Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile l Lag and Screen Freeze for PC and Mobile l 2, 4 GB Ram l Fix lag in Pubg Mobile

Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile


There are Different ways to Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile. I am going to describe 2 ways that will 100% gonna help you guys to Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile.


  First Method  

Today’s we will talk about how you reduce freeze lag and stutter or Fix it This issue is with many users since when 0.10.5 update was released i have brought you quick solution. Let’s proceed to our topic 1st solution.


Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile  

Actually, nothing as soon as your game starts simply what you have to do is let your game open until the repair option pops as soon the option of repair comes to press the button it will reset all your settings as soon the game restarts come to your game lobby go into your settings.

Once you go into settings you will find the linked option at the top right First there will be a link with a plus sign just click that link to Google Play Games. Once you link click log out then sign in using Google Play Games. I have already linked i didn’t have to do it.


Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile




  Fix lag in Pubg Mobile  

Next solution simply u have to go into your game friends option Game friends or above the invite, tab clicks on that once your in that tab you have to there will be a cross marker to remove your friends.

The players who don’t play with you remove them from you game list Click on batch manage and remove so you will consume your time keep friends max 150 in your friend list so you will have fewer notifications.

Once you play the game there will huge difference between the game you used to play. Restart once if it still lagging First my game used to lag a lot now it won’t you also try this method. Quick gameplay after doing all the solutions




  Alternative Method  

First of all, let me tell you guys what is that you should not do people get banned when they try to fix lag in untested ways. Do not just download anything from the app store or the internet. First of all, I’ll tell you when you type pubg mobile lag fixer in Google Play.



Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile  

On the top, you see BAGT, which claims to reduce your lag and help you. They have mentioned no lag but when you go in the description it says that they do not guarantee your account will not get banned.

They have mentioned clearly they will not be liable if your account gets suspended or banned What is the point of using such an app which does not give you peace of mind Few people face this issue and have faced bans Do not worry you won’t have to deal with any such applications.

I’ll let you know the safest way by which you can reduce the ping and your lag as well I’ll show you video proof as well Also please like the video and comment with your thoughts Now let me tell you the solution for this issue guys, type in google play

The first result that you get is the one you want, as you can see in the Chrome app. I’m talking about You can read the description of the application that it simply boosts your internet and provides a safe internet experience.

That too for free It is not a hack, it will not mess with your pubg mobile data or anything. It only boosts your overall internet connection So guys you can install this application and use this without any issues. I’ll show you video proof also that this application does actually work.

I’ll show in normal mobile data how much is my ping. I am not using Wi-Fi right now as not everyone can use Wi-Fi when they want to play the game You can see that right now the ping is between 100 – 200. Goes Down in between but as soon as enemies come close your ping gets high and they kill you Repeating again.

I’m showing this in mobile data as there is very low ping when you play through Wi-Fi Let us switch on this application. We have switched on the application and it’s gonna work its magic now.

Don’t forget to lock the application in the background as your phone might kill background applications when you play a game. Lock this in the background so you do not face any such issues. Now as you can see the ping is between 40 – 80 ms. And we have still connected mobile data only.

And guys 40 ping means that you can kill your enemies very easily and they will not be able to do anything about it. Your lag will be finished by 99% and there will be very low ping.


Reduce Lag and Freeze for PUBG Mobile




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