For PMPL Season (S2), 4 Squads from Fall Split South Asia Regional have been Selected.  We got our top 32 Teams from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and the Maldives Battling in this stage. But only 4 Teams gonna make to PMPL Season (S2).

  PMPL South Asia Season 2:  

Only the Top 4 will qualify to represent their region in the #PMPL2020. Nepal and Bangladesh in PMPL matches got selected for PMPL Season (S2).
Squads participate and got selected from Pubg mobile club Open in the top 24.

The top 16 teams from South Asia Region will battle against each other in the PMCO Regional Finals stage. The Best ranking teams at the end of this stage will be advancing to PMPL to continue their quest to BE THE ONE! 

The Team who qualified for PMPL Season (S2) are:

1. DRS Gaming (Nepali)


3. PN CREW (Nepali)

4. INES (Bangladesh)

3 Teams from Nepal got selected were 1 from Bangladesh in the finals of PMPL Season (S2). Nepal and Bangladesh in PMPL are looking strong against each other.

  PMPL qualify Nepal:  

1. Assiduous Esports🇳🇵
2. Team T2Ksg🇳🇵
3. 7Sea Esports🇳🇵
4. PN CREW 🇳🇵
5. Abrupt Slayers🇳🇵
7. DRS Gaming🇳🇵
9. ElementriX🇳🇵
PMPL South Asia Season 2 - Grand Finals Overall Standings and Results - PUBG Mobile

  PMPL Bangladeshi Teams:  

1.  INES🇧🇩 

2. FutureStation🇧🇩 

3. Venom Legends🇧🇩 

4. A1 eSports🇧🇩 


  PMPL Pakistani Teams:  

1. Stalwart Esports🇵🇰


3. R3D Esports🇵🇰

4. 247 Gaming🇵🇰

5. Team Bablu🇵🇰


  Teams who will play PMPL Season (S2) 2020:  

Top 20 Squads from Nepal, Bangladesh & Pakistan will compete with each other for every Thursday-Sunday for the next 3 weeks to qualify for the PMPL South Asia Season 2 Finals & compete for a Prize of $ 65,000
PMPL Season

  India slot Rejected News:  

Indian Players are out of the Tournament of PMPL Season (S2). Bad News for Indian side but good news for Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

As you Know Recently Government of INDIA Banned PUBG Mobile due to which Indian players won’t be available to play PUBG Mobile Season 2. All slots of INDIAN gamer will be given to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and for other countries gamer.

  Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan slot :  

12 NEPALI TEAMS IN PMPL SOUTH ASIA S2 and 3 teams from Bangladesh in PMPL SEASON 2 from SA. 5 Slot has been increased for Pakistan too.
Good News for ELEMENTRIX:
Great news for us and all the Ex-Nation fans and family out there!
We have been qualified for PUBG Mobile Pro League- PMPL Season (S2)
Due to the pubg ban in India, all the slots that would have been taken by Indian teams have been diverted to Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. All top 15 teams of PMCO SA have been qualified.
 So, Now There will be 12 Teams from Nepal, 3 from Bangladesh, and 5 from Pakistan.

  Top 16 Teams:  

2. A1 eSports
4. 7Sea Export
5. PWP Esports
7. Abrupt Slayers
8. RisingNepal
9. Venom Legends
11. ElementriX
12. INES
13. VTNxJyanMaara
14. Chain Reaction Xtreme
15. Team HYPE
16. TrustD PROCESS
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