PUBG New State Download on PC and Mobile

  PUBG New State Download on PC and Mobile  

PUBG: New Stat Whichever name you prefer, this is a new PUBG Mobile Battle Royale game set in the near future 2051 on the new map:

TROI. Featuring new futuristic style graphics, drones and deployable shields, electric cars, tech attachments, and more. You can literally see the bombs being dropped from the red zone now. Old gun sounds and skins from PC PUBG are used in the promo video.

It’s PUBG but with a touch of Tron or the division. According to a report by IGN, PUBG: New State will support regions “excluding China, Vietnam, and India.” New games in China/Vietnam require government approval. Since 2018, China’s regulation has only gotten more strict.

The fact right now is why India is left out since Tencent has no hands on this project. This game is purely made in-house by PUBG Studio themselves. The game is available to Pre-register on GooglePlay and iOS at a later date on the official website. The presumption is that it’s free to play.

The Reddit page and Discord page is up, and a public announcement will be made at a later date for these social media.

  Release Date For PUBG New State :  

The release date FOR PUBG: New State is slated for 2021, and may hear more info announced next week at the PGIS tournament that’s currently happening. Currently, pre-registering grants you a Vehicle Skin. The pre-registration date starts February 25, 2021, and is going on “until official release” later this year, According to Krafton a device with Android6.0 and 2.5GB RAM should suffice.  It’s for low-end mobile devices.

PUBG New State Download on PC and Mobile
PUBG New State Download on PC and Mobile

Based on the Google Play Store page expect TROI to be an 8×8 km map “with a variety of vehicles.” Krafton says that the graphics for this game will surpass the standard of mobile gaming with Global Illumination technology. In addition to this new PUBG Mobile battle royale game, players are curious about my thoughts on PUBG 2 for PC Console.

 When PUBG new state will release?  

PUBG New State is likely to be released in the second half of 2021.

Is PUBG new state Free to Play?  

Yes, PUBG Mobile New State is free to play.

PUBG New State Download on PC and Mobile
PUBG New State Download on PC and Mobile

Currently, Chinese players play PUBG on International Steam “illegally.” PUBG PC is still an unapproved game in China. Steam acts in a grey area allowing players to play games unapproved by China’s government. With the future release of Chinese Steam, which blocks unapproved games, the fear is that China’s government will Close access to Steam International in the future.

Hence, why I think the release of #PUBG 2 may be inevitable. You could literally not be able to play PUBG in China within the next 2 years. And losing half your player base is going to result in devastating consequences.

  Is PUBG new state paid?  

The developers of the PUBG Mobile said that PUBG might costs $30 / £30 / around AU$40 onboard, there’s any chance that PUBG: New State might be free to play and cost money to download in full or to buy Passes.

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