Relay Races in track and field Rules l Types of Relay Race l Rules of Relay Race l Relay Race Techniques l Upsweep Baton Exchange

Relay Races in track and field Rules
Relay Races in track and field Rules

  Relay Races in track and field Rules   

Relay races are events during which four runners run as a team, passing a metal baton from one runner to a different Relays Events are: –

4 x 100 meters relay

4 x 400 meters relay

The 4 X 100-meter relay Focus requires a baton around 400 meters track as Soon as possible. the dimensions of the baton are around 30 cm long, 13 cm in circumference, and will be but 50 grams in weight.

The Non-visual technique is administered within the 4 X 100-meter relay whereas the visual technique is administered in the 4 X 400-meter relay.

Relay Races in track and field Rules

  Up-sweep and Down-sweep Baton exchange  

  i. Upsweep Baton exchange :  

The incoming runner should give the baton up into the outgoing runner’s hand’

 ii. Down-sweep Baton exchange:  

Receiving arm should be extended but the hand should be at the peak of the hip. Receiving hand should be formed sort of a “V”. the baton should be passed into the thumb and first finger.

  Baton Exchange  

The Baton must be exchanged between two runners within a 20-meter changeover or exchange zone. This helps the outgoing runner to realize maximum acceleration at the Baton exchange.

The runner can Sart the run 10 meters before the changeover zone, The 10-meter zone is marked referred to as the acceleration zone for the runners to accelerate before exchanging the baton. The baton must be exchanged 5 meters before the top of the exchange sector. this may help the runners to sprint quite 100 More meters.

so, the

1st runner will run 105 meters,

2nd and 3rd runners will run exactly 125 meters and

4th runner will run 120 meters.

Relay Races in track and field Rules
Relay Races in track and field Rules



  Running Line and Baton Exchange  

Running Line and Baton Exchange
The standing within the lane and exchange of the baton for the runners:

1st Runner: the first runner should take the baton on the proper hand and run on the within of the lane.

2nd Runner: The second runner should receive the baton on the left and run closer to the surface of the lane. It doesn’t make any dissimilarity to run on the left or right side of the lane on a line.

3rd Runner: The third runner should receive the baton on the proper hand and run closer to the within of the lane.

4th Runner: The fourth runner should take the baton on the left. The non-visual technique is employed within the 4 X 100 meter and the visual technique is employed within the 4X400 Meter relay races.

Up-sweep or down-sweep techniques are often finished by exchanging the baton between two runners.

Do you know the meaning of Visual Technique and Non-visual Technique?


  Different Types of Relay Races:  

There are two different types of relay races in Athletics or Track and Field.

They are 4 x 100 m and 4 x 400 m Relay races Types.

The visual technique is completed in a 4 x 400 m relay and the Non-visual Technique is completed in 4 x 100 m relay

Non-visual Technique means the runner who goes to receive look behind to ascertain the baton being proceed to him/her hand.

Non-visual Technique using in 4 x -100 m

Visual Technique means the runner getting to receive the baton will look behind to ascertain the baton being passed to him/her hand.

Relay Races in track and field Rules
Relay Races in track and field Rules

  Which hand should the primary Runner use to carry the baton and why?  

Passing the baton efficiently permits the relay runners to not need to switch Hands. the primary Runner takes the baton on the proper hand and therefore the second runner receives it within the left. The second runner passes it to the third runner’s right and therefore the 1 I The runner’s right hand to the fourth runner.

The runners who are running on the bends carry it within the right and runs on the brink of the fringe of the lane. So, they take a smaller lane. this may straight carry it within the left and run on the fringes of the Lane. this may not make any difference to the runners running straight.

  Relay Races in track and field Rules : 

Followings are the rules which you need to obey:

  1. Players should be in their respective lines while running.
  2. Players should follow all regulations and rules made by officials.
  3. Players should not throw batons on the ground or at friends.
  4. Players should not push or pull other players while Running.


  Facts about Relay Races  

The relay method of racing was started in the United States in 1883.

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