ipl 2021 teams


   IPL 2021 Teams   

Today, we will see IPL 2021 Teams and Retentions player for IPL 2021. And we are talking on 40 Player Retentions for IPL 2021 in this article. Let’s start with CSK,

  Chennai Super Kings  

Let’s talk about the team of Chennai Super Kings that you had a bad year of CSK this year but because we know that after 4 months, in the IPL, Chennai Super Kings would retain their captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni lived for around Rs 12 crores. If we talk about the other names, Rayudu, Jadeja, D Chahar and Faf du Plessis on the caste other than Dhoni remain in the retention.


Dhoni- 15 cr

Rayudu- 2.2 cr

Jadeja- 7 cr

D Chahar- 8 cr

Faf du Plessis- 1.6 cr

  Delhi Capitals  

Let’s talk about the team of Delhi Capitals, Delhi Capitals would retain Shreya Iyer, Rishab Pant, Kagiso Rabada, R Ashwin and Shikhar Dhawan. Rishab Pant will be a highest-paid player for retentions on 8cr.

There are many players to be retained in Delhi Capitals but they are focusing to more to Indian player so Pant gonna get a high chance of retention. IPL 2021 Teams will try their best to collect best from Auction where DC will try for it.

Shreya Iyer- 7 Cr

Rishab Pant- 8 Cr

Kagiso Rabada- 4.2 Cr

R Ashwin- 7.6 Cr

Shikhar Dhawan- 5.2 Cr


  Kings XI Punjab  

Let’s talk about the team of Kings XI Punjab, Kings XI Punjab will retain KL Rahul, Mandeep Singh, M Agarwal, M Shami and Chris Gayle. As we know that Anil Kumble will be there for Kings XI Punjab so he will try more to retain Indian Player which Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capital used to do.


KL Rahul- 11 Cr

Mandeep Singh- 1.4 Cr

M Agarwal- 1 Cr

M Shami- 4.8 Cr

Chris Gayle- 2 Cr


  Kolkata Knight Riders  

Let’s talk about the team of Kolkata Knight Riders, Kolkata Knight Riders will retain 5 Player but there will no be a Big Name. Let start, E Morgan, S Gill, A Russell, N Rana, V Chakravarti.

You can see there is no name of ex-captain Dinesh Kartik, Kuldeep Yadav. Kolkata Knight Riders will be releasing him and try to buy by using RTM Card. IPL 2021 Teams will try their best to collect best from Auction where KKR will try for it.


E Morgan- 2 Cr

S Gill- 1.8 Cr

A Russell- 8.5 Cr

N Rana- 3.4 Cr

V Chakravarti- 8.4 Cr

  Mumbai Indians  

Let’s talk about the team of Mumbai Indians, Mumbai Indians will retain Rohit Sharma, J Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, K Pollard, S Yadav. We surely gonna see big names in the auction from Mumbai Indians side, Q De Kock, Kunal Pandya, Trent Boult will be available in Auction.



Rohit Sharma- 15 Cr

J Bumrah- 7 Cr

Hardik Pandya- 11 Cr

K Pollard- 5.4 Cr

S Yadav- 3.2 Cr

  Rajasthan Royals  

Let’s talk about the team of  Rajasthan Royals, Rajasthan Royals will retain S Smith, B Stokes, Sanju Samson, R Tewatia, J Archer. This Auction seems good for Rajasthan Royals because they got a chance to make a strong Team.

Buttler will be in this team by use of RTM card.


S Smith- 12.5 Cr

B Stokes- 12.5 Cr

Sanju Samson- 8 Cr

R Tewatia- 3 Cr

J Archer- 7.2 Cr

  Royal Challenger Bangalore  

Let’s talk about the team of  Royal Challenger Bangalore, Royal Challenger Bangalore will retain Virat Kohli, AB Devilliers, D Padikkal, Yuzendra Chahal, W Sundar. We will see Navdeep Saini. Aaron Finch, Chris Morris on Auction. RCB will try to make new Combo players go for a win IPL 2021 TITLE. IPL 2021 Teams will try their best to collect best from Auction where RCB will try for it.


Virat Kohli- 17 Cr

AB Devilliers- 11 Cr

D Padikkal- 2 Cr

Yuzendra Chahal-6 Cr

W Sundar- 3.2 Cr

ipl 2021 teams
ipl 2021 teams

  Sunrise Hyderabad  

Let’s talk about the team of Sunrise Hyderabad, Sunrise Hyderabad will retain David Warner, Rashid Khan, B Kumar, K Williamson, T Natrajan.


David Warner- 12.5 Cr

Rashid Khan- 9 Cr

B Kumar- 8.5 Cr

K Williamson- 3 Cr

T Natrajan- 40 Lakh

IPL 2021 Teams will try their best to collect the best from the Auction where SRH will try for it.

IPL 2021 Mega Auction will be focused on by many top teams to get their best player from all around the world.

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