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Today I’m going to tell you how to make billions in Grand Theft Auto 5 within two minutes using the Lifeinvader stock market. If you’re like me who finished all the main missions without listening to Lester’s advice and where to invest, then this is perfect for you.

So right here is my current gameplay Michael has 1 billion dollars and so are Trevor and Franklin. I have a saved game where I haven’t found this trick yet.

  How to Make $2.1 Billion Dollar:  

So let’s go back to that right over here so the maximum money each character could have is over 2 billion dollars and I was really confused and how to stock market works as. I have watched different kinds of videos on YouTube that doesn’t really work for me.

I wanted to buy all of Michael’s property like the golf club which costs over a hundred and fifty million dollars or something and I couldn’t afford that because the tutorials that I watch doesn’t work, Also I didn’t know that Lester has something to do with helping you get rich because I always just skip the dialogues in between missions.

I discovered this trick just by accident where I was just playing and discovering the stock market. So you’re going to have to first thing is I’m going to show you that Michael only has 27 million and that’s not enough.

Grand Theft Auto 5
Grand Theft Auto 5

So I’m going to go to his bedroom and the first thing you’re going to do is go to the Internet obviously, Money and Services, LCN and Markets and then Current Price. So we’re going to focus here is the Lifeinvader. Now you’re going to make sure that the current price is below 2.50.

If your current is above that you’re just going to sleep until you reach the desired price. So right here is I have 8.46. so I’m going to sleep and wait for Michael to wake up Let’s check it up again. Services LCN and so it’s now 2.3 it is now below 2.5 so what we’re going to do is we’re going to buy it. All of your money is going to go to Lifeinvader. Okay, so we’re gonna buy.

This is gonna take a while but you’ll get there. click buy, confirm, continue, so the current price here is 2.3 then let’s save the game save it the next thing is you’re going to load the game.

This is very important you’re going to have to load the game where you saved your game so this is going to take a while and you can skip to this minute if you can’t wait ok so now let’s check it. Go to internet money and services LCN and go to your portfolio and here it is just those simple steps and you are now.

Grand Theft Auto 5
Grand Theft Auto 5

I think this is billion so sell all, confirm oh no it’s just a hundred and sixty-three so we’re going to have to do that again let’s go back up but you get the point and you can do it save now let’s check the life invader again there you go Current price 2.36 repeat the process okay. Buy, confirm, continue, and then load.

No, you gotta save the game. Save Okay. and then now we’re going to Load the game just gonna wait Okay now let’s check to Sell All there we go you just have to repeat the process until you get the desired amount that you want. Actually I just really want to show you how i get billions so Okay simple step ok then wait to check it again there you go this is 2 billion.

So if you’ve come across this that means that you’ve come to the limit which is two billion so what we’re going to do is you have to sell your stock manually. We’re going to go here, Sell, and right over here you can’t sell it all because it’s just going to go to 0 so you’re gonna have to sell it manually oh.

let’s try that there you go that’s 1 Billion 800 Million so that’s just how we do it let’s just go to save the game that’s it you have to go to life invader wait for the current price to go below 2.5 save the game load the game and go check the life invader.


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