PUBG Season 14:  

PUBG Season 14 should begin on 12th July as this is the point at which the Battle Pass closes for Season 13.

The Patch update normally shows up prior to that week, with the new Battle Pass beginning a short time later.



Update 0.19.0

a. The 0.19.0 update shows up on the 7th of July as per the official Twitter.

b. This most recent update will incorporate the new guide Livik.

Season 14 Royal Pass Trailer And Tier Rewards

While there is no official declaration with respect to content, YouTubers have just begun to release what’s to come.

The new Battle Pass seems to wear the saying “Flash the Flame” – indicating the subject of the game.



pubg season 14


  PUBG Season 14: Date and Time  

The PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass will release in India on 14th July 2020 at 7:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30), shortly after Season 13 ends on 12th July 2020. After the Season 13 Royale Pass ends, the RP section will get locked and no one will be able to enter it until the Season 14 Royale Pass is made available.

There will be a small-sized update on the loading screen of the game and it will be automatically downloaded to unlock the season 14 RP section. Season 14 will also bring two 100 RP outfits (Avian Tyrant Set and Red Commander Set). The images of both outfits are given below:





Details on PUBG Mobile Season 14:

1. All-new themes, better level rewards, and new multi-form outfits.

2. To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Royale Pass, the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-themed rewards from Season 5 will return.

3. A RP Prime subscription collaboration with Google is available. Includes both Prime and Prime Plus, which can be subscribed to simultaneously. Supports monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. Collect 300 or 900 RP Vouchers every month, along with redemption discounts and Airplane Ranking display perks (only available for Google at this time; available soon for other players).

4. Consolidated page for RP perks. Instantly view consecutive purchase perks and preview other exclusive RP perks.

5. Added an RP Crate Luck Event with amazing rewards.

6. There is a chance to display an RP-related message when returning to the lobby after a match.

7. Improved display of Airplane Ranking and other content in-battle.



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