Port Ball:  

Port ball is played in a court similar to that of Basketball. It is also played by ten players divided into 2 groups of five players each. There is a port made by keeping a chair and a boy standing on it instead of backboard and basket of basketball.

The player passes the ball to the portman in order to score points. Points are scored only if the portman catches the ball remaining on the chair.

  Basic Skills of Port ball:  

The basic skills needed for the port ball are similar to that for basketball. They are dribbling, Bounce pass, One-hand pass, and advancing the ball ahead.

a). Dribbling:  

Dribbling is done in different games. We have predicted dribbling for football. But it is different from the in basketball. The ball is dribbled by hitting the ball on the ground repeatedly without catching or holding the ball. In basketball player are not allowed to dribble again after holding the dribbling ball.

Port Ball

b. Bounce Pass:  

Bounce Pass is an important skill needed for basketball. This skill is used to pass the ball to a teammate to save the ball from the opponent’s or to advance the ball ahead faster. A bounce pass is performed by hitting the ball on the ground in such a way that the target teammate receives it for further advancement to score.

Port Ball

c. One-hand Pass:  

This skill is needed when the ball has to be passed to a long distance. Itis helpful when a team wants to advance the ball more quickly towards the basket. The one-hand pass can be executed as overhead and underhand passes. The overhead pass is done by raising the ball above the head with one hand and throwing it to along distance. An underhand pass is the process of throwing the ball upward keeping the position of the hand below the waist level.

Port Ball

  Basic Rules of Port ball:  

  1. This game is played in two halves of Five minutes each with an interval of one minute.
  2. The port is protected in a goal area marked by one arched line.
  3. Not any player can enter the goal area.
  4. The portman can be changed with the permission from the referee under the request made by the team captain. All other rules are similar to the rules of basketball.
  5. Players are allowed to advance the ball ahead by dribbling or making passes to their teammates. They are not allowed to move around ahead catching the ball.
  6. Once the player stops dribbling and catches the ball, s/he is not allowed to dribble again. The ball should be passed to others or put in the basket.
  7. Pushing, Pulling or hitting others is not allowed.
  8. Dribbling with both hands is regarded as a Foul.
  9. The ball cannot be held more than five seconds by a player at a time.

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