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Today we have listed different Minecraft Servers. You can join can Enjoy Minecraft now with a better server. Minecraft servers are listed below,


  Extreme Craft  


IP: play.extremecraft.net  

let’s just kick off the list with one of the craziest servers in existence extreme craft this server isn’t content just being one thing instead it has survival mode, egg wars, battle royale mode skyward, and did we mention an RPG.

Minecraft Servers
Minecraft Servers

The only reason this isn’t higher on the list is how daunting it can all be but make no mistake this is still one of the largest most impressive Minecraft servers.


  Minecraft Middle Earth  


IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com  

And they call it a mine or Minecraft more accurately middle earth is one of the most beloved worlds in fiction.

so it’s only appropriate it was recreated on the Minecraft middle-earth server this offers players the chance to relax with their favorite hobbits share some pipeweed with wizards and battle on the peaks of Mordor middle earth and Minecraft are the Frodo and Sam of pop culture.


  Pixelmon Craft  

IP: play.pixelmoncraft.com  

As if Minecraft wasn’t addictive enough throw in gotta catch all Pokemon gameplay.

And you get a server you can get lost in for a while this is the best pokemon inspired Minecraft server around while pokemon fans have been clamoring for a Pokemon MMO Pixelmon Craft can help scratch that itch Pixelmon Craft is actually spread over two servers to create the Kanto and Johto regions this server is for all the Minecraft players looking to be the very best like no one ever was.


  Mining Dead  

 IP: miningdead.com 

This survival server is of course based on the walking dead this server captures the feel of the comic book and tv show as you fight off walkers and other players in popular walking dead locations like Woodbury and Alexandria.

if you can’t get enough walking dead and need to channel your inner Daryl Dixon while crafting and looting the mining dead is the apocalyptic server of your dreams.



IP: play.Minewind.com  

For the most part, Minecraft is a wholesome game that allows players to create however for those of you with a dark side you may want to visit mine wind an anarchy server.

where the only rule is don’t cheat here you can destroy backstab and kill with no repercussions the mob rules in mine wind this is not a server for the faint of heart or for those looking to relax during their Minecraft session


  Pirate Craft  

IP: mc.piratemc.com

This server is all about the booty and by booty we mean treasure the creators of the pirate craft were actually able to create ships that you can control in player-versus-player matches.

And manage to make it fun this was no small feat for a game that doesn’t even feature boats in the base game after spending some time on the server you’ll be plundering rival pirate ships and making them walk the plank to visit old Davey Jones’s locker.


  Westeros Craft  

IP: head over to WesterosCraft.com

To use their launcher game of thrones was one of the biggest TV shows ever so it makes sense that fans faithfully created a Minecraft version of it players can visit king’s landing the wall and everything in between.

This is one of the best and loving creations of Westeros that will leave you speechless at the immaculate detail put into this world just watch out for those white walkers.


  Grand theft minecart  

IP: mc-gtm.net

Perhaps GTA is too gruesome for you or maybe you have kids who aren’t old enough to play GTA the creators of grand theft mine cart have you covered mashing up two of video games biggest franchises is a crowd-pleaser offering a wholesome take on the GTA universe earning it number three on our list.



IP: mc.hypixel.net  

If you love minigames and are just looking for some quick easy fun with your friends hypixel is the server for you.

That started off as a youtube channel to show off the creator’s map-making abilities transformed into one of the largest and most popular Minecraft servers survivor-based mini-games like vampire z, carte racing games, and the popular skyblock there is more than enough variety and tournaments to keep you entertained.



IP: us.mineplex.com  

Mineplex has considered the best server among players it’s insanely large and polished with thousands of players attending it at any given time.

There’s no shortage of things to do mineplex suffers from painting first-person shooter games and Minecraft versions of super smash brothers and Mario Kart and that’s just the tip of the iceberg the moderators on this server are very dedicated and helpful which makes Mineplex.

There you have our list of some of the best Minecraft servers what do you think of the list what are some of your favorite Minecraft servers that we missed let us know in the comment section below.




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