League Rank Distribution l Matchmaking Rank

  League Rank Distribution  

Single players who decide to jump into ranked play in League of Legends have to understand the ranking system that is utilized in the game to fully know and understand where they’re at on a difficult level. How much percent of the player base resides in every tier and in what order do you climb the ranks to target the top of the top, namely Challenger?

League rank distribution contains nine tiers and altogether four divisions within each. If any player climbs level 30 in League of Legends and owns 16 champs or more, they are able to play ranked placement games. After the first 10-game Provisional Series, a player is kept into a tier and division, likely the Bronze or Silver-tier, although it’s possible to gain a Gold rank varying on the number of games you’ve won so far.


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League Rank Distribution
League Rank Distribution

Ok, let’s first take a look at all the ranks out there. Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the ones where the biggest portion of the player base will reside, with the biggest percentage of players finding themselves in Silver. Iron is the lowest rank, featuring most newer players. Going up there’s Platinum and Diamond, which combine for just over 10% of all players. Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger are where the best of the best reside, literally the 0.1%.

  • Iron – 7.1% of players

  • Bronze – 22% of players

  • Silver – 35% of players

  • Gold – 23% of players

  • Platinum – 7.9% of players

  • Diamond – 2.5% of players

  • Master – 0.032% of players

  • Grandmaster – 0.040% of players

  • Challenger – 0.017% of players

Looking at the percentages above, chances are you find yourself somewhere in between the Iron to the Gold range. Only a select few players break out of those tiers to push on to Platinum, where ranking up gets progressively more and more difficult. Be ready to commit to the grind if you want to aim higher.


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League Rank Distribution
League Rank Distribution





  Matchmaking Rank  

Matchmaking Rank (MMR) is a number Riot assigns to each player based on their skill level that determines how much LP that player gains or loses in each game. The higher a player’s MMR, the more league points they stand to win in a victory game and the less they are likely to lose in a defeat.

However, a player’s MMR is also determined by a winning or losing streak, the average MMR of their team, and the MMR of the enemy. If a player’s MMR is above average for their team, they will earn more LP in a win.






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