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  Postal 2  

Released in 2003 – as the synonymous sequel to 1997’s original Postal – this game labels itself as a black comedy first-person shooter video game, from creators Running With Scissors.

I’m personally unsure whether it deserved such backlash. Yeah – it’s bad. It’s in poor taste, but the creators of the game clearly marketed it as a niche game, with the tagline “it’s only as violent as you are.”

Postal 2

Nevertheless – in 2004, New Zealand banned the game due to its gross and abhorrent content, with Australia soon joining the suit, banning it due to excessive abhorrent content. It went on to be banned in Malaysia, Germany, and Sweden – although some of them would be later rescinded.

In the game, you play the role of the Postal Dude, an everyday run-of-the-mill trailer park denizen, who has to complete a certain number of tasks as peacefully – or violently chaotic as the player chooses. Religious cults, cannibalistic butchers, al-Qaeda- Gary Coleman, it’s got it all.


  Download and Install  

1. Open your browser.

2. Search for Steam.

3. Search for Postal 2 on Steam.

4. Buy it.



  Audience reviews  

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Dont trust the mainstream reviews. This game is like a Picasso painting if Picasso ate cat litter before painting. It’s a buggy masterpiece, and the fact it doesn’t pull any punches makes it that much better. This is a game made for people who can take a joke and dont get pissy …

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This is a masterpiece of pure gorgeous trash. I spent over 100 hours on this game (the best 10 dollars I wasted), and it still manages to get a big stupid grin on my face. Because I’m not a sensitive SJW snowflake that compares eating bacon to gassing jews. Now, if you a …

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This game is a masterpiece. The fact that there’s a button dedicated to pissing on people is something that just adds to the fun of the game. Honestly don’t know why Buzzfeed hasn’t done a playthrough of this game. The amount of SJW getting triggered would brilliant.


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