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Nowadays many people want a free game having good graphics such as Racing, Wrestling, Battle Ground, etc. First up on our list of free Mobile Games, we have:


  Free Mobile Games  

Here is our list of free mobile games:


  1. [Survive: Wilderness]  

Free Mobile Games | 45.93MB | OFFLINE

Surviving in the wilderness is really interesting and difficult for me- assuming I can bring along my robot army, inter-dimensional spaceship, and my lab rat Fransisco. but, If you want to test your grit without the supplemental technology- Survive: Wilderness is a free way to learn to manage a wilderness survival situation.

Survive: Wilderness is a survival-themed simulation where you need to decide how you spend your time and what action is most crucial for you now in order to survive: building a shelter, finding food, water, traveling, and collecting firewood. I could make a robot do all this for me, but apparently, some of you don’t ‘have access to robots.


Survive: Wilderness





  2. PUBG Mobile  

Free Mobile Games | 1.97GB | ONLINE

I know you’ve heard of; PUBG MOBILE. PUBG was on the forefront of the Battle Royale trend long before Fortnite, Apex Legends, or COD Warzone- and the mobile port features the full game. The biggest recommendation I have for t1his game is to look into pairing a Bluetooth controller.


Get Low Ping in PUBG Mobile


Having a mobile version of one of the best battle royals out there is amazing, but using on-screen controls can block line of sight on potential enemies. Between 100 Player Battle Royals, to their newly implemented 4 v 4 quick-matches- PUBG’s massive battle maps are some of the most detailed out there. PUBG is a staple for a reason, its a fun game.






  3. Xenowerk  

Free Mobile Games | 159.3MB | OFFLINE

Don’t feel like popping a cap in Zombies, as the youths say? Pop a cap in a horde of Aliens for free when you download XENOWERK. Xenowerk is a top-down shooter by Pixel bite Games, where you and your trusty flashlight will explore the darkness within and Underground Science Lab.

With 70 levels, and an Arsenal that the Doom Slayer would envy, Xenowork is a beautifully rendered, symphony of gunfire. My favorite feature is the Performance-based rating system.

Nothing beats cold hard evidence that you can outshoot your friends. There’s always the added bonus of having another, Shamus-related, bad-ass female protagonist to represent the inner-anti-alien-warrior that’s in every girl or every mad scientist with a degree in World-Ending Technology. Even if it’s not how I would have designed her suit- they do about as good a job as MIT does.






  4. Shadow of Death: Darkness RPG  

Free Mobile Games | 121.2MB | OFFLINE

If you prefer something a little more ‘civilized’ than blasting away, SHADOW OF DEATH: DARKNESS RPG is an offline, pocket-sized, fantasy RPG. Play as a Lone Knight with a Dark Sword, which I assume is powered by teenage ‘Edge-lord’ angst, slashing your way through decaying farmlands of a forsaken civilization.

The combat in this stickman fighting game is fast-paced, with clean controls that allow for precision monster dismemberment. Select from 4 Unique Shadow Knights- and learn new skills and don your ever-aesthetically improving armor. Do not miss out on this game- statistically speaking, you can afford it.


Shadow of Death: Darkness RPG





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  5. Pocket Build  

Free Mobile Games | 445.5 MB | OFFLINE

Is killing not your style? Then you won’t like my Kill-bots, but you’ll like this game. For the non-violent pacifist, you have POCKETBUILD. Pocket Build’s roots is where this game really shines, it’s a game all about the freedom of creation. Nearly everything you’d need to build anything you want- is literally at your fingertips from the start.

Farm anything! Wheat, livestock, corn, humans- the world is your oyster and you no longer have a shellfish allergy. Put cows in pens. Put people in pens Create an island of Pug overlords- farm your resources, and before you know it, you’ll have a quaint, peaceful, human farm. Don’t you just love misdirection?





  6. Does Not Commute  

Free Mobile Games| 87.6MB | OFFLINE

Want a lead foot instead of distributing lead projectiles? DOES NOT COMMUTE is an acceptable driving simulation, that looks as good as it plays. This winner of the Apple Design Awards 2015, is a smash hit. Does Not Commute is a collision of strategy and path management.

