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  Quqco Photos  

In this article, we will discuss Quqco.


Full Name: Quqco is her stage name, her real name is not publicly known.

Nationality: Taiwanese-American.

Content: She is mainly famous for her various creative content, like:

  Art: They are a talented artist, specializing in anime/manga, portraits, and realism studies. You can discover their artwork on Instagram and sometimes during their Twitch streams.

  Cosplay: She wants to bring characters to life through cosplay, which they sometimes showcases on social media or streams.

  Cooking: From delicious meals to baking, she enjoys getting spectators into their kitchen adventures.

  Lifestyle: She streams peeks into their everyday life, from scouting new places to chatting with viewers.

  Gaming: While not their primary aim, they sometimes play games on stream, especially cozy or casual titles.


Twitch: Her primary platform, where her daily stream is live, interacting with viewers and showcasing their innovative talents.

Instagram: Two accounts, “quqco” and “hello.quqco,” aim at art and lifestyle content respectively.

TikTok: Short, engaging videos with a “wholesome spice” theme.

Youtube: Less active, but obtainable for longer-form content.


1. Twitch streamer:

She is mostly famously for their creative and wholesome streams, Quqco (Q-ko) usually paints, cooks, does IRL activities, and chats with their viewers. They possess a big following on Twitch, with more than 278k likes and 32.6k followers.

2. Artist on Instagram:

With two different Instagram accounts, “Quqco” and “hello.Quqco,” they showcase their artistic talents, conveying their creations and potentially streaming art processes.

3. TikTok creator:

She is even famous on TikTok, which shares short, entertaining videos with a “wholesome spice” theme, garnering more than 278k likes and 32.6k followers.

4. Youtube channel:

While not as active as their other platforms, She even has a YouTube channel where they share longer-form content.

  Net Worth  

Her net worth is not publicly available details. Their income probably comes from an addition of different sources, like:

Twitch: Donations, subscriptions, and sponsorships made through streaming.

Instagram: Brand partnerships, sponsored content, and potentially selling artwork through the platform.

TikTok: Brand deals and sponsored content through their TikTok account.

Youtube: Ad revenue from their YouTube channel, if she has monetized it.

Other ventures: Depending on their activities, they might have more income sources like commissioned artwork, online store sales, or event appearances.

  Twitch Banned  

Here is the list of Twitch banned as follows:

January 23, 20233 daysUsing fake breasts as a prop on stream
October 6, 20231 dayInappropriate attire while watching a documentary
December 4, 2023UnknownUnknown
January 9, 20241 dayInappropriate attire

  Quqco Husband  

While she has shared her life and creative endeavors with her audience, their relationships like marital status haven’t been publicly revealed.


Career StageTimeframeKey Activities
Early CareerBefore 2017
Web development and design
Transition to Streaming2017-2021
Started streaming on Twitch, mainly art, and gradually diversified my content
Current Focus2021-present
Full-time Twitch streamer, creative content, active on Instagram and TikTok
Future TrajectoryOngoing
Maintain diverse content, explore new creative avenues, and potential for expanded ventures



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