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  GTA 5 tips and tricks:   

Today I’m bringing you guys GTA 5 tips and tricks Online. I’ll be teaching you guys the best weapon to use in GTA 5 Online, so without any further to do let’s get straight into this.

So the best gun in GTA 5 and in GTA online is the combat MG, it’s an absolute beast mag, you can compare its stats with other weapons in GTA v with a carbine rifle and an assault rifle.

GTA 5 tips and tricks
GTA 5 tips and tricks

You’ll see that the combat MG is sky rocking for accuracy, range, damage and even for firing rate. So if you’re running low on cash online and you are looking for a solid weapon this should be your go-to weapon, on top of that you can upgrade this weapon by slapping on extended mags, grip and scope, and that is pretty much it, extended mags will give you extra magazine size.

  Gun Selection:  

Normally combat mg comes with 100 rounds magazine size and if you slap this attachment on your weapon it will double the magazine size by making it 200 rounds mag and that is absolutely crazy.

I definitely recommend you to have at least this attachment on if you’re low on cash, but if you can afford for sure get grip and scope, the grip will make sure you get your shots more on target and scope will allow you to zoom a little bit and if you’re on PS4 or on Xbox One, the scope can be really useful if you play in the first-person mode.

GTA 5 tips and tricks
GTA 5 tips and tricks


So yeah this is the setup for this gun, pretty simple right? well, guess what I’m gonna show you guys some other stuff that can help you become a beast with this weapon.

so first things first you wanna tweak your first and third-person aiming settings, get your sensitivities right, play around with it, try different settings and see what sensitivity you like the best for both first and third-person mode, also allows to have a third-person view while taking cover as the first-person mode and be sure to maximize your field of view, this will kinda zoom out your in-game view, so you will see your gun a lot more and you will have better a view in general.

And finally, you have to roll if you don’t already know how to roll well just aim and press square and move your left analogue stick in the direction where you want to roll, this is really effective because your enemy or in-game A.I. will miss their shots a lot.

Plus when you have this weapon you will take out your enemies real fast and by having the right settings and if you roll at the right time you will become really hard to kill, so definitely get this weapon and start using it for online deathmatches, survival games and even in free mode, you will see it’s a lot of fun when it is pretty rare to reload because it has Gaint magazine size plus the damage is very high as well.


  More Tips and Tricks:  

  1. Play nice for Rep rewards
  2. Buy a decent car and a garage.
  3. Purchase a high-end apartment.
  4. Save up, then buy an underground facility.
  5. Keep your eyes peeled for Weekly Events.
  6. Steal a chopper.
  7. Keep cashing in at ATMs.

  Tricks to AIM in GTA V Online:  


I recommend you to grab a weapon of your choice, personally, I would recommend you to grab the carbine rifle or maybe even an advanced rifle they are pretty good weapons, best weapons as I would say in the game & I also made a video about top 3 weapons in gta 5, so if you are interested I will link it down in the description, so yeah grab a weapon of your choice get all attachments.

GTA 5 tips and tricks
GTA 5 tips and tricks

Except for the suppressor but if you are playing a deathmatch or free for, I recommend you to slap the suppressor on your weapon otherwise you don’t really need it. You can also change your crosshairs if you feel like, it will help you with your aim. so to change you wanna press start, go to settings, then display & change your weapon target to complex.

  Aim before shooting;  

Next up always aim before shooting, so simply get cover & you wanna push your left analogue stick to the right or left it doesn’t really matter though and you can then free aim without exposing yourself, in my opinion, this is the best tip for winning gunfights, by doing this you can easily take out enemies, you can always aim their upper body and even their heads to get easy headshots.

GTA 5 tips and tricks
GTA 5 tips and tricks


Also, make sure to max out your stealth skill You can do this by walking in stealth mode in your garage just to be safe though this can help you to stay invisible on the enemies minimap & of course, use stealth when playing deathmatches.

Also when someone is shooting at you you can always roll to break their lock and then you can aim them back & get an easy kill so to roll, you have to aim first & then press square on ps3 or X if you’re on x box & of course push your left analogue stick in the direction where you wanna roll.

So these are some of my tips that can help you to win a gunfight in GTA online, and of course, you can always buy food & equip the ballistic vest, food can help you to regenerate your health in the middle of a gunfight. & the ballistic vest oh my bad it’s called the body armour.

I guess so it will give you extra health, not health but you know what I mean. so if you have your personal tips & tricks about winning gunfights in GTA online make sure to share them with me & with others in the comment section down below & also if you want to know something about GTA 5 Tips and Tricks  & GTA online.

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