The design is simple but ingeniously fun-Drive from point A to point B. Then drive a new car from point A to point B- but remember to dodge the car you just drove. And the car you drove before that with more perspective changes than a Prey game. Much like life- this game escalates quickly, with the added irony of you being your worst enemy in a game.





  7. Kingdom Wars Defense  

Free Mobile Games | 87.1MB | OFFLINE

Who likes tower defense? The player likes tower defense. And Gamers are going to review this game entirely in the third person. KINGDOM WARS DEFENSE, is a Tower Defense game with over 400 stages, 200 Allies and Enemies, and 100 Allies with “Limit Break” transformation effects.

A fan of the PVP aspect, because player usually finds Tower Defense games a little on the easy side. Gamer believes the PVP addition really saves this game from just being a Cartoon Wars Knockoff.





  8. Battlelands Royale  

Free Mobile Games | 389.7MB | OFFLINE

Looking for a fun twist on Battle Royale? BATTLELANDS ROYALE is a top-down, shooter with crisp and clean 3-5 Minute matches. The weapons like the Quadzooka and Minigunare a blast, but there’s a special feeling when you knock someone down with a plunger that you just can’t get with a rocket launcher.

Take that from someone who solves many problems with rocket launchers. This game is a great example of pick-up and play. The controls are simple and responsive enough for higher-level gameplay, with a quirky, rated PG cartoon style- it’s the best family-friendly, mobile, top-down, battle Royale out there for zero dollars!





  9. StrangerThings: The Game  

Free Mobile Games | 884.4MB | OFFLINE

Not feeling like fighting for loot? Well, how do you feel about fighting a Demogorgon? STRANGER THINGS: THE GAME is an absolute delight. Bonus XP Inc 100% nailed the tone, feeling, and graphics of a game that takes place in 1984. The retro, OG Zelda vibes really immerse you in the 80s- with enough collectibles to keep a true completion busy. I still can’t find the 7th Eggo- and I refuse to look it up.

The trackable leaderboards with speed runs are a nice touch, and each character feels as unique to play as the characters they’re based on are. Having no ads in the game is one of the biggest wins of all reminds me of a time before microtransactions.




  10. Walking Dead: Road to Survival  

Free Mobile Games | 172.6MB | OFFLINE

Speaking of Horror-TV shows getting a mobile game, we have WALKING DEAD: ROAD TO SURVIVAL. I remember my zombie phase- it was quite fun until that Soccer Mom infected the whole park, good times. In this Strategy RPG, fight Walkers and Humans and make life or death decisions that shape and change the story.

Sometimes you wander upon a survivor and have to make a choice like untying someone and saving them, or leaving them to the walkers. To all my would-be heroes, I warn you to be careful of the humans in this game- their deception skills are just as dangerous as a zombie bite. Build your stronghold, and watch for PVP raids of your resources, as The Walking Dead once again shows us the struggle of a zombie-filled world.





  11. Zero City: Zombie Apocalypse  

Free Mobile Games | 106.1M | OFFLINE

In the mood for zombies, but not in the mood for Rick Grimes crying “Coral?” ZERO CITY: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Build an impregnable shelter, put your people to work, and decide how to set up your defenses for the hordes of zombies.

Careful though, some of these Zombies have chain saws- and if they’re anything like the Chainsaws at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Hollywood, I want nothing to do with them.

The combat is brutal, and losing a teammate can feel just like losing a close family member… or a really good lab rat… Oh Phineas, you really were meant to squeak in the heavens. Team up with other players or dominate them in arena tournaments – but the goal is always the same: Survive.





  12. Rodeo Stampede  

Free Mobile Games | 50M | OFFLINE

If you don’t want to run from Zombies, and would rather ride on various animals in an endless runner animal game, RODEO STAMPEDE: SKY ZOO SAFARI is right up your alley. Sometimes, a mobile game doesn’t need to draw you in with a deep, subtext-filled story- but instead, encourages you to lesson a T-Rex while riding an Ostrich.

