Mixed Wrestling | Types, Rules, Videos, Technique, Competitions & FAQ of Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling

In this article, we will discuss Mixed Wrestling.

  What is Mixed Wrestling  

Mixed wrestling is a kind of wrestling where a male and a female contest against each other. It can be challenged in a variety of techniques, like freestyle, Greco-Roman, and submission wrestling.

It is usually witnessed as a more difficult and thrilling form of wrestling, as the various strengths and weaknesses of men and women can guide to unexpected results.

There are many motives why people want to watch mixed wrestling. Some people are just interested in watching how a male and a female would manage against each other in a physical contest.

Others are drawn to the concept of a woman being able to beat a man, as it questions traditional gender roles.

Nevertheless, others appreciate the sexual element that is usually present in mixed wrestling games.

Some people claim that it is unjust for a man to contest against a woman, as males are inherently stronger and more muscular.

Others think that mixed wrestling is exploitative of females, as it usually shows them as being helpless victims.

Despite the debate, mixed wrestling holds a famous platform for entertainment. There are a number of professional mixed wrestling organizations around the globe, and various unskillful wrestlers even compete in mixed games.

If you are watching for an unusual and exciting form of wrestling, then mixed wrestling is absolutely worth checking out.

Mixed Wrestling

  Types of Mixed Wrestling  

Here are a few of the various types of mixed wrestling as follows:


This is the considerably common sort of mixed-wrestling. It is a no-holds-barred contest where anything goes.


This sort of mixed wrestling denies grabs that concern the legs.

Submission wrestling

This type of mixed wrestling aims at submitting the competitor by giving chokes or joint locks.

Catch wrestling

This is a catch-all term for any sort of mixed-wrestling that is not particularly freestyle, Greco-Roman, or submission wrestling.

This can be a physically challenging and risky sport. It is necessary to ensure that you are adequately prepared and trained before partaking in a mixed-wrestling match. You should even ensure that you have a secure and undisturbed environment in which to contest.

  Mixed Wrestling Videos  

  Mixed Wrestling Rules  

The rules of mixed wrestling change depending on the organization or occasion, but there are a few general rules that are typically adopted as follows:

The wrestlers must be of similar weight class

This is to make sure that the match is acceptable and that neither wrestler is at a considerable disadvantage.

The wrestlers must wear appropriate clothing

This mostly signifies a wrestling singlet or other form-fitting clothing that does not limit movement.

The wrestlers are not allowed to strike each other with their hands or feet. This is to prevent serious injury.

The wrestlers are not allowed to grab each other below the belt

This is to save the groin region.

The wrestlers are not allowed to use illegal holds or techniques

This contains holds that could induce severe damage or that are supposed to be unjust.

The match is won by pinfall, submission, or technical superiority

A pinfall happens when one wrestler carries the other wrestler’s shoulders to the mat for a three-count. Submission happens when one wrestler makes the other wrestler tap out or give up.

Technical superiority emerges when one wrestler has a considerable benefit over the other wrestler and the referee ends the match.

Mixed Wrestling

  Mixed Wrestling Competitions  

Here are a few of the most famous mixed wrestling competitions:

Battleground Grappling

T his is a professional wrestling promotion that includes mixed wrestling matches.


This is an all-female wrestling promotion that even contains mixed wrestling matches.

Intergender Wrestling Federation

This is a federation that encourages mixed wrestling tournaments around the globe.

Mixed Wrestling Madness

This is a mixed wrestling occasion that is maintained yearly in the USA.

Ultimate Surrender

This is a mixed-wrestling promotion that contains submission grappling matches.

These are simply occasional of the various mixed wrestling matches that are organized around the globe. The rage of mixed-wrestling has been expanding in recent years, and there are currently additional matches unrestricted than ever before.

If you are curious about overseeing mixed wrestling matches, there are a few methods to do so. You can usually discover them on live-streaming websites or on pay-per-view. You can also see videos of mixed-wrestling matches on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. If you are curious about partaking in a mixed wrestling contest, there are a few items you can accomplish.

First, you can discover a local mixed-wrestling organization and get them to ask about upcoming contests. You can even discover mixed wrestling competitions online and sign up for contests.

Mixed wrestling can be a physically and mentally challenging sport, so it is necessary to be trained before experiencing it. You should be in sound physical condition and have a fundamental knowledge of wrestling styles. You should also be mindful of the dangers concerned in mixed wrestling, such as the chance of injury.


a. Will tile mixed-wrestling?

No, Tile will not be fit for mixed wrestling competitions. Tile is a tough and slippery surface, which can make it risky for wrestlers to contest on.

Wrestlers can effortlessly slip and fall on tile, which can guide to wounds. Also, the harsh boundaries of the tiles can hurt wrestlers.

For mixed wrestling, it is most useful to employ a soft and non-slip surface, such as a wrestling mat. Wrestling mats are developed to deliver a safe and comfortable surface for wrestlers to contest on. They are even padded to assist in protecting wrestlers from damages.

b. Can you mix jiu-jitsu into wrestling?

Yes, you can combine jiu-jitsu with wrestling. Jiu-jitsu is a grappling martial art that aims at ground fighting and submission.

Wrestling is a stand-up martial art that aims at takedowns, throws, and pins. By mixing jiu-jitsu into wrestling, you can understand how to handle your challengers down to the ground and then handle them from there.

c. Can you stream wrestling events on Mixer?

No, you cannot broadcast wrestling occasions on Mixer anymore. Mixer, a Microsoft-owned live-streaming platform, closed down on the date of July 22, 2020.

The venue was developed by Microsoft in 2016 for $1 billion, but it was unfit to compete with other live-streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

If you are examining to broadcast wrestling occasions, you can accomplish so on a number of other media, like:

Twitch: Twitch is a considerably famous live streaming medium for gamers, but it even organizes a variety of other content, like wrestling events.

YouTube Gaming: YouTube Gaming is an associate of YouTube that is committed to live-streaming gaming and other video content.

DAZN: DAZN is a sports broadcasting service that provides live and on-demand coverage of a variety of sports, like wrestling.

Fite TV: Fite TV is a live broadcasting media that specializes in fighting sports, like wrestling.

Pluto TV: Pluto TV is a free broadcasting service that provides a variety of live and on-demand channels, like a channel committed to wrestling.

d. Did WWE 2k09 have Mixed-Wrestling?

No, WWE 2k09 did not contain mixed-wrestling. Mixed-wrestling was not included in the match due to problems with gender equality and the image of women in wrestling. Some people supposed that it was unjust for a man to contest against a woman, as men are inherently stronger and more muscular.

Others acknowledged that mixed wrestling was exploitative of females, as it usually described them as being vulnerable victims.

Despite the lack of mixed wrestling in WWE 2k09, there are a number of other methods to play as a female wrestler in the match.

Female wrestlers can be employed in any match type, like singles matches, tag team contests, and Royal Rumble contests. They can even be employed in make-a-wrestler mode and utilized in any custom match style.

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