Nepal Cricket Beat Malaysia in MM cup:

Nepal Cricket Team Beat Malaysia by 135 Runs with a big margin. Malaysia Team is in Nepal for ODI Matches. The match was held in Pokhara Stadium in which Nepal Gave a target of 278 to Malaysia. Malaysia Scored only 142 getting all Out in 37.2 Over. Nepal won the toss and was elected to Bat. In the Nepal Innings team Nepal made 277-9 runs in 46.6 Over.     

Malaysia Batting:

Malaysia has shown its Bad Batting Performance due to which they got Collapsed. For Malaysia Team Syed Aziz and Ainool Haqqqiem made 28 runs. Captain Ahmed Faiz Made only 6 Runs. Shravan Muniandy and Mohamed Ariff made 11 and 16. Virandeep Singh made 24 Runs other Batsmen made a Single Digit Runs. 
Nepal Cricket
Nepal Cricket

Nepal Batting:

For Team Nepal, Aarif Sheikh made a Century that helped Team Nepal to give Unbeatable Target for Malaysia Team. Aarif made 101 (Retired Out) in 105 balls. Aarif Sheikh hit 5 Sixes and 7 Fours with a strike rate of 96.19. Sandeep Jora made his Fifty, he scored 58 runs from 70 Balls. Paras Khadka and Gyanendra Malla made 15 and 19 Runs. Subash Khakural and Karan KC made 12 and 25 runs. Other Batsmen Performance was not so Good to watch Out.

Malaysia Bowling:

From Malaysia Team, Pavandeep and Mohammed took 3 WICKETS. Pavandeep Bowled 10 Over and gave 31 Runs with the Economy of 3.0. Mohammed Gave 33 Runs with an Economy of 5.5, he bowled 6 Over. Nazril Rahman grabbed 2 Wickets by giving 65 Runs with 1 Over maiden with the Economy of 8.13 in 8 Over. Also, Anwar Rahman Took 1 Wicket by giving 48 Runs with the Economy of 8.13 in 10 Over. Other Bowler Remain Wicketless.

Nepal Bowling:

From Team Nepal, Fast Bowler Karan KC and Kamal Singh Airee took 3 Wicket. Karan KC Bowled 8 Over and gave 27 Runs with the Economy of 3.38, he bowled 2 maidens over. Kamal Singh Airee Bowled 6 Over and gave 20 Runs with the Economy of 3.33 with 1 maiden over. Kushal Malla took 2 Wickets by giving 38 Runs with the Economy of 4.63. Abinash Bohora and Paras Khadka took 1 wicket by giving 17 and 35 runs.
Nepal Cricket Team
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