How to livestream on YouTube from PC l OBS Studio

  How to Livestream on YouTube from PC  

How to Livestream on YouTube from your computer Such as those who are very big gamers. When they live, Lots of windows are seen while going live. A side chat box is coming up. On the other side, their live photo is visible. That is, their webcam is visible. Video is also playing simultaneously.

And in the background, the game is also being played. All these things are visible to us there. As well as Some alerts also show us there. So how do we do all this? And this is how we can live.

In this article, I am going to share this.

1. So first of all You have to log in to your YouTube channel.

2. And then we have to go to YouTube Studio. As soon as you open youtube studio, So in this way, a page will open here. Here you see some options on the left side. One of these options is live streaming.

3. Click on the live streaming arrow. Then you will see 3 options below. As soon as you click on live streaming. So here you Will see 3 options. Stream now Events Live control room.

4. First of all, we have to click on Stream Now. Then you will see Some detail will start to appear in this way here. When you look on the right side you will see here.

5. Setup Encoding software You have to click this arrow. And here you will see below, all your details are visible here. So here you have to click on the guide to encoding. As soon as you click on Guide to encoding. So a page will open here.

And here you have to go to the bottom by scrolling down. Then you can see it here? Here are the software Encoders There are a lot of software Encoders here. But we will use the OBS. This is open broadcaster software.


  Download OBS Studio  

We will reach the Obs Studio website. As you can see, that is obs If your pc is windows, So you have to install Windows. If I have made it, I will do it, if I have Linux, I will do Linux. My operating system is Windows so I will click on Windows. As soon as we click on Windows. So here This file will start downloading.

livestream on YouTube from PC
livestream on YouTube from PC

Obs Studio ObS Studio Exe file is downloading here The file size is about 71.5 MB. It will be downloaded very soon. So you can see this file is now downloaded. Now here we are Have to click on the open A message will appear here, in this message we will click on Yes. and After that, you will see Welcome to ObS Studio setup.

Now we have to click on Next. The license agreement will be seen after this now click on I agree And then you have to click on next. Now the install button will be visible. Now Click on Install Then this software will be installed on your computer. Now you can see this software has been installed. Now we have to click on Finish.

When we click on finish Then OBS Studio will be launched in a few seconds. So now OBS Studio has opened. The first time you use it, it will look like this to you Black color black screen will appear here. The scene will appear in the right corner below. The source is visible here and Mixer Audio Mixer is visible here.

And here you can see other controls Start Streaming Start Recording Stop Streaming. Studio Mode Settings and Exits First we will click on Settings.



So you click on Settings. As soon as you click on settings. Then you will see a lot of options here. We don’t have to tamper much here. First, you have to click on the stream. And the service is visible here Twitch is shown here. But we have to live on YouTube so we will select YouTube.  After that, the settings of the server have to be kept as is.

And here is the option is given below the stream key. So here we have to insert the stream key So now let me tell you where we will get the stream key For this we have to go back to our YouTube channel. Where we clicked live. So back we go to our channel. You can see as you come back here.

So here we have to go down while scrolling down. So the encoder setup is seen here. Here Server URL and below is the Stream Name/key The stream name and stream key are given. So we have to copy and paste this stream key into OBS Studio. The stream key is very sensitive.

livestream on YouTube from PC
livestream on YouTube from PC

For security reasons, it is hidden. For security reasons, it is hidden. And you also have to keep it hidden So now if we want to copy it, it won’t be copied First we have to click on the reveal button Clicking the reveal button will allow the stream to appear Now we have to copy this stream key. So I have copied the stream key and now we will go back to our OBS studio And paste the stream key here. After pasting the screen key, click on Apply Now click on the ok button.

So now we have this setting Now let me tell you, how can we live from OBS studio on Youtube. In OBS Studio we get lots of options We can add any video to it Can add music Can add webcams, can add window capture, can add display captures And here you can also add any of your text If you want to add your computer screen, you can do that too. Can also add game capture Apart from this, we can also add a chat box alert box here.

So, first of all, let me give you a little idea Here we see an option of a scene, here we have to create a scene To add a scene, we will click on the plus button Here we have to write any name. So here I am creating a countdown scene so that when we start the live stream, our countdown is visible at the starting. Our countdown clock will start at the start so that our viewers will know that our live streaming is about to begin. First, let’s create a countdown scene Click ok.

So here you can see a scene called Countdown has been created So here is a source option, inside this we will create a sub-scene Do we have to click on the plus button. Here we are going to set a video in the background Which is a video of a timer clock For that, click on the media source Now here we give it a name too We write the timer Here you can write anything.

Then click on ok Now we have to click on the browse button Now select your video file from here I have downloaded a video, I select the same This is a video of a countdown timer Will click on open There is a loop option here, we have to tick it Now our video will play continuously. It will do not stop even after the video is over and will start playing again Now click on ok you can see the video started appearing here. So now we can make its size smaller or bigger. You can keep it as you go. Because we have to play in such a background, then we put it on the full screen This is how our countdown will look.

Now we will add a piece of music If you don’t want desktop audio, then you mute desktop audio At the bottom, the audio you are watching is this countdown timer is the audio of the video. You want to mute it, you can mute it. We mute it because we don’t want the music to be heard by us. We want to add separate music here, for this we have to click on the button of plus. And now click on media source And give it a name too. Now click on browse And from here we will select our music file will be to click on open and tick on loop Click ok.

livestream on YouTube from PC
livestream on YouTube from PC

Now our music has also been added The audio bar of the music is visible in the audio mixer. If you want to increase or decrease the volume of this music, you can do it from here, you can also mute it if you want it. Now we will add a text There is an option coming here to add text, we will click on the text above it. And give it a name too Here I write live start soon From here you can change the text fonts Bold italic or you can also change the font’s size of the text From here you can select different types of fonts. You can also change the color of the text.

Now click on ok So our text has started appearing here Above the screen we can adjust it according to our requirement Now let’s also add an image here Click on the plus button The option of the image is shown here, it has to be clicked on.

Click on the browse button And now select one of our images Now click on ok Our image started appearing here We can also change the size of the image and we can adjust it above the screen wherever we want. If we want to add our videos here, you can also add many videos here. There are a lot of options here, you can add a lot of things to it. I have told you as an example In this way you can add any source Now here we also add our microphone To add a microphone, we have to select the audio input capture option.

Let’s name it here mic Now click on ok Now from here we will select our microphone Whatever your mic is, select it from here Now click on ok Our mic is added, you can see it here in the audio mixer, the audio bar of the mic is visible. If you want to reduce or increase the volume of the mic, you can do it from here, in addition, if you want to mute the mic, you can do it from here too.

We can do all the audio settings in the audio mixer. Our mic has been added and now if we want we can add our Webcam here too Here we have to select video capture device Click on video capture device Now click on ok Our webcam started appearing here Here you can do your webcam settings Click, ok The webcam is visible here, we can also adjust its size. We can also set it in any part of the screen.

If we have to turn any source off or on, then you are looking for it, there is an eye button coming on it, you have to click on it. The eye button is visible in front of each source, by clicking on it, you can make the source visible or hidden. You can do the source you want to hide from here You can add many more sources here.

If you want to show your computer screen on your Livestream, then you can also add it here, for that you have to select the option of Display Capture. As soon as you click on Display Capture, whatever is visible on your computer’s display will also appear in your live streaming. In the same way, you can add a game here as well, here we have to select the game capture Similarly, we can also add an image slideshow here We can also add window capture here Lots of options are available here. So our first scene is created.

Now let me show you another scene by creating Click the plus button And name it “welcome” So now if you want that after your countdown you want to play any of your intro videos, then you add your intro video here Let me write here welcome So our second scene was created in the name of Welcome Now we will create Sub scenes as we did before. Similarly, you can add anything here I add a video for the background here Will click on the browse And select a video from here.

After that, we will put a checkmark next to Loop Click ok And we also adjust its size This video will play in our background So here we have to click on add audio input capture to add the mic, after that, we will click on “Add Existing” and select the mic here which we have already added.

Click OK Our mic is also added here Select an image if you want to add an image You can also select a previously added image here and if you want, you can also add a new image. Here we add a new image so that you see a little bit of difference as well. This image has started appearing here Now click on ok You can also adjust the image You can make its size smaller or bigger.

I adjust it to this side Then add a text Click on the text to add text. And now type your text Let me write here welcome Dosto And from here you can change your text fonts as I have told you earlier. Click ok We can also set this according to our need You can write anything here Similarly, I also add another text here Here I write Live I wrote it live then click on ok Also adjust it at the top of the screen So now our settings are complete.

So when we will be streaming live, we will first show our countdown scene, then click on the countdown scene for it. So, as long as you want, you can show the countdown scene and when you feel that your subscribers have come in live, then change the scene.

Now if you have to click on the welcome scene, now your screen will change. Now you start speaking on the mic, your live streaming has started, you can talk to your subscriber So like I show you by creating two scenes here, in the same way, you can create as many scenes as you want. You can customize it according to what you like.

If you want to download videos or images, then you can go to the website pixabay and download it from there. You can download copyright-free images and videos from the Pixabay website. And if you go to put your video or your image, then you can also add it here.

Now our OBS studio settings are almost done Now we go back to our youtube channel We have opened a youtube studio Here below the live streaming, we see three options: First is the Stream Now, second is events and third is live Control Room.

Click on the live control room So this opened our live control room There is a stream option here, we have to click on it Nowhere give you the title of your live stream You can write the title of your live stream here I gave the title here let’s talk And from here you can set the visibility of your live stream, there are three options here, the first is public, the second is un-listed and the third is private.

You can choose any of these options So I select here public And here you can write the description Select your category from here. You can do whatever category you want to select from here But if you want to schedule your live stream, you can do it from here.

Here is an option to upload custom thumbnails Click on it if you have created a thumbnail, then you can select it from here and you can put thumbnail your live streaming. Our thumbnail is added here Now select No It’s Not Made for Kids From here we can set the age restriction.

Now we have to click on create stream As you click on Create Stream, after a few seconds you will see this kind of screen. As we had previously pasted our stream key in our OBS studio. We have to copy this stream Key And now back to open OBS Studio Click settings Will click on the Stream And paste the stream key here Now Click On OK Now click on Start Streaming Now our live streaming will start Let me click on Start Streaming and select my first scene countdown.

Let’s go back to your youtube live control room. Now click on Done Now in a few seconds you will be able to see the screen of OBS Studio here OBS studio screen will be visible on your YouTube Live control room Here you can see an option of blue color is seen “Go Live: Click go live You will see the screen of OBS Studio in the preview here And your chat is visible on this site From here you can read and reply to chat messages.

OBS preview has started appearing here Now our live streaming has started, you see that the Go Live button that we had is now changed in the end stream. So now we are live on youtube And now if we want to change our scene, we will go to our OBS studio and select our welcome scene there So now the scene will be changed here too, it takes some time here, as per your internet speed, it takes a bit of time here.

So now you can see our scene has been changed here So in this way you can stream live on YouTube very easily from OBS studio. I have told you the basic settings of OBS Studio. Now you will be able to live stream very easily.


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