Lies of P Weapon Tier List | With Detail Explaination

Lies of P Weapon Tier List

  Lies of P Weapon Tier List  

Lies of P provides a combination of weapon types, each catering to various playstyles. Technique weapons prioritize speed and agility, making them perfect for players who choose fast-paced combat. While they may not seal the same punch as heavier weapons, their fast attacks and aggressive possibility more than compensate.

This directory highlights some of the most suitable Technique weapons in Lies of P, along with their special strengths and acquisition methods.

Remember, weapon effectiveness can vary depending on your build and playstyle, so consider this a starting point for your Technique journey.

Starter Standouts:

Wintry Rapier: This dedicated rapier boasts sharp stabs and effective Fable Arts, creating it a solid option for newbies and veterans alike. Despite being a starting weapon, it can take you through the whole campaign with useful upgrades.

Gap Closers:

Booster Glaive: This rocket-powered glaive gifts base attack speed for devastating gap-closing capabilities. It’s assessed heavy attacks and Blade Fable Art propels you toward enemies, delivering powerful blows. It’s gradually slow but strategically valuable, particularly with its Technique scaling potential.

Elegant Speed:

Dancer’s Curved Sword: Channel your inner dancer with this elegant weapon. Its swift attacks and high DPS excel at staggering enemies and manipulating recovery times.

Critical Hit King:

Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger: This hidden dagger packs a punch with its high base critical rate (30%) and Grind Fable Art (further increases crit chance). While its range is determined, think about pairing it with the City Long Spear Handle to maintain Technique scaling without offering its stab-focused moveset.

Long-Range Reaper:

Puppet Ripper: This scythe boasts the longest reach of any two-handed melee weapon. Its individual charged heavy attack sends the blade flying around you, shooting distant enemies and actually bypassing barriers.

Ultimate Technique Master:

Two Dragons Sword: This late-game powerhouse boasts the highest Technique scaling in the game, providing devastating damage potential. Its counter-focused moveset, like a parry-and-riposte heavy attack and forward-dodging Blade Fable Art, creates it a master of abusive power and tactical defense.

Bonus: NG+ Powerhouse:

Proof of Humanity: This final boss reward is a flashy and strong weapon. Its quick slashes and built-in critical strike chance (like the Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger) make it a devastating tool for seasoned players attacking New Game+ and beyond.

  Lies of P Weapon Tier List in Table  

STwo Dragons SwordHighest Technique scaling, counter-heavy moveset, devastating flourish attackRequires late-game progression, less forgiving due to reliance on parries
Defeating Geppetto (final boss)
AProof of HumanityFast heavy attacks, base critical strike chance, flashy and powerfulObtained after completing NG+, not suitable for the first playthrough
Dropped by Geppetto (final boss)
APuppet RipperLongest reach can hit through obstacles, uniquely charged attackLimited close-range options, slow base attack speed
Venigni Works, chest in Puppet of the Future’s pit
BWintry RapierReliable starter weapon, fast stabs, effective Fable ArtsWeak against groups, requires constant upgrades for late-game viability
Train (starting area)
BDancer’s Curved SwordElegant and fast moveset, high DPS potentialStruggles against larger enemies, limited range
Rosa Isabelle Street, chest near the open-air theatre
B+Booster GlaivePowerful gap closers, charged attacks Blade Fable Art, unique playstyleSlow base attack speed, requires a strategic approach
Venigni Works, chest in the Factory District
CTyrant Murderer’s DaggerHigh critical hit rate, good for close-quarters combatShort range, limited utility beyond critical hits
Purchased from Pulcinella

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