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PUBG Mobile update is here

During the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 finals, the corporate had confirmed that it’s performing on bringing Erangel 2.0 to the battle royale game.

A bit like the PC version, the game’s first map goes to be revamped. While the corporate hasn’t confirmed on how long will it deem the new map update to arrive, but tons of rumors suggest that it could arrive with update 0.14.5.


TS Jang, executive producer at PUBG Corporation had showcased a fast video during the PMCO finals in Berlin. And just in case you missed it, you’ll watch it here:

Now PUBG Mobile recently giving a hint on it and pubg also tweeted where pubg clears all doubt in Erangle 2.0 conformation.  We will see that update is usually getting to bring visual changes to the map. we will expect an overall improvement in textures and detailing of the environment.


Pubg is comming with more action and battle gameplay so be ready to kill down your enemies.



Watchout Erangle 2.0 video


The video basically gives a fast comparison of the old and new versions of the map, and clearly, the remake seems far more realistic, almost nearly as good because the PC or console version of the sport . The video shows Yasnaya Polyana, Mylta Power and Prison and you’ll also see how the open world goes to seem like. Buildings offer more detailing, and there’s tons more happening in the least the locations, along side improvements in shadows, and hues .

Stay tuned for more news as are going to be bringing all the newest updates and happenings round the world of PUBG.

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