Dodge and avoid obstacles with a swipe of your finger, lasso your mark, and hold on for dear life to win their hearts. Invite visitors to look over your zoo full of exotic wild animals and mythical beasts, and chase down that high score. It’s the most fun you can have riding an ostrich without being banned from the LA Zoo.





  13. Mad Skills BMX 2  

Free Mobile Games | 246.4MB | OFFLINE

Got the need for speed and the need for free? Get the game Pro-BMX racers to play, and download MAD SKILLS BMX 2. This side-scrolling action game has amazing real-world physics, making those sick tricks all the sicker. Race against people across the world on a track that challenges your skills and keeps you on the edge of your bike seat.

The extremely fast pace reminds you that this is no Mario Kart, and the crashes make it all worthwhile – Even if my rider will need thousands of dollars in reconstructive surgery. Wholesome detail: Weekly new tracks! Nothing is a bigger Thank you to your fans than more free maps.




  14. Cafe Race- Endless Biking Game  

Free Mobile Games | 208.8MB | OFFLINE

Need a bike with an engine to get your mobile dose of adrenaline? CAFE RACE- ENDLESS BIKING GAME is a unique, low poly, Motorcycle driving sim with huge customization. It does a lot right. Good physics along with an interesting art style and its first-person nature makes you feel the open road.

For added effect- roll the windows down in the car, while someone else drives, and avoid the actual danger of weaving in and out of traffic. Plus, it’s endless, and free- just like the open road. Not that I would know, I don’t get out much.




  15. Final Fantasy: Brave EXVIUS  

Free Mobile Games | 117.7MB | OFFLINE

Square Enix has been in the gaming business for a minute, and it’s all because they know how to craft an RPG I’m willing to throw hours into. FINAL FANTASY: BRAVE EXVIUS is a brand new adventure RPG in Classic Final Fantasy turn-based combat.

Join forces with some of the legendary Final Fantasy characters we all know and love and explore perilous dungeons. If you need a little Final Fantasy every day, there’s no better way than carrying a little Cloud in your pocket. In true Final Fantasy fashion- the Victory Fanfare always keeps me coming back.




  16. Soul Knight   

Free Mobile Games | 332.2MB | OFFLINE

Ever wanted to kill aliens dressed as a wizard with a handgun? Yeah- that’s pretty much my Tuesday night schedule anyway.. SOUL KNIGHT has just that- as you shoot your way through “a time of gun and sword.” If you want 170 + weapons in your arsenal, with stylish and retro music pumping from your headphones as you barely dodge a wall of enemy lasers- Soul Knight is for you. And Soul Knight is for free.

The game has been around for 3 years and still has community events, new items, and developer support- so chug a strength potion and jump into a game that has… a little Soul to it.





  17. Opus: Rocket of Whispers  


Now, if you want a game whose Soundtrack will give you chills, you need to try OPUS: ROCKER OF WHISPERS. The name says it all and Opus is a large-scale artistic piece with multiple composers. This 2D adventure game is the sequel to Opus: The Day We Found Earth, following the story of a Witch and the son of a Rocket Engineer.

Your goal is to launch a “Space Burial” with the spirits of victims of a great plague that wiped out most of humanity. The dialog is beautifully written, the characters are compelling and relatable, and I can not get over this soundtrack.





  18. Father and Son  

Free Mobile Games |180.2MB | OFFLINE

If Opus gave you some Father and son feels, you know what game will give you those same feels? FATHER AND SON by TuoMuseo. This game looks as beautiful as the story it tells and is really a great example of an experimental take on the digital narrative. The father-son relationship is charming and sneaks in a History lesson on areas like Ancient Egypt, Pompeii, and Naples. It’s free, it’s educational, and it’s beautifully written.

You follow Son’s quest to find his father, through art pieces – and the art direction in this game really lets it shine. I don’t have a good joke for this game because it really is a work of art.




  19. Critical Ops  

Free Mobile Games | 76.7 MB | OFFLINE

CRITICAL OPS is a multiplayer FPS that boasts no in-app purchases that give competitive advantages and guarantees a fair-to-play, level playing field. I can’t help but praise a game that’s outcome relies on skill and strategy rather than the depth of your wallet.

