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  Path of Exile 2  

And the penultimate entry is an action RPG, “Path of Exile 2” by Grinding Gear Games. 20 years have passed since the death of Kitava, and corruption is already spreading. Although not technically a new game.

This seems to be a new approach to – expansions that we’re starting to see, more than an expansion, less than a sequel, more than a mega patch or DLC, – less than a whole new game.


Release Date:

The release date of Path of Exile 2 is expected to be the last of this year or might be at the beginning of 2022.



You can buy and download this game from Steam and also from other official sites.

  Path of Exile 2  
Path of Exile 2

Either way Path of Exile 2 is no small addition, and at least content-wise it’s a whole new game amount of stuff. New classes, a new skill gem system, new gear, and the overhauling of existing systems. All over a “7-Act” storyline.

Beta is planned for 2020, so we’ll see if it can hit that goal. And I’m sure all Path of Exile fans are excited about this, and hopefully, it’s as significant as it’s making itself out to be.




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