PUBG Banned in India- Tricks to Play PUBG in India


Finally, after many rumors, PUBG was Banned in India with 118 other Chinese apps. If you are from India then this news is going to hurt you but the truth is true. But if you want to play PUBG after Banned these ways help you to get low pings too.


Way to Play PUBG After Banned:

1). VPN:

Players from India can still play PUBG by simply Downloading VPN connecting in the Indonesia server where they will get the facility of low ping. There are many types of VPN where you get the facility to connect with other country Server. If you connect in the Indonesia server you can get ping at the range of 80-100. In the Vietnam server, you can get to ping nearly 150.

List of VPNs:

1. Fast VPN

2. Pure VPN

3. Nord VPN

4. Express VPN

5. Ivacy

After installation of VPN connect it to the country which has its own PUBG server such as India, Indonesia, etc. Then 100% Guarantee You will get a Ping around 30-50 Ms which will help to fight with enemies. These are the best way to have a Good Ping in PUBG Mobile.
If Your Internet Connection is Poor then this method will not be applicable so you need Good Internet.
If You have poor Internet Connection try this Process:
# Reduce Number of Devices Using Wifi data
# Move Closer to Router
# Replace Your Router with Good one.
# Restart Your Router and Modem.

Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile



  PUBG Banned in India  

There are many Online Games that have been ruling and becoming famous among Gamers. Online Games are of different types such as Battle, Arcade, Casino, Card, etc. Nowadays Streamers has been playing a different Kind of Game. Some of them are:

1). PUBG PC:

As you know PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile are different games. so, you can still enjoy PUBG PC which was developed by Bluehole cooperation. You can experience feeling like PUBG Mobile in PUBG PC. PUBG PC is more difficult than that of PUBG Mobile.

2). Call of Duty:

Call Of Duty is a First-person Video Game Focused on a set of Games in World War II but a more Modern Series of this game has been released.

This game was developed by different Company which was Infinity Ward, then Treyarch, and then Sledgehammer Games. Recently Call of Duty new Version Update v1.1.10  in Mobile which contains many additional Features.


3). Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire is a battle Royale game that was developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. Free Fire is a Survival Game where 50 People jump into an Island. Players after landing in the Island search for a gun to kill their Opponent team.

We can play solo duo and squad as a player choice. It Contains two maps which are Bermuda that a player can choose from the beginning.  18 Different types of Weapons are placed in Freefire.


4). Minecraft: 

Minecraft developer’s name was Markus Persson. Copyright of this game comes under a Mojang Company in 2011 and Purchased by Microsoft in 2014. Over 180 million copies has been a sale across all Platform up to 2019.

Over 112 Million monthly active players. This game can now be available in the browser for a 10-year achievement. Players can Explore an Intentionally blocky, pixelated, 3D World.

5). Roblox:

Roblox allows user to design their own games and can play a variety of games. This game has 100 Million Monthly Active players.

In Roblox, you can buy clothes and a premium membership can sell clothes. It was Officially launched on first September 2006 and on December 11, 2012, an iOS version of Roblox was launched.

Many other Games are still there that can be played instead of PUBG Mobile which are allowed by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

This was for the PUBG Banned in India.