New PS5 GAMES Coming in 2023


  New PS5 GAMES Coming in 2023  

Today we’re going to go over the absolute best ps5 games that are coming in 2023 now the PlayStation 5 has been a big success the system has been getting negative press because they raised the price which i don’t get but it’s loaded with great games.

So today uh let’s look at what’s coming now keep in mind not all of these are exclusive games or first-party games we’re going to look at absolutely everything coming to the console and 2023 because great games can come from any studio.



  Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora  

let me know which of these you’re most excited for drop a like and let’s start off with the avatar frontiers of pandora. We were actually supposed to get this game later this year but it got delayed which I’m okay with in the modern world.

I’m always okay with the game being delayed for polish because i would rather that it just comes out no i would rather it come out not broken right frontiers of pandora’s currently in development at massive entertainment judging by early insider reports it’s really good.



According to people who have seen the game in its  current state it looks incredible but the gameplay   needs work which shouldn’t be a point of concern  since it was recently given at least another year in the oven now frontiers of pandora’s shaping  up to be a worthy video game adaptation of James Cameron’s world and after the hype generated  by the long-awaited sequels it’s going to be a super hype game before



  Payday 3  

Payday 3 was first announced back in 2016 but due to a number of behind the scene issues, it was pushed back. It’s finally dropping next year in the gaming world ready it’s been forever payday is one of the most beloved co-op franchises in gaming history and payday 2 is still one of the most popular games on steam almost a decade after it launched.

The story will pick up where the second game left off and while the gameplay skeleton will be more or less the same as before the weapons and the gadgets will all be updated for the modern era and concepts like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will probably be incorporated in the story to make it feel more modern I’m ready for paid a3 i mean it’s time and it’s time we got another really good co-op shooter.


Payday 3


Co-op shooter one of my favourites one of my most anticipated games suicide squad kill the justice league rock steady is responsible for crafting the Arkham series of games basically redefining what we expected from superhero games granted they haven’t released a game since 2015’s Arkham knight but they’re coming and they’re coming in hot.

I mean in this you will take control of the supervillains and send you on a mission to hunt down and eliminate brainwashed versions of the justice league and dramatic confrontations you get to place Harley king shark Deadshot captain boomerang it looks fun the Arkham verse is finally back and suicide squad is set to hit the ps5 in the first half of 2023.



  Street fighter 6  

If you’re a fan of one-on-one fighting games you have street fighter to thank for that street fighter mortal kombat I mean street fighter 2 basically invented the fighting game genre as we know it the latest instalment is finally coming next year to PC and consoles six will feature some awesome fighting mechanics including the new drive gauge and the return of multiple super combos from the street fighter alpha sub-series plus.



There’s even going to be a full-fledged 3d single player mode called world tour something brand new to the series it’s going to be one of Capcom’s biggest releases next year so expect a huge marketing budget kickoff campaign in the next few months no release date yet but it’s coming in 2023.



  Robocop Rogue City  

This is a game i wasn’t expecting to be excited for but here i am upcoming first-person shooter based on the iconic action movie franchise and is reportedly going to follow mainly in the footsteps of robocop one and two for its tone and visual style which I’m here for the project is being developed by Tion.

Who recently was behind the surprisingly excellent terminator resistance the studio has seriously redeemed itself since the abysmal Rambo the video game yep that’s them I’m excited they care about class in that classic action movie and after they did terminator justice.


  Robocop Rogue City  


I’m ready for robocop now i don’t think we’ve ever gotten a good robocop game you can let me know if I’m wrong or if one’s ever broken 80 on Metacritic.



  Hogwarts Legacy   

This game keeps getting pushed back and pushed back but the hype keeps growing long-awaited RPG set about a hundred years before the events of the first harry potter book.

You’ll take on the role of a new student at the legendary wizarding academy now Hogwarts has had trouble development but i think it’s worth it the collector’s edition was just revealed it looks like the kind of thing that fans of this series are going to go nuts for it’s got a freaking floating one on the book hopefully this game lives up to the legacy of the franchise and this could be a decade-defining game.




  Star Wars Jedi Survivor  

Now respawn entertainment took the world by surprise when they released Jedi fallen order it was their first attempt at a non-fps game they knocked it out of the park it was an engaging star wars adaptation of dark souls formula mix in their story that helped fill in gaps between episodes three and four.

There was some amazing eye candy now the sequel has been in development for quite some time and since respawn is even better funded than they were before this is going to be bigger and better Jedi survivor is launching next year so keep an eye out when the date goes live.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor



  Dead Island 2  

The game has been developed for the longest time jumping from developer to developer Denali came out in 2011. now there’s been a handful of spin-offs but the direct sequel is coming in February of 2023 surprisingly it’s going to launch on both the current and the past-gen consoles but i guess that kind of makes sense.