Fight as the Coalition or the breach in a fast-paced, skill-based shooter. Competitive and ranked games make sure you fight in your weight class- so there’s little noob-stomping toxicity. Unfortunately, there’s so much protection for when I panic and my bullet grouping becomes spaghetti.




  20. Spotlight X: Room Escape  

Free Mobile Games | 102.7MB | OFFLINE

Want a Free game that has graphics that will blow you away. SPOTLIGHT X: ROOM ESCAPE is equal parts beauty and equal parts frustrating. But it’s frustrating on purpose, this game feels like a real escape room. The challenge comes from a mixture of pushing your brain mentally and testing your ability to effectively use your time. It’s tense. It’s hard. And it’s oh so very satisfying when you finally escape.

The smart will prevail- and no, there is no option to kick the door down to escape- and yes, that’s why I’m no longer allowed in the Escape Hotel in Hollywood. They told me to escape, technically I did.




  21. Ramboat 2  

Free Mobile Games | 49MB | OFFLINE

When the Wi-Fi is out, and you’re waiting on your ISP to send someone out between 7 am and next Friday, you still deserve a good game. RAMBOAT 2 is an Offline arcade-style shooter. The flexibility of not needing an internet connection makes this free-to-play game more versatile than some of the other games we’ve reviewed.

Shoot your way through a fast-paced 2D side scroller that will require your eyes to be glued to the screen, and your finger to stay on the trigger. The controls are optimized for mobile play-making it easy to pick up and frustration-free. It’s also free.




  22. Frontline Guard  

Free Mobile Games| 209.5MB | OFFLINE

But if you’re feeling a WWII FPS, and you don’t have the time to set up your PS3 to play Call of Duty: World at War, you can whip out your phone and keep your wallet in your pocket with FRONTLINE GUARD, a WWII Shooter that’s as satisfying as the PING from an empty mag through an M1 Rifle.

Build a custom kit to Tank your way through gunfire, or silently snipe from the distance. The game feels great playing on screen, and all the better with a Bluetooth controller! Fight online against people from around the world- and get a taste of fast-paced WWII combat.




  23. Sky Force: Reloaded  

Free Mobile Games | 664.8MB | OFFLINE

A good arcade game is hard, rewarding, and flashy, and no three adjectives describe SKY FORCE: RELOADED. Take the gameplay from classic arcade shooters like 1943, and update with drop-dead gorgeous rendering, superb sound design, and a progression system that has you say “Okay just one more level,” for the fifth time tonight.

It leaves you wanting more in the best way possible. It is free, and it will be your new favorite arcade shooter. If you doubt me, give it a shot, and I’ll talk to you once you beat The Scarlet Heart Boss on Stage 11. I still have nightmares.





  24. The Silent Age  

Free Mobile Games | 22MB | OFFLINE

Do you love the complexity of time travel? Make like Eminem and Lose Yourself in the world of THE SILENT AGE. This point-and-click style game focuses on a janitor in a character and story-driven narrative with superbly well-acted Voice acting.

Use your time machine to jump between the future and present, and rip the fabric of reality by taking items from the future into the present, or vice versa. I am a huge fan of innovative gameplay- and that’s exactly what the Silent Age delivers.

Prevent the end of the world and save humanity-you know- as all Janitors do! All jokes aside- tip your janitors. In case you were wondering about the price of all these games, in case you missed it, they’re all free. So, when you’re strapped for cash- but have time on your hands, you can check out any of these mobile games, which will give you the most bang for your buck.




  25. Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus  

Free Mobile Games | 411.5MB | OFFLINE

This is just preposterously entertaining. A virus that turns you into a tree and they told me I was mad for making a human/raccoon hybrid- at least mine looked like a little burglar. But have you ever heard of a virus that turns you into a TREE?

Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus is a 2-D Action-Platformer, where you play as a Survivor in a Post-Apocalyptic world. The low poly graphics give this game a nostalgic, old-school feel- while the touch-based controls are actually really well adapted to mobile gaming. Shoot, stab, and obsessively collect every resource possible to upgrade your stuff – to your heart’s content in this darkly themed shooter.


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