Live Match l गौतमबुद्ध रंगशाला निर्माणको लागि च्यारिटी खेल आयोजना हुने l प्रत्यक्ष हेर्न यो लेख क्लिक गर्नुहोस्

  Live Match  


A charity game ‘Star Cricket 2021’ is to be organized in Chitwan to support the construction of Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium. The match between the players and artists of the national team is being organized by Grishma Broadcasting. The responsibility of which has been taken by Dhurmussuntali Foundation and Bharatpur Municipal Corporation.

Live Match
Live Match

The match is scheduled to be played on January 8 to help build an international cricket stadium. Star players including Paras Khadka will be in the national cricketer’s team. Players including Sandeep Chhetri, Naresh Poudel, Ram Krishna Dhakal and Pramod Kharel will play for the team. The foundation stone of the cricket stadium, which is expected to be completed in three years, is almost complete.

The Dhurmus Suntali Foundation has made a plan to complete the stadium in the next 18 months.


This match will be officially published by Himalayan Television. You will be able to watch Live Match on Himalayan Television.  You can watch:

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