When you consider how long it’s been in the works the game is set in southern California and judging by the trailer the team absolutely nailed the atmosphere and the vibe of that area the gameplay looks addicting the gore effects are going to be awesome and the tone seems to be spot on for a sequel to dead island hopefully it lives up to the decade of anticipation.




  Alan Wake 2  

Alan wakes two talks about anticipation if you’ve never played alan wake it is a cult classic action-adventure just a masterpiece dropped 12 years ago the developer’s remedy entertainment would later go on to make a  much more commercially successful game control and then quantum break but they’re finally releasing an official sequel next year to the game that started it alan wake 2 was announced at the 2021  game awards.

It’s finally dropping next year on the pc and current-gen consoles and according to the studio it will be a survival horror game instead of an action-adventure one like the last one but the story is going to be standalone meaning you don’t have to play the first game to understand it segue into horror games.





  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  

The texas chainsaw massacre developed by sumo digital is the latest asymmetrical PVP game to be based on the classic movie and i am good with this trend games like Friday the 13th and dead by daylight have popularized the horror multiplayer genre despite the texas chainsaw massacre being so iconic.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  


We’ve never really gotten a good video game based on it yes Leatherface showed up in mortal kombat x but that’s not the same it’s going to be a unique take on an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game and it’s likely going to take a lot of ideas from the previously mentioned contemporaries Friday the 13th dead by daylight but with a unique tone, the early trailers look promising and is a big fan of classic horror movies.



  Killer Clowns From Outer Space The Game  

Killer clowns from outer space are the game now i may get some heat for putting this game. so high but i really don’t care about all the Gamescon announcements. i was not expecting this wasn’t even on the list or in was nowhere killer clowns from outer space in this bizarre hilarious and strangely unsettling cult classic horror movie from 1988.




It’s about a group of aliens disguised as clowns running around terrorizing an American town the practical effects were actually pretty impressive for the time and it had that perfect b-movie tone and style it was recently announced that some of the people behind the Friday the 13th  video game were actually making a multiplayer game based on killer clowns from outer space and even though it was written off as another asymmetrical horror game.

I don’t think so the trailer made it look like a bizarre mix of Mario party and   Friday the 13th it looks awesome plus the studio knows how to pay homage to classic horror movies and to do them justice.


Resident Evil 4 Remake  



  Resident Evil 4 Remake  

Resident Evil for the remake I’m sceptical i know I’m not alone re4 is one of the greatest games ever made so when you make a  remake you have to do it with caution early leaks of it have been mixed with some of the new ideas being excellent additions to the original while others are completely unwelcome by the community.

Now we’re yet to see any real gameplay from this game but the Capcom is on the winning streak with their latest few resident evil titles. I’m confident but I’m sceptical may not be as good as the original I’m sure plenty of people are gonna RIP it apart but i think it has potential the game’s release date is currently marching 24th of next year final fantasy 47 i mean 16.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake


whenever a new mainline final fantasy comes out it’s a big deal one of the longest-running franchises in gaming history and the influences had on the RPG genre over the decades are undeniable it’s finally coming out between quarters two and three of next year and it will be a time ps5  exclusive the game has been in development for a long time the team is passionate making sure absolutely everything is perfect before it ships which i can appreciate especially in the current gaming economy.



  Final Fantasy 7 Remake  

If you enjoyed final fantasy 15 or ff7 the remake you’re probably gonna pick this up on day one speaking of that final fantasy 7 remake rebirth.

Did you ever wonder why the final fantasy  7 remake from a few years ago only covered about 25 of the original game story while the story is finally progressing the final fantasy 7 remake is actually going to be a trilogy of games with the first release retroactively be called part one?



In the second part coming next year called rebirth second instalment the final fantasy vii remake trilogy will pick up where the first game left off and continue the original story while introducing tons of new gameplay elements and subplots by the time all three ff7 remake games are released the actual final product is gonna be like 200  hours long insane and that number one today.



  Spider-man 2  

Here it is the 2018 spider-man game was a masterpiece it perfectly brought the character to life in video game form and provided us with the best spidey combat web swinging we’ve had insomniac is the best long-awaited sequel coming next year judging by the early trailers and promotional material it’s going to star both peter and miles as they set up to fight a laundry list of villains including craven the hunter and venom.


Spider-man 2  

I have my own theories about the story itself but if this game is even half as good as the 2018 version yeah there’s no official release date but it’s expected to drop next year likely around the summer so make sure you have your 70 bucks set aside you are not going to want to miss this one there you have it, my friends.

Let me know one ps5 game you’re looking forward to that didn’t make the list.



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