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Fernanda Uliana

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  Fernanda Uliana  

Fernanda Colombo Uliana was born on April 24, 1991 in Criciúma, Santa Catarina, Brazil. She started her modeling career when she was just 16, and fast evolved as one of the most popular models in Brazil. In 2014, she quit modeling to commit herself to soccer refereeing.

She evolved as the first woman to referee a Copa Libertadores Femenina match in 2016. The following year, she also appeared as the first woman to referee a Copa Sudamericana Femenina match. She became the first woman to referee a FIFA Women’s World Cup match in 2018.

Full Name
Fernanda Colombo Uliana
BirthdayApril 24, 1991
29 years old (as of 2020)
Football referee, sports journalist, commentator, model, Instagram personality
Sandro Meira Ricci (married in 2018)

  Fernanda Uliana First Woman Referee  

She was glorified for her skill and professionalism. She was thought the best referee in Brazil and one of the most victorious in her discipline. However, she quit refereeing in 2017, at the age of 26.

Fernanda Uliana graduated in law from the Federal University of Pará in 2017. After she quit from arbitration, she started working as a legal controller in a private company in Belém, Pará, Brazil.

She is even a blogger and writer. On her blog, she writes about niche related to law, culture, and feminism.

  Fernanda Uliana Early Life & Education  

Though facts about her family stay veiled, Fernanda was raised by her mother, Vera Colombo, and holds Christian beliefs.

Schooling in Brasilia laid the base for her future efforts, while academic specifics like her school’s name and degree stay under wraps. Nevertheless, sources confirm she carries a Bachelor’s degree, indicating at her intellectual aspirations.

  Fernanda Uliana Career  

  Fernanda Uliana Career  

Fernanda’s journey started on the catwalk, gracing photo shoots, endorsements, and local campaigns with her beautiful presence.

But her skills weren’t limited to the fashion realm. Fluent in the language of the beautiful game, she wrote numerous books and donned the hat of a sports reporter. For a short, but meaningful time, she was a power to be reckoned with on the football field, showcasing her talents until 2017.

However, it was in the refereeing field that Fernanda pushed her impact. Her 2014 stint as a referee in the prestigious Copa do Brasil pushed her to fame, evolving as a testament to her tireless commitment and exceptional officiating skills.

Her rise resumed as she evolved as a groundskeeping female officiant, also thickening her position as a pioneer in the sport. The pinnacle of her refereeing career arrives with her prestigious work as an official FIFA judge in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Her expertise anchored her a spot on TV Bandeirantes’ “Show do Esporte,” establishing her versatility and reach expanded beyond the field.

Facing Barriers with Strength:

As one of the few female figures in a male-dominated arena, she fearlessly shared the challenges and inequalities she faced. Her voice evolved as a beacon, encouraging others to break down barriers and follow their dreams with unwavering spirit.

Wordsmith extraordinaire:

Beyond the whistle and the spotlight, she wields the power of words. Her love for writing blossoms in her true sports column on Metropoles’ website, showcasing her insightful views and compelling communication skills.

  Fernanda Uliana Husband  

She found her love in 2018 when she matched Sandro Meira Ricci, a fellow Brazilian football referee and recent TV analyst for Globo Network.

Their first meeting, in a hotel in Sao Paulo, flashed a romance that resumes to shine. As of now, they enjoy their journey together, building a life loaded with shared pursuits and unwavering support.

Fernanda Uliana is an image of modern women – strong, reliable, and multifaceted.

Her story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and a refusal to be limited by labels.

As she resumes to shine her trail, one can only guess the exciting chapters however to be noted in the life of this extraordinary woman.

  Fernanda Uliana Photos  

Fernanda Uliana
  Fernanda Uliana Photos  
  Fernanda Uliana Photos  
  Fernanda Uliana Photos  

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