Odin Valhalla Rising Release Date

  Odin Valhalla Rising Release Date  

the pre-registration, the game can be pre-downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on June 28 and will be officially released on mobile and PC platforms on June 29.

  Odin: Valhalla Rising  

Continuing the Asian MMOs, we have Odin: Valhalla Rising by Lionheart Studios. An open-world free-to-play Korean MMO based on Norse mythology where you’ll be exploring Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, and Alfheim.

Expect all the trappings of an MMO like mounts, instanced dungeons, boss battles, and party systems along with some newer trends like environmental interaction.

The publisher is Kakao Games, the same one on Elyon, the renamed Ascent Infinite Realms, and a mobile release is also planned, so there are some concerns about the depth and quality of the game as mobile releases have often sacrificed quality or become short-lived cash shops. Though cross-platform play shouldn’t be an issue.

Odin Valhalla Rising Release Date
Odin Valhalla Rising Release Date

Looking to release by late-2020 in Korea, if things haven’t gone awry which is likely considering the year we’ve had, we can expect a 2021 launch but a global release might be some years off for Odin: Valhalla Rising as there usually is a lag for English versions of Asian MMOs.

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