How Technology Has Changed Cricket

How Technology Has Changed Cricket


In this article, we will discuss How Technology Has Changed Cricket.


  How Technology Has Changed Cricket  

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, with over 2 billion fans worldwide, it ranks as the third most popular sport, next to basketball (2nd) and football (1st). The game especially enjoys popularity in the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia in general. Countries like Srilanka, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have a deep love for the game.

Naturally, these places also enjoy betting on cricket. As one of the top three most popular sports in the world, cricket gets a ton of coverage at the Novibet sports betting section, as well as other bookies. These websites provide an excellent service for anyone who would like to get into sports betting, as well as for long-time punters.

But, online is not the only way in which technology has impacted the game of cricket.

In this article, we’d like to look at some of the biggest developments that new tech has brought to this wonderful sport. 


Over the years, many players and fans have caused controversy regarding contact between the ball and the bat. The International Cricket Council has had to deal with quite a lot of complaints. However, thanks to the ultra-edge technology we have today, these controversies have become a thing of the past.

Though it may look complex, the principle behind the ultra-edge system is very simple. The system records specific instances during the game and eliminates the rest. In the case of cricket, it records the exact moment when the ball makes contact. Then, the referees can determine whether the ball has made contact with the bat or the batsman’s body, and make the right call. 

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI are the hot topic in pop culture right now. Thanks to generative AI services, a lot of people are learning more and more about the issue. Not only that, but plenty of businesses, organizations, and markets are starting to incorporate AI when creating their product.

But, how can AI help cricket? Well, there are plenty of ways. For one, AI can bolster the sports betting industry, by creating odds that odds makers can then check and make sure are fair. As for the game itself, AI can be used to create training regiments for certain players and point to aspects that they lack. 

Simulated Cricket League

The Simulated Reality League, or SRL Cricket is a new way for fans to enjoy their favorite game. As in most games, cricket is seasonal. However, thanks to simulated reality, fans can now enjoy the game all year round. But, what is SRL?

You see, SRL is a version of cricket based on data. Fans of cricket can input the latest data regarding players, teams, and standings into a computer. The machine then crunches the numbers and creates a simulated reality game, where the two teams compete. 

A lot of fans participate in SRL Cricket for fun. However, there are also a lot of people who like to bet on it as well. Whichever side you fall on, SRL is certainly a fun and inventive way to enjoy cricket, which wouldn’t have been possible a couple of decades ago.