the Toyota Corolla AE86 from the 1980s.

Fastest Car in GTA Online
Fastest Car in GTA Online


Despite looking like something your grandma or an anime character might drive, the Futo is surprisingly fast, hitting speeds up to 119.25 miles per hour and only costing you a measly $9,000.

But does anyone ever pay for these things anyway? Spend some time around the port of Los Santos or the Vanilla Unicorn strip club and you can probably find it lying around.



Coming in at number one is the Dominator. This is another high-value car in GTA Online. And for those of you who don’t know too much about real-world vehicles, it is based on the highly popular Ford Mustang.

The modern muscle car will only cost you $35,000, making it one of the best values in the game. Not only that but it is insanely fast for that price, hitting speeds up to 120.25 miles per hour.


This is without a doubt one of the best purchases you can make in the early stages of GTA Online, especially if you’re a fan of Mustangs. And that covers our list of the 10 fastest cars in GTA Online for 100K or less.




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