Hidden places of Freefire l Secret Places in FreeFire 2020 l Hidden Places in Peak

Hidden places of Freefire
Hidden places of Freefire

  Hidden places of Freefire  

There are Different places to hide in Freefire where you can hide easily where Enemy will search but won’t get you. Today, I have listed 6 places where you can hide easily and push rank.

  1. Peak (Roof Top):  

You can see that on this roof above the big mansion, so brother, you can stay here for a long time because the maximum of the zone is Remains Over here. You can take a bonfire airdrop with you and go camping in panic for a long time, if you have a DJ Alok then brother bonfire is not needed. You can also bring a simple airdrop so that you will get loot and camping will also be done easily. Let’s talk about next, please.

Hidden places of Freefire
Hidden places of Freefire


  2. Plantation (Inside Dam):  

Plantation in the side there, you just have to go this way and go down here and you will go down from here, you do not come here very late
and very few people probably know this, otherwise my brother will ask you. No, because I have been here many times, when I wrote this 
Article, no one could show me, then you can only see me, you have to know something like this, then brother, you do not even need a 

  3. Shipyard  (Near Bridge):  


You can stay here for a very long time and keep watching brother, watch out if a fellow sees you going here or not, then if you go, brother, you work all the time. From here, you have to do something in such a way that if there is not much damage, then you can sit here for a swim.

Hidden places of Freefire
Hidden places of Freefire

  4. Bimasakti  (In Hut Roof Top):  

So, in front of the next, if you talk, you have nothing to go underwater, then you can see the way you are, and so do you sit where you are and sit in such a way that no one can see you. You can see that the water level here is very high if you had it here, then you can come here for a long time because the maximum Zone remains over here.

It will give you a lot of benefits and you can get robbed more easily while keeping it with you, here you get it very easily because there is a lot of loot falling under it if you just jump then you will get maximum 30-40 damage. Just here you can see it you can get good loot over here, in front of that you can see it, then you have to get into it.

Hidden places of Freefire
Hidden places of Freefire

  5. Peak (Near Mill Zipline):  

You can land a simple one here and you can stay here for a long time because you will not find any person here. To airdrop or bonfires so that you are very easy to land, then I will show you fiercely also, you can see.

From here you have to go to sample school, if you have a light character then you will be very easy because that too will give you a little 50 likes and the bonfire will also fill your life, then you can see here I turned on Bonfire which helps to Boost your life.

And which one you have used, which means I have got more than half of the life, then it will be made direct by landing yourself in this way, then you can see it will be decreased 30 -40 damage life you will not see much damage than this. 

  6. Sentosa  (Under Bridge):  

Whenever you go under this bridge, then make sure to check that you do not know if any man sees you than they goona kills you easily. We have to climb very slowly at the bridge, we are walking at a slow speed because if we drive fast then it continues to happen a small accident. so if you come here, then you will see enemy easily.

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