IPL 2021 Points Table

  Latest IPL Schedule for 2021  

The latest IPL Schedule for 2021 has been officially released by BCCI.

Latest IPL Schedule for
Latest IPL Schedule for


April 9MI vs RCB7:30 pmChennai
April 10CSK vs DC7:30 pmMumbai
April 11SRH vs KKR7:30 pmChennai
April 12RR vs PK7:30 pmMumbai
April 13KKR vs MI7:30 pmChennai
April 14SRH vs RCB7:30 pmChennai
April 15RR vs DC7:30 pmMumbai
April 16PK vs CSK7:30 pmMumbai
April 17MI vs SRH7:30 pmChennai
April 18RCB vs KKR3:30 pmChennai
April 18DC vs PK7:30 pmMumbai
April 19CSK vs RR7:30 pmMumbai
April 20DC vs MI7:30 pmChennai
April 21PK vs SRH3:30 pmChennai
April 21KKR vs CSK7:30 pmMumbai
April 22RCB vs RRK7:30 pmMumbai
April 23PK vs MI7:30 pmChennai
April 24RR vs KKR7:30 pmMumbai
April 25CSK vs RCB3:30 pmMumbai
April 25SRH vs DC7:30 pmChennai
April 26PK vs KKR7:30 pmAhmedabad
April 27DC vs RCB7:30 pmAhmedabad
April 28CSK vs SRH7:30 pmDelhi
April 29MI vs RR3:30 pmDelhi
April 29DC vs KKR7:30 pmAhmedabad
April 30PK vs RCB7:30 pmAhmedabad
May 1MI vs CSK7:30 pmDelhi
May 2RR vs SRH3:30 pmDelhi
May 2PK vs DC7:30 pmAhmedabad
May 3KKR vs RCB7:30 pmAhmedabad
May 4SRH vs MI7:30 pmDelhi
May 5RR vs CSK7:30 pmDelhi
May 6RCB vs PK7:30 pmAhmedabad
May 7SRH vs CSK7:30 pmDelhi
May 8KKR vs DC3:30 pmAhmedabad
May 8RR vs MI7:30 pmDelhi
May 9CSK vs PK3:30 pmBengaluru
May 9RCB vs SRH7:30 pmKolkata
May 10MI vs KKR7:30 pmBengaluru
May 11DC vs RR7:30 pmKolkata
May 12CSK vs KKR7:30 pmBengaluru
May 13MI vs PK3:30 pmBengaluru
May 13SRH vs RR7:30 pmKolkata
May 14RCB vs DC7:30 pmKolkata
May 15KKR vs PK7:30 pmBengaluru
May 16RR vs RCB3:30 pmKolkata
May 16CSK vs MI7:30 pmBengaluru
May 17DC vs SRH7:30 pmKolkata
May 18KKR vs RR7:30 pmBengaluru
May 19SRH vs PK7:30 pmBengaluru
May 20RCB vs MI7:30 pmKolkata
May 21KKR vs SRH3:30 pmBengaluru
May 21DC vs CSK7:30 pmKolkata
May 22PK vs RR7:30 pmBengaluru
May 23MI vs DC3:30 pmKolkata
May 23RCB vs CSK7:30 pmKolkata
May 25Qualifier 17:30 pmAhmedabad
May 26Eliminator7:30 pmAhmedabad
May 28Qualifier 27:30 pmAhmedabad
May 30Final7:30 pmAhmedabad

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