How To Download Fortnite On PC in India and Other Countries too l Download Fortnite 2

  How To Download Fortnite On PC in India??  

To download FORTNITE Chapter 2. You need to simply click on Fortnite  You will be redirected to epic games and search for Fortnite where you need to click on Fortnite and click on Play on this device and choose on which device you want to start Download.


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First, you need to open Your browse then search for Fortnite. You will get the result as an Epic game. Click on the epic game then you should be on the front page what you want to do is download you hit download and you click on the one you’re playing on right now for me I’m playing on PC and then asks you to sign in so I’m gonna sign in.

So, when I’m signing in they asked for our two-factor verification and I got the verification code on my email so I’m gonna copy and paste that I just signed in to my email just see on the second tab right here. I’ll copy-paste to continue alright so I already sign in so you see my username coach ATF’s on the top right next to demo button after you here you want to download so for this purpose we’re gonna download on PC someone click on Windows and it shows up on the bottom left already.

I don’t know why i download twice but click on down the file then you open it then we go from there right here to say smart screen can be reached now smart screen hit-run, okay and it’s asking you where you want to download for me.

I’m gonna download on my terabyte so I’m gonna put it on the terabyte in the open new file and the label as a big game to see for tonight you name it whatever you want and just for me to know this is stuff.

How To Download Fortnite On PC in India
How To Download Fortnite On PC in India

I used to download for foreign aid so hit install hit yes and shit install all right I’m gonna come back once it’s done and we go from there okay so after it’s done installing it’s updating on the for that file is right since this chapter 2 season 2 it’s a huge update so it’s gonna keep in mind and right now currently it takes about three hundred sixty-three point nine megabytes for you to play this game.

So if you don’t have that you got to delete some files for you to play fortnight alright just say I got a user account control and said do you want allowed to set change to your vices, yes alright this is the step by step instruction how to download for now PC hopefully this would help I’m gonna just get into the game just show you guys that I’m actually in there.

So I’ll be back after I sign in okay so for the second time they asked for a verification code after I install it.  so I’m gonna do that again a common piece for my email then hit continue there your goal right now the game is loading. I’m in the epic games launcher and let’s make sure if one is downloaded the see alright so it didn’t actually install before at night yet it all. I did was installed the epic games launcher so once you’re in here after you sign in you’re gonna install.

I think is you go home or you go to the store right and you just type in Fortnite let’s plug this play hit enter then click on fortnight let’s say oh about one install so let’s say I already have it under downloads so just wherever you find a fortnight button there should be an install button and click on that and then they’re asking you where you want to download fortnight cuz earlier you just download the epic game launcher.

so I wanna download for a night on the epics game folder dad I just made earlier so let’s find that click on this like folder installs alright so once that is going I don’t send just to my friends.

I got no friends all right so it’s installing you can click on the download right here on the left and it shows you the percentage when it’s done alright soI want to be right back again cuz I don’t want you guys to wait too long for this videos so I’m gonna come back when this is done downloading so I’ll be back on yeah one thing I noticed when installing this so earlier.

I said it takes about 300 or something megabytes to download Fortnite that was just a hippie game larger for the actual game file, for now, itself it shows you right here it takes about thirty-seven point three gigabytes alright because it was like three hundred something making bytes plus thirty-seven point three gigabytes.

I’ll be back when it’s done downloading or engine installing so I just finished downloading for tonight so gonna load up the game just shows you get it so how’d you start the game as well this is done downloading the game so let’s go ahead and click on that hopefully the game loads up then we should be done with this Article download took us about 15 20minutes somewhere around there.

I went took a break grabs some lunch you came back and it was alright done down though so just waiting for this game to that load up and show you guys the loading screen games about to load up honestly.

I haven’t checked chapter 2 season 2 yet so check that out together audio it’s okay let’s get that nose out of you Oh interesting we’re are here I just want to see the battle path how I check that I like the animation’s final one that’s cool.


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