Jennifer Giroud | France star Olivier Giroud’s Wife | Who Is Olivier Giroud Wife?

Jennifer Giroud


In this article, we will discuss Jennifer Giroud.


  Jennifer Giroud  

Jennifer Giroud is the Wife of an Olivier Giroud. She was born on the date of September 24, 1984, and reports tell that she is from the United States.

However, her professional activities stay unrevealed due to her choice for holding an admiringly personal and low-key lifestyle. She is a housewife and not huge details and facts about her are shared with the public.



  Jennifer Giroud Age  

According to her date of birth, she is 39 years old.



  Jennifer Giroud Height and Weight  

Jennifer Giroud’s weight and height are believed, she weighs about 75kg and her height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.651 meters).




  Who Is Olivier Giroud Wife?  

Olivier Giroud is a French professional footballer famous for his expertise as a striker. Olivier was born on September 30, 1986, he has made a victorious profession in different greatest European leagues.

He started his professional trip at Grenoble before proceeding to Tours and later Montpellier, where he played an essential role in assisting the team to ensure the Ligue 1 title in 2012. His outstanding play made him shift to Arsenal, where he evolved as an essential player and won different domestic honors.

With his tall height, aerial capacity, and clinical finishing, he has also been an essential element of the French national team, portraying them in numerous  UEFA European Championships and FIFA World Cup.

In 2018, he played a crucial part in France’s World Cup victory.



  Jennifer Giroud Ethnicity, Religion, and Nationality  

Jennifer’s Ethnicity is of white background. She is a Native American. She adores Jesus and is a follower of Christianity. Her nationality is American.



  Jennifer Giroud Instagram  

She doesn’t own an Instagram account at this point.



  Public Appearances of Jennifer Giroud  

Jennifer Giroud favors having a low-key profile. However, evading the sights of the paparazzi is especially challenging. Like numerous other wives of well-known personalities, Jennifer too, has been captured on camera at different events.

She has seen many moments at the renowned ‘Chiltern Firehouse’ restaurant located in London. In October 2017, Jennifer and Olivier were caught at ‘The Best FIFA Football Awards.’

Jennifer and her husband were once again spotted together in November 2017, when they walked down the red carpet at the ‘Global Gift Gala’ in London. During this event, Jennifer was seen wearing a glittering silver wrap dress with a pair of patent black heels. Her beautiful dress was accessorized with a black ‘Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag.

The couple was also caught having the ‘Global Gift Gala’ occasion back in 2016. Jennifer has also been seen supporting her husband at numerous events.

During the 2016 ‘UEFA European Championship,’ Jennifer and her daughter were caught supporting Olivier and his team. In 2018, Jennifer and Olivier were caught relaxing on their holiday at a beach in Spain.



  How did Olivier Giroud and Jennifer Giroud meet?  

It isn’t comprehended in the public domain how the both of them met, but they got wedded in 2011.

Many news imagined that the couple had been dating for a long time before determining to tie the knot in 2011.

Their love and support for each other is huge, as an outcome, they have been wedded for more than 11 years.



  Do Olivier Giroud and Jennifer Giroud have any children?  

The French football celebrity Olivier Giroud and Jennifer Giroud own about four Children. In 2013, they greeted their first child named as Jade, and then in 2016, they greeted a son called Evan. Subsequently, in 2018 and 2020, they greeted another boy and a girl, named as Aaron, and Aria respectively.


Jennifer Giroud

Jennifer Giroud


Jennifer Giroud

Jennifer Giroud

Jennifer Giroud

Jennifer Giroud






a. Who Is Olivier Giroud Wife?

Jennifer Giroud is the wife of Olivier Giroud.


b. Who is Jennifer Giroud’s husband?

Jennifer Giroud’s husband is French Football star Olivier Giroud.


c. When did Jennifer marry Olivier?

Jennifer and Olivier got married in 2011.


d. Does Jennifer and Olivier have any Children?

Altogether, Jennifer and Olivier own 4 children.


e. What does Jennifer do professionally?

It isn’t understood, but at this point, she is a housewife.




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