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In this article, we will discuss Lahore Cricket Stadium.


  Gaddafi Stadium (Lahore Cricket Stadium)  

Gaddafi Stadium formerly known as Lahore Stadium. It is a cricket stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, and the home ground of the Lahore Qalandars team from PSL (Pakistan Super League). It is operated by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) which owns a capacity of 27,000 viewers, it is the fourth biggest cricket arena in Pakistan.

It was the foremost in Pakistan to be fitted with modern floodlights containing their own standby power generators. The headquarters of the Pakistan Cricket Board are located at Gaddafi Stadium, thus making it the home of the Pakistan national cricket team.

It was developed by Russian-born Pakistan architect and civil engineer Nasreddin Murat-Khan, and built by Mian Abdul Khaliq and Company in 1959. The stadium was reconditioned for the 1996 Cricket World Cup when it organized the final.

In complement to Pakistan’s home matches and international games, the Gaddafi Stadium has also organized many games of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), with the first one standing the final of the 2017 edition. In March 2022, the PCB started the process of altering the name of the Lahore Cricket Stadium to the name of a new sponsor for economic causes.

Feature Details
Gaddafi Stadium
Lahore, Pakistan
Capacity 27,000
Opened 1959
Pavilion End, College End
Home to
Lahore Qalandars (Pakistan Super League), Pakistan national cricket team
Other sports played Hockey
Floodlights Yes
Notable matches
1996 Cricket World Cup final, 2004 Asia Cup final, 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final







The stadium was constructed in 1959 and was developed by architect and civil engineer Nasreddin Murat-Khan and construction was built by Mian Abdul Khaliq and Company. It was initially founded as the Lahore Stadium.


Renaming Stadium

In 1974, the ground was renamed in recognition of the retired Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi heeding a speech he delivered at the 2nd Organisation of the Islamic Conference meeting in Lahore in endorsement of Pakistan’s ownership to seek nuclear weapons.

On 23 October 2011, Pakistan Cricket Board debated changing the stadium name following the death of Gaddafi, to help the new government in Libya.

The Punjab Olympic Association completed a matching demand in late October 2011 to the regional chief minister.

Association secretary Idrees Haider Khawaja said, “I don’t think his profile is inspirational enough to link with our cricket stadium’s identity.” However, the stadium’s name was not changed.



In 1995–96, the Gaddafi Stadium was reconditioned by architect Nayyar Ali Dada, who was trained from the National College of Arts, for the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Dada’s redesign was performed with red, hand-laid brickwork and arches.

Dada also included plastic seating established in place of the existing concrete benches. The lower part under the stands was retained and altered to shops for boutiques and offices.

Gaddafi Stadium, the biggest cricket stadium in Pakistan, employed to have a capacity of 65,250 viewers, until the redesigning of its enclosures decreased the capacity to 27,000.




  Upcoming Matches in Lahore Cricket Stadium  

Date Match Venue
September 3, 2023 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
September 5, 2023 Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
September 6, 2023 TBD vs TBD
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore




  Asia Cup 2023 Tickets Price of Gaddafi Stadium  

The ticket may vary from that of the actual price. You can check the actual price at


Enclosure Category Price (PKR)
V-VIP Enclosure Hospitality 8500
VIP Enclosure Hospitality 6000
Premium Enclosure Hospitality 2500
Imran Khan Enclosure VIP 6000
Fazal Mehmood Enclosure VIP 6000
Rajas Enclosure Premium 2500
PCB Gallery Hospitality 10000
General Enclosure General 500





  Gaddafi Stadium Weather  

Here is the live current weather of Gaddafi Stadium as follows:





  Gaddafi Stadium Pitch Report  

The Lahore Cricket Stadium pitch is a well-balanced pitch that can prefer both batters and bowlers. It is a suitable batting pitch in the first innings, with the ball reaching onto the bat well. However, the pitch can also be inconsistent, with some help from the bowlers in the second innings.

Characteristic Description
Good batting pitch in the first innings. The ball comes onto the bat nicely, and there is not much for the bowlers. However, the pitch can be unpredictable, and there can be some assistance for the bowlers in the second innings.
Can offer some assistance to the bowlers in the second innings. The ball can swing and seam, and there can be some reverse swing as well. However, the pitch is not a major turner, and the spinners will need to be patient to get wickets.
Total runs
Average first innings score: 250 runs. Average second innings score: 200 runs.
Winning percentage
The team batting first wins 52% of the matches. The team batting second wins 48% of the matches.

  Gaddafi Stadium Pitch Report  

Here are some tips that can be beneficial for batters and bowlers playing on this pitch:

a. Batsmen

Play your shots early: The ball reaches the bat well in the first innings, so don’t be scared to play your move.

Be patient in the second innings: The pitch can be more difficult in the second innings, so be stoic and stay for your chances.

Use your feet: The ball can swing and seam, so employ your feet to fetch to the pitch of the ball.

Don’t be afraid to attack the spinners: The spinners can be more useful on this pitch but don’t be scared to strike them if you see a possibility.


b. Bowlers

Employ the new ball: The new ball can swing and seam, so employ it to your benefit.

Be patient in the second innings: The pitch can be additionally difficult in the second innings, so be stoic and stay for your possibilities.

Use your variations: The pitch can be unreliable, so use your variations to maintain the batter’s thinking.

Don’t be afraid to bowl short: The short ball can be more useful on this pitch, mainly in the second innings.



  Gaddafi Stadium Capacity  

The capacity of this stadium was improved as listed below in different years:

Year Capacity
1959 25,000
1974 30,000
62,645 (record attendance during the 1996 Cricket World Cup Final)
2004-present 27,000


It is located in Lahore, Pakistan carries a capacity of 27,000 viewers. It is the fourth-biggest cricket stadium situated in Pakistan. The stadium was established in 1959 and was initially called as the Lahore Stadium. It was called the Gaddafi Stadium in 1974 after Muammar Gaddafi, the retired leader of Libya.

It is the home of the PCB (Pakistan national cricket team). It has also organized various big international cricket matches, including the 1996 Cricket World Cup final, the 2004 Asia Cup final, and the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final.



  Last 5 Matches in Lahore Cricket Stadium  

Match Date Venue Winner Score
Pakistan vs New Zealand April 17, 2023 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore New Zealand 4 runs
Pakistan vs New Zealand April 15, 2023 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Pakistan 38 runs
Pakistan vs New Zealand April 14, 2023 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Pakistan 88 runs
Lahore Qalandars vs Islamabad United February 27, 2023 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Islamabad United 5 wickets
Lahore Qalandars vs Peshawar Zalmi February 25, 2023 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Lahore Qalandars 7 wickets





  Lahore Cricket Stadium Photos  

Gaddafi Stadium Photos  Gaddafi Stadium Photos    Gaddafi Stadium Photos  




a. Where Gaddafi stadium is located?

The stadium is located in Lahore, Pakistan.

b. How much capacity does Lahore stadium have?

It has a capacity of 27,000 viewers.





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