PUBG Mobile New Season

  PUBG Mobile New Season   


  Update Confirmation, Release Date, Skin, Royale Pass and many Leakes  

Releasing Date of the PUBG Mobile New Season will be JANUARY 5th, 2020. As all Pubg gamers know the season will last up for 2 months ( 8 weeks). In this Season, Many Gun Skin will take place in the next Royale pass update season 11. They’re gonna be New Missions and Rewards(1 to 100).

PUBG Mobile New Season
PUBG Mobile New Season

New Weapon Update:

In the last update, Pubg released a New weapon called MP5K.  It is equipped with 9 ammo and a Damage rating of 33 per bullet.

 According to the Source, we haven’t got any information regarding New weapons till now. If there will be posted if there will be New update Regarding New weapons.

In this PUBG Mobile New Season, There is a high chance of having the skin of S686, M16A4, UZI, and MK14. There will be m24 Skin too.

  New Emote:  

There will be two emote in season 11 at 40 RP and 100 RP ( with 100 RP outfits).

The skin of parachute will be added in this Season update that will be released soon.



Royale Pass Reward:

There will many skins and emotes which will be able to win your heart. There will be a skin of gun, smoke grenade, etc.

As you can see in Image there will pistol skin of P92 that will be available. At 100 RP New outfit with fire and Ice character with exclusive Emote is available.

There will be some change in the TDM Warehouse. we found information regarding a change in the map of TDM. Pubg is ready for New update of  PUBG Mobile Season 11 there will be a skin of smoke grenade too. The game will be smooth and the bug will be fixed and the problem in log in will be easier. The new outfit will be coming out soon. Pubg is creating their new map named as Livik.

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