How to get free UC money in PUBG Mobile without Hack l Free UC in Pubg Mobile l Bonus Challenge l

   How to get free UC money in PUBG Mobile:   

Get free UC money in PUBG Mobile by just playing the game actually you can get a hundred UC. Do you know that you can actually earn free UC by just playing the game as this is a mode offered by pubg mobile call bonus challenge? It is like a normal match that you’ve played the only difference is that it offers you something called bonus points which can be exchanged by UC which you can collect these points as soon as you enter this challenge by killing other players.

And of course, serving more even winning the game you have to enter this game with a bonus Voucher that acts as an entry ticket it. One bonus Voucher costs 10UC but we want to bonus Voucher for free right Don’t worry.

how to get free uc money in pubg mobile
how to get free uc money in pubg mobile



   Free Bonus Voucher:   

I’ll tell you how we can get these tickets for free go to the events that and there you will find something called weekly report this is basically yourself of the previous week but if you scroll down to the very end of the page you find free bonus Vouchers, the number of them would depend on your season ranking so from Bronze 5 till Diamond 1 gets one ticket every week, the crown tier gets 2 tickets per week and ace or higher gets 3 tickets per week, just collect and redeem them from your in-game mail.


Now you know how to enter this challenge for free, its time for where can you enter it. You will find the trophy right next to the start button and there you find the bonus challenge, these are the available game that you can enter and you could play either Classic Solo or Squads match or even a team Deathmatch.

how to get free uc money in pubg mobile
how to get free uc money in pubg mobile



  Redeem UC money:   

 It costs one two or even 3 tickets to enter these matches and the only difference between them is the number of points towards it during these matches.

So a higher number of tickets will give you higher points for each game than the two tickets solo game. For example, gives 30 points when killing someone and 1,000 points if you win the game. So if you don’t kill anyone but win the game you get 1000 points which gives you a hundred free UC.


To exchange your points go to the redemption Store on the left and as you can see 1000 points can be changed with the hundred free UC. So, you need 6000 points for example if you want to buy the royal pass for free but how many times we can redeem UC differs from one country to another.

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