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  Get Free Skins, Character Voucher in PUBG:  

In Pubg Mobile. you will get skins of Guns when you’re having Lucky Day Only. To Get Free Skins, Character Voucher in PUBG Mobile you need to play Events every time there is new Event upcoming which help you to get Reward foe Free.

Many Events are Going on Pubg Mobile which will help you to get Free Skins of Guns, Vehicles, etc. In this article, I will show how you can get Free Skins in Pubg Mobile For Free in a legal way.  No type of Hack is needed the thing you need is a Pubg account and Good Luck that’s all.

There are Currently 2 Events going on where you’ll Get Free Skins, Character vouchers in PUBG which I am going to introduce now.

Events where you can get skins, Crates are as follows:

  House Of Horrors:  

Get Free Skins
Get Free Skins

  New Character in Pubg Mobile  

Andy is a new character in pubg mobile to take a character you need Character Voucher. From this event, you can redeem Character Voucher to get Andy Character.

In this Event, you can get Character Voucher, Classic Coupons, Supply Coupons, Rp cards, BP and Crates.

Events Rules:

1. Players can Complete missions to collect Lollipops to fill their Goodie Bags.

2. The Lollipops gained offline will be stored in your Goddie Bag until your Goodie Bag is full.

3. Lollipops can be used to unlock Haunted Houses and Upgrade the Shop

4. Unlock Haunted Houses to generate a stable output of fright. the amount of fright generated is affected by the number of haunted houses unlocked and the number of players inside them.

5.  By inviting Friends, the player capacity of the haunted house can be increased to up to 20 players.

6.  Fright can be used to redeem event rewards, upgrade the trick shop. and unlock more rewards in the trick shop.


  Blue’s Secret:  

In this event, you get a daily free Spin where you can get a Permanent SCAR-L Finish. Not only that you can get Crates( Premium, Classic, Supply). Don’t forget to Spin Daily and Rewards will be sent Through in-game-mail do not forget to collect.

Get Free Skins
Get Free Skins

Events Rules:

1. Event Period 10/12/2020-10/25/2020

2. Complete the mission to Purchase a total of 60 UC for a chance to get up to X10 times the return

3. Collect a free Daily Lucky Spin Chance.

4. Spend 30 UC to draw once at the lucky Spin. There are chances to get a Permanent SCAR-L Finish.

5. Collect corresponding Rewards once the number of Drws reach the milestone of 10, 30, and 60.

6. Rewards will be sent via-in-game Mail. Remember to collect.

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