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MELO IMAI Biography

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Melo Imai was born on 26 October 1987 in Suminoe-ku, Osaka. She is a Japanese TV celebrity and half-pipe snowboarder her first name is Narita.

Imai’s dad is snowboarding coach Takashi Narita, and she owns two brothers: retired snowboarder Dome Narita and trampoliner Grim Narita.

She quit snowboarding after the 2006 Winter Olympics and evolved as a television broadcaster, then a nude model emerging in many gravure DVDs.

MELO IMAI Biography

In 2017 she maintained a short profession as an adult film actress and in 2018 declared a comeback to snowboarding.

The exact year she succeeded the All-Japan Snowboarding Championships.

Melo Imai
Date of birthOctober 26, 1987
Place of birthTokyo, Japan
TV personality, half-pipe snowboarder
5′ 1″

  Early Life  

From the years of 7, Imai’s dad, snowboarding coach Takashi Narita, coached her and her brother Dome in snowboarding.

They got coached up to 18 hours a day, and when they completed high school, he had them do without post-secondary education to aim at snowboarding.

She has said that she is jealous of others her age for being capable of leading normal lives, and at one point tried to kill her life by cutting her wrists.

MELO IMAI Biography

  Early Snowboarding Career  

She expert in the half-pipe. She took part in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, but arrived last after hardly injuring herself. Upon her come back to Japan, she sorrows public shame, with commenters shouting at her as “a waste of tax money” and “a national shame”.

She later commented, “For numerous athletes, the Olympics are the height of their career, but for me, it was a hell.” She suffered from depression and quit the sport.

  AV Career  

After quitting the sport, she sustained herself over the years by laboring in bars and soon evolved as a hostess and then an escort, performing three days at a sex parlor.

She shifted to emerging in television shows as a parent and as a nude model in adult content publications.

Between 2014 and 2016 she was seen in over a dozen nude gravure DVDs, a genre of softcore pornography, all of the content being made by the company Kingdom.

In 2017 she got her hardcore adult video début in Snow Drop and Snow Out. Both movies were cast by Muteki, an AV company looking to make adult films for first time of gravure models and minor stars.

MELO IMAI Biography

Upon being questioned why she didn’t keep a longer career in AV, she said that she was more curious about a comeback to snowboarding and “didn’t like to exaggerate it in AV”.

  Return to Snowboarding  

She came back to snowboarding in 2017 and succeeded in gold at the All-Japan Snowboarding Championships in 2018.

  Personal Life  

She has a son and daughter, whom she has grown as a single mother.

She has said that she is not guilty of her past in adult content, as she did it freely out of the necessity for money, and believes herself to have been a good mother who did everything to give a good life to her children.

MELO IMAI Biography


Melo Imai was born on 26 October 1987 in Suminoe-ku, Osaka. She is 35 years old.

  MELO IMAI Records  

Here are the records made by her as follows:

2004 All-Japan Ski Championship Tournament Snowboard CompetitionMarch 20, 20041st
FIS Snowboarding World Cup eventJanuary 22, 20052nd

  MELO IMAI Achievements  

Here is the list of achievements she got in her career as follows:

Won the All-Japan Ski Championship Tournament Snowboard Competition2004
Won an FIS Snowboarding World Cup event2005
Represented Japan at the 2006 Winter Olympics2006
Won the halfpipe at the 35th All-Japan Snowboarding Championships2017
Appeared on several Japanese TV shows2010-present
Appeared in several magazines and commercials2010-present


How old is Melo Imai?

She was born on October 26, 1987. She is 35 years old